40th Birthday Message To A Friend

The wonderful ideas and templates for 40th-anniversary texts! Send by SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp your best classic, new and original texts to say happy 40 years birthday. Here, you will know 40th Birthday Message To A Friend.

A birthday is always an expected celebration since our childhood. Especially if it is a jubilee: 10, 20, 30, 40 years. On each of these dates, we always receive more congratulations, more enjoyment, and the feast has much more importance in the eyes of others.

So don’t forget to wish your friend or girlfriend a happy 40th birthday with nice words!

Or, if you’re the one having your birthday, you’ll have to find some beautiful invitation words to wish the 40th birthday to send to your friends and family.

Here we have collected 40 humorous congratulatory text templates for women and men, along with some free 40th birthday invitations that you can use!

40th Birthday Message To A Friend

You will also find various texts for other birthdays there: congratulations on a 40-year anniversary, congratulations on a 40-year anniversary of your friend or close friend—the idea of ​​humorous texts to wish a happy birthday to your husband or wife.

The list is long and suitable for any situation in your life.

Then we’re here to help you find original and free 40th birthday letter templates!

40 years anniversary note for a woman

Birthday congratulations made for a woman are the best way to express your respect and thoughts for that person, even if you don’t speak much to each other.

We congratulate a beautiful, intelligent, kind, and gentle woman on her 40th birthday! We wish you much happiness, love, and success.

Happy Birthday! May your life be a sweet-loving dessert, a cocktail of friends, girlfriends, and like-minded people.

 Congratulations on your fortieth birthday, and we wish you thousands of wonderful minutes, millions of hours of happiness, and a multitude of successful days and deeds!

You are 40 years old – the age when we are only just beginning to live! Be happy: enjoy good days, take care of your health.

 It seems that just yesterday, we celebrated your twentieth anniversary, and today we are already raising the glass for your fortieth anniversary.

 Today, I wish you unlimited female happiness, spiritual harmony, and peace on this solemn day.

Beauty is not the one with a smooth face. A beauty has inner light, wisdom, and self-confidence. On your fortieth birthday, I want to wish you always to remain beautiful, true, reasonable, wise, and understanding.

You are wise and judicious! The ideal of femininity and charm! May your birthday be one more reason to smile in life, may your plans and dreams come true, and everything turns out the way you want – and even better!

A humorous text for a man’s 40th birthday

Text messages made for men can be more open and fun because men are less sensitive than women.

But all the same, they need a little bit of attention on their birthday.

I sincerely congratulate this wonderful man on his 40th birthday. I hope that this year will mark a new stage in your life and that a new page will open to you in life.

Congratulations on your birthday – your fortieth birthday. Now we can say what successes have been achieved, but more importantly, you can still reach many more heights.

Congratulations to you, this sweet 40-year-old man. I would like to wish you confidence in the future, stable well-being, and good luck.

Who has the middle age crisis there? We can suggest a universal medicine to you – it is a good company, expensive wine, and pleasant music.

Happy 40th birthday! May this wonderful and important day remind you of how much you are loved and respected.

 I wish you that the sources of happiness and warmth fill your life with simple joys and pleasant memories!

Beautiful message for a man’s 40th birthday

You have wandered the paths of life for 40 years, gaining and multiplying your happiness! Accept our congratulations and be grateful to those who have faithfully accompanied you during all these years.

Quarantine is the birthday of a true-life ship captain. So, we wish you, dear hero, a wind of luck, waves of passion, and shining stars in the sky that show you the way to the islands of luck.

The wonderful humorous birthday texts for 40 years! The 40th birthday woman humor texts and the texts for a successful 40th birthday. The 40th birthday invitations and cards as a gift!

A real 40th birthday text for a man or a birthday text for a woman doesn’t have to be more serious just because of the age it represents. This clear and sunny day is one of the few celebrations known worldwide, hence the great importance of creating a beautiful 40th-anniversary text with free humor.

You can find such messages there for all tastes. We can help you come up with an original idea if you want to write 40th wedding anniversary text or amazing 40th-anniversary text for a friend. Don’t be afraid if you have difficulty!

Moreover, to stand out from the crowd, even more, you can also easily send a text as a 40 years birthday card. You have an infinite field of possibilities, and you must make the most of it!

40 years anniversary text for a woman or a man

A 40-year anniversary text for a humorous woman is a very effective and original sign of affection.

Likewise, for a man: a 40-year anniversary text addressed to a man should not be less important.

If you get lost on the field of possible ideas, here are some rather short 40th birthday party ideas for everyone:

Congratulations on your 40th birthday! I wish you at this wonderful age to be healthy, loved, and loving, that is, the happiest!

Happy Birthday! I wish you warmth in your relationship, peace of mind, peace in the family, success in your career, good luck in business, beauty in your surroundings!

Congratulations on your fortieth birthday, a wonderful, luxurious, beautiful, charming, and unmatched woman. Do not mind this figure which is not used to speaking, because each year is nothing more than a diamond in your crown of wisdom.

Happy Birthday! You are still beautiful and blooming like a heavenly flower. We wish you to stay in this form forever, and above all, not to lose the youth, enthusiasm, and youthful grace in the soul.

Happy Birthday! We wish you a beautiful feminine destiny so that you always feel protected, loved, and infinitely happy. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. At your 40 years old, I wish you a change of lifestyle with a tendency to succeed. Be energetic, eccentric, attentive, talented, bewitching, radiant, dreamy, cheerful, tireless, sincere, beautiful, and refined.

Happy 40th birthday! Let this wonderful age open a new page of solid luck, joyous excitement, and happy times in life!

Congratulations on your birthday! May life be a solid dessert at the age of 40, consisting of sweet love, a cocktail of friends, girlfriends, and like-minded people, berry days.

Anniversary message for a woman or a man

Happy Birthday. I wish you to be an inspiration, a muse, necessary, like the air, surrounded by a caring and successful family. As life was in full swing, exceptionally good people met, and problems burst like soap bubbles!

Darling, we wish you a happy birthday. We wish you to walk proudly in life, to conquer others with your charisma, to be always smiling, happy, modern, unique.

I congratulate a beautiful woman on her 40th birthday. I wish you every day to understand happiness and supernatural joy, to be always magnificent and beautiful, to live in pleasure, to be proud of your successes, to aim for new heights, to love and to dream, to enjoy every moment, and smile sincerely.

Congratulations on the 40th birthday of a beautiful woman – the dream of the poet. Let life give you warm smiles, great success, kind people, peace of mind, respect, family happiness, and true love.

Happy Birthday! I wish you to stay as beautiful, kind, and just gorgeous in everything.

Happy 40th birthday to a wonderful woman. May there be no room in your life for sadness and sorrow, that fate brings only good and vivid emotions, that there are always loved and dear people nearby, that success and an undeniable victory are achieved in everything.

Happy 40th birthday to a lovely young lady! I wish you enchanted looks in your direction. Success and good luck in business. Family order and well-being. Believe in yourself and in your abilities!

Congratulations to you, beautiful woman, on your birthday! At 40, life takes on a new meaning. Therefore, I wish you, my dear, every year jade only become prettier and younger, looking at the world in a new way and finding interesting hobbies, being determined and playful!

A wonderful 40 years anniversary text for friends

A birthday text for your close friends is a brilliant opportunity to let them know what you think of them. This birthday text can be funny, can evoke moments lived together, or any other positive moments.

But if it’s new friends, when you want to write a touching text, here are some ideas to inspire you:

My dear, I congratulate you on your 40th birthday! I wish you great feminine happiness, warm hugs, happy eyes! May there always be a place in your life for love, tenderness, prosperity, and dreams.

Happy Birthday! I wish you a sea of ​​smiles and a fantastic good mood, health, and satisfaction of desires. Happy Birthday.

Oh, my girlfriend, she’s 40 years old. Happy birthday and I sincerely wish you to become even more beautiful, brighter, and more confident with this age!

Happy birthday my dear friend! May there be no boredom and sadness in life, may the current of energy and strength always bubble within you. I wish you health, family, and absolute well-being in everything you are looking for!

My dear! Life is a long and bright journey, and after 40, the most beautiful, memorable, and exclusive places begin. Congratulations on your birthday! Be happy, and don’t let anyone ruin your trip.

40th Birthday Message To A Friend

40th-anniversary text for friends

Happy Birthday! Let life give you a sea of ​​unforgettable positive moments, which health never fails, and your family and friends surround you with care and warmth. Above all, let her give you no reason to be bored.

No birthday, my dear. Well, get ready for useful discoveries, pleasant surprises, and new acquaintances. Towards a new decade of your life!

Girlfriend, you’re about to turn 40, and they’ll be happy for you. Happy birthday, darling. I wish you to remain indefatigable, incomparable, irresistible.

Let the star of luck and prosperity lead you further in life. May success be every step of the way. May it give you joy, inspiration, pleasure, and beauty every day.

Congratulations, my friend, on your 40th birthday. I wish you to be always in the prime of life and youth, beauty and charm, success and splendor.

Happy Birthday! I also wish you good health, respect, family good, good luck in all your efforts, excellence in everything and always.

My beautiful friend, I congratulate you on your 40th birthday! May this date be remembered with wonderful wishes, joy, surprises, and gifts: mental upliftment, excellent mood, and a feeling of happiness. Always be on top, healthy, beautiful, attractive, smart, and pretty!

Congratulations, dear friend, on your 40th birthday. I wish you that life is bright and joyful, that every day brings success and happiness, that year after year, your beauty of soul remains magnificent, that you feel good.

40 years anniversary texts with humor

A humorous message received on the birthday is a text message that will lift the mood of the person concerned until the end of the day.

You can imagine it for yourself, or you can copy and paste one of the presents here:

Happy Birthday! They say that at 40, life has only just begun! You already have life experience, goals, and values. I wish you to be the hero of the day, and may your dreams come true, continuous progress forward and upwards!

Happy Birthday! May life be enriched with good health, the support of friends, fantastic accomplishments, good times, growing wealth, and the warmth of the people around. Be happy.

I congratulate the man of extraordinary beauty and kindness on his 40th birthday. I wish you never stop believing in your strength, always striving for the best and achieving the desired results. Moreover, I wish you health, optimism, family well, and simple human happiness.

I want to congratulate you on your special, round and interesting date. You are forty years old today. So to speak, you are gently approaching the golden middle of life. On this day, I wish you harmony and peace of mind.

Happy Birthday! You’ve managed to accomplish a lot of things in your life, and it is with your determination that you gain a great deal of respect from many of us. Do not lose this quality because it is your chance for life—happy fourth birthday to you.

Happy Birthday! Congratulations to the cheerful and kind 40-year-old man. I wish you confidence in the future, stable well-being and good luck, family warmth and comfort, optimistic departures and successful finishes, good health, and joyful life events.

40th-anniversary messages

However, I sincerely congratulate the wonderful man on his 40th birthday. I wish this year begins a new stage of success in life, that a new page of life opens, filled with great victories and personal achievements.

Happy Birthday! I wish you strength and good health, the courage of the soul, true love, and great happiness.

Happy birthday beautiful! Forty years is a golden age, prosperity, and it is time to take your baggage of experience and knowledge and embark on an exciting journey of your dreams.

Happy Birthday! May cravings always coincide with possibilities, youthful enthusiasm serves as a faithful companion, strength and courage will be at their peak, and all will be well.

Congratulations on your birthday, and I wish you money, loyal and dust-free friends, a loving family, and wonderful children! May the good and the best stripes alternate in fate, and may health be good!

I wish this beautiful woman a happy birthday. May all failures and mistakes in life be abandoned at the age of 40, may joy and success await you, may there always be people dear to your heart. Neither your beloved nor a faithful friend will turn away from you.

Happy birthday to a wonderful man. In your 40 years, I sincerely wish you to stand up in all life situations, confidently move forward towards your goal and dream, enthusiastically meet a new day, and turn it into a real celebration of soul.

A short 40-year anniversary invitation text

Do not neglect your birthday either, and a beautiful invitation text for your 40th jubilee should make the guests want to participate in your event.

This type of message and letter is often complicated to write, that’s why we decided to help you!

Please come to _________________ to celebrate with me a very important event – my birthday. Please don’t ignore the invitation and have a bag of good humor and smiles with you!

I invite you with joy to the celebration in honor of my birthday. The holiday will take place at my place. I sincerely hope that your presence will make my birthday a truly happy and joyous day.

I look forward to our meeting, a happy birthday and a wonderful celebration of my birthday!

Dear friends! I invite you to celebrate the birthday of an amazing person! That is to say me. This remarkable event will take place soon. There will be a lot of fun, smiles and good humor! We are waiting for you!

With all my heart, I invite you to my birthday. I confidently declare that your presence at the party is not only desirable but simply necessary for me! Further, I sincerely hope that you will make this day happy, kind, rich, and wonderful.

40th-anniversary invitation messages

I can’t wait to invite you to my birthday as soon as possible, because your presence is very important to me and necessary. Come to my place on ____. You will certainly have a warm welcome, excellent humor, and genuine pleasure.

I sincerely invite you to a celebration in honor of my birthday. I look forward to meeting you, spending time together, and marking this day in our memory. Just come in a good mood.

I am happy to invite you to the celebration in honor of my birthday. I sincerely await your warm coming, sincere smiles, and your wonderful mood. On this day we will have a lot of fun, we will dance with all the joy and desire.

With joy and great hope for your obligatory visit, I invite you to my birthday. I sincerely believe that you will be able to break free this time, find within yourself the strength to come and spend time with me!

I invite you to my birthday which will happen soon. Take with you a good mood to congratulate me and the strength of raising a glass for my health with a warm wish! I am certainly expecting you at this celebration.

My dear, I hasten to inform you that the birthday man (therefore me) will be happy to see you at a ceremony in honor of his birthday. The celebration will take place soon. Come in the afternoon (evening) in a good mood, a happy smile on your face, and fully available for pleasure!

Free printable 40th birthday congratulatory cards and images

A sincere “happy birthday” can also be expressed in colors and humorous images: we offer cards to send to your friends, family, or colleagues.

An original congratulatory text for the 40th birthday of a loved one

Our loved ones deserve sweeter, more sincere, more rewarding messages on this feast day. So, we offer 40 years of birthday texts for close friends or your family members.

Here you are, 40 years old. May your health be strong, life interesting, rich, active, reliable; may your family be large and sympathetic to you.

The Forties is the golden age. You have already accomplished a lot, and there is still a lot to do. Cherish what you have, and don’t stop there.

The Forties is not even half of life, but only a third! So, I wish you not to be sad and not to give up! Happy Birthday!

They say that at the age of 40, everything just begins. And I wish you to remain a great friend and loved one, to continue to be successful in all your endeavors, and not to stop there.

Happy 40th birthday! A new and interesting period begins for you in life!

I wish everything was bright, beautiful, and fun for you! And may others transmit to you their optimism, their warmth, and their light!

My dear, I wish that your soul did not know the cold and that your heart always remained young. Always be healthy and successful in everything. And may spring always live in your heart!

Good 40th birthday! I wish the crystal of your dreams didn’t shatter on the rocks of life.

I hope your eyes will always shine with happiness during the hot summer and the blooming spring, the snowy winter, and even the rainy autumn!

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A little word of congratulations on a jubilee of 40 years of marriage

Here are 40 years’ wedding anniversary congratulations. Forty years of marriage is a rather rare date nowadays, so we must show exceptional respect to this couple by texts that will warm the heart!

I congratulate you with all my heart on this anniversary. Your marriage is 40 years old today, and I would like to wish you all to remain a couple as strong, fun, and brilliant as the most beautiful ruby ​​in the world.

Happy 40th birthday to your couple! That this decade become a good and happy journey to your 50th Golden Wedding!

Happy anniversary at your wedding! I wish your family understanding, prosperity. I wish your home comfort, warmth, and happiness.

Like an expensive wine, you will only get better over the years. Oh, the happiness you have had for 40 years!

May God grant everyone such a chance and the opportunity to live an incredibly long and beautiful life with someone so dear to their hearts!

Behold, rubies have fallen in abundance on your union – strong, indestructible, warm, and alive like love!

Congratulations on your ruby ​​wedding. I hope you will love, respect, and appreciate yourself like the past 40 years!

Our dear friends, congratulations on your ruby ​​wedding, which means you have been together for forty years!

We wish you happiness for yourself in life and relationships, fewer quarrels and misunderstandings.

Today we are all celebrating an amazing date: you’ve been together for 40 years! Your strong and mutual love is an example for everyone.

We wish you to live together twice as long, to enjoy all the happy moments of your marriage, and to lead a life of dignity.

40th Birthday Message To A Friend

An invitation to celebrate a 40-year anniversary

Especially if the 40 year anniversary is yours, you need to be original in inviting people to your party. We can help you with the free text templates below:

I am happy to invite you to have a wonderful and fun time in my presence while congratulating my person on her birthday.

Further, I ask you to arrive on time for the feast of my soul, to take with you a good mood and a kind smile.

I invite you to a solemn ceremony dedicated to my birthday, which will be held in the most famous and the best institution in our city – only for the best people, the closest and dear to me.

I invite you, my dear and beloved, to celebrate with me an important date: my birthday! Moreover, I don’t need flowers or gifts from you, it’s your presence that is important to me.

Hello, my dear friends! I’m here to tell you that I want with all my heart to see you at my 40th birthday party next week. Good humor is required! Otherwise, you will be deprived of my attention.

And to finish

Whether it is for a man or a woman, 40 is a pretty important date, and it would be a shame to miss nice words when wishing someone a happy birthday!

Or it is necessary to come up with some mind-blowing messages to invite people to your party to make them understand that it will be a huge party very important for everyone!

Regardless of the age of a woman or a man, her birthday is always marked by a deep hope of receiving attention, gifts, and warm words from those close to her.

To give unforgettable memories to those who love you, don’t wait for another occasion to send a wonderful birthday text, but do it for his 40th birthday!

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