40 February phrases (quotes and sayings)

Enjoy these fabulous February quotes that will help you make the leap into the upcoming spring.

February is one of my favorite months. Although it is the shortest month of the year, it is full of events and festivities such as Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day and Carnival.

On those cold winter days you can channel the namesake of February called “Februa” (a Roman purification ritual) as a way to close a cycle and open yourself to a stage of renewal of goals, dreams and hope.

Below, you will find a collection of February phrases that you can use to dedicate, share or reflect.

The best phrases of February (Quotes and Sayings)

1. “February is the border between winter and spring.”
Terri Guillemets

2. “February, when the winter days seem endless and no nostalgic memory can bring back the air of summer.”
Shirley Jackson

3. “February is the month of uncertainty…there is no black or white, only shades in between.”
Gladys Gasty Carroll

4. “The bitter winds in February were sometimes called the first easterly winds, but the longing for spring somehow made them seem more pervasive.”
Eiji Yoshikawa

5. “Although February is the shortest month, it is full of great love and sweet surprises.”
Charmaine J. Forde

6. “The shortest day has passed, and whatever bad weather we can expect in January and February, at least we notice the days getting longer.”
V. Sackville-West

7. “The thick mists of February cling tightly to the dead earth and every leafless tree.”
Emma Lazarus

8. “The February sun hits the branches, dyes the buds and swells the leaves inside.”
William C Bryant

9. “There is always one day in February, at least, in which summer is still distant.”
Gertrude Jekyll

10. “While it is February, one can savor the full joy of anticipation. Spring is at the door with its finger on the latch.”
strong patience

11. “February builds a bridge, March breaks it.”
George Herbert

40 February phrases (quotes and sayings)

12. “February days are a marketing gimmick; love happens every day.”
randeep hooda

13. “In February there is everything to look forward to and nothing to regret.”
Patience Strong

14. “May February teach you that darkness can only be the beginning of something wonderful.”

15. “February the month of love? No wonder it’s the shortest on the calendar.”
Dinesh Kumar Biran

16. “Don’t miss the comfort of your home; there will always be new Februarys.”

17. “In the coldest February, as in any other month of every year, the best thing in this world to hold on to is each other.”
Linda Ellerbee

18. “It is in your power to make this nostalgic month a wonderful February.”

19. “Violet color. Burning Dream, February Sea.”
Sadayo Takizawa

20. “Although February is the shortest month of the year, sometimes it seems like the longest.”
JD Robb

21. “February is simply the time needed to pass the time until March.”
J. R. Stockton


2. “Why does February feel like a great Tuesday?”
Todd Stocker

23. “While reflecting on past relationships and learning from them can be helpful, February is not the best time to try to gather information.”
Amy Morin

24. “February, tilted from the sky. With blue joy he kissed the brow of the Earth and smiled over the silent sea, and commanded the frozen streams to be free, and awoke all their springs with music, and blew on the frozen mountains.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

25. “Today is the first of February, snowy, bright, but dripping with the sound of spring where the sun lies warm, and calling with the heart of spring where the ravens are gathering. There is spring in the chatter of the chickadees outside my window and in the merry bravado of a red squirrel in the hickory tree.”
Dallas Lore Sharp

february sayings

Here are some wise old February sayings to share with your family and/or friends.

26. “Tree that was not pruned in February, bears true fruit.”

27. “February the troublemaker did not exceed twenty-eight; if he had thirty, no one could with him.”

28. “If it doesn’t rain in February, neither good bread nor good rye.”

29. “In February, one day in the sun and another in the brazier.”

30. “February and April, the most are vile.”

31. “In February, the lizard comes out of its hole.”

32. “The February sun does not last a whole day.”

33. “January, icy, and February, watery.”

34. “In February, the water runs through any trickle.”

35. “January and February, swell the barn, with its ice and its downpour.”

36. “When San Blas arrives, put bread and wine in the saddlebag… what a day it won’t be missing!”

37. “February the short, with its days twenty-eight; if you had more than four, there would be neither dog nor cat.”

38. “February February, the shortest and the meanest.”

39. “Wrap up warm in February, with two layers and a hat.”

40. “In February, the dog seeks shade, the pig the watering hole and the ox the cucadero.”

Which of these February phrases is your favorite?

Do you have fun plans for the month of February? Will you be part of the thousands of people who spend billions on Valentine’s Day? People even buy their pets Valentine’s Day gifts!

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