50 quotes about Pride the good and the bad

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When you think of the word pride, do you find it positive or negative? Certainly there are many positive types of pride. It’s good to take pride in our work. We like someone to tell us: “I’m proud of you.” And almost everyone wants to live in a neighborhood where people show “pride of belonging.” All of these expressions communicate a positive kind of pride: dignity, respect and honor, traits that we can all embrace.

But pride is not always positive. Pride can also mean conceit, arrogance, or superiority. This type of pride is based on self-centeredness and is destructive.

It is this same dichotomy about pride that has led many philosophers and writers in the world and throughout time to speak of it. Here I leave you the best quotes about pride that I have compiled.

The best quotes of Pride

Here are the quotes about pride:

1. “All your life, other people will try to take away your achievements. Do not let that happen.”
Michael Crichton

2. “I am not proud but I am happy; and happiness blinds sometimes more than pride.”
Alexandre Dumas

3. “I don’t care so much what I am to others as what I am to myself.”
Michael de Montaigne

4. “Let others be proud of what they have written, I am proud of what I have read.”
Jorge Luis Borges

5. “I would always rather be happy than worthy.”
Charlotte Bronte

6. “Many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”
Will Smith

7. “A proud man always looks down—with disdain—at things and people; and of course, when you’re looking down, you can’t see what’s above you.”
CS Lewis

8. “Proud people breed sadness for themselves.”
Emily Bronte

9. “It is better to lose your pride in the person you love than to lose the person you love out of pride.”
John Ruskin

10 “I could easily forgive your pride, if you hadn’t mortified mine.”
Jane Austen

11. “Through pride we deceive ourselves. But deep below the surface of average consciousness a still, small voice tells us that something is off key.”
Carl Jung

12. “Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.”
Andrew Murray

13. “All men are wrong but a good man gives in when he knows that his course is wrong and corrects the evil.” The only crime is pride.”

14. “Vanity and pride are very different things, although both words are often taken as synonyms. A person can be proud without being vain. Pride refers more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity, to what others have to think of us.”
Jane Austen

15. “We are rarely proud when we are alone.”

16. “Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive proof that you’re wonderful.”
Ann Landers

17. “Pride does not derive pleasure from owning something, but from having more than one’s neighbor. It is the comparison that makes you feel proud, the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition is gone, the pride is gone.”
CS Lewis

18. “Pride is the pleasure that arises from a man’s too lofty thought of himself.”
Baruch Spinoza

19. “Pride makes us want a solution to things: a solution, a purpose, a final cause; but the better the telescopes, the more stars will appear.”
julian barnes

20. “Generosity is in giving more than you can, and pride is in taking less than you need.”
Kahlil Gibran

21. “He who is proud eats himself: pride is its own vessel, its own trumpet, its own chronicle.”
William Shakespeare

22. “Ignorance, power and pride are a deadly mix, you know?”
Robert Fulghum

23. “There are two kinds of pride, good and bad. The ‘good pride’ represents our dignity and self-esteem. ‘Evil pride’ is the deadly sin of superiority that smacks of presumption and arrogance.”
John C Maxwell

24. “Pride is the mother of arrogance.”
Beta Tuff

25. “The humble are teachable and willing to change their opinions and actions to be in accordance with the will of God. The proud, however, think that God must agree with them.”
Ezra Taft Benson

26. “Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst and cold all together.”
Thomas Jefferson

27. “Discipline yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, it is the royal road to pride, self-esteem and personal satisfaction.”
Margaret Thatcher

28. “ Humility is nothing but the truth, and pride is nothing but the lie.”
Saint Vincent of Paul

29. “Pride only helps us to be generous; it never makes us so, any more than vanity makes us witty.”
george eliot

30. “One maintains his opinion because he boasts of having arrived at it by himself; another, because he has had a hard time assimilating it and feels proud of having understood it; consequently, they both do it out of vanity.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

31. “A spoiled vanity is perhaps better than a hungry pride.”
Joanna Baillie

32. “When you feel nervous, remember your pride.”
Beta Tuff

33. “Pride and curiosity are the two scourges of our soul. The latter leads us to stick our noses everywhere, and the former forbids us to leave anything unresolved and unfinished.”
Michael de Montaigne

34. “The pride of a man is confused with dignity; in a woman, with self love.”
Jose Bergamin

35. “Because you couldn’t afford to fail, you couldn’t afford to trust.”
Joseph J Ellis

36. “Wealth is a gift from God, and pride bequeathed to us by the devil.”
Douglas Wilson

37. “Time and time again, the pride of man influences his own downfall. By denying it, one gradually begins to believe that he is the authority, or that he has great moral sway over others, yet is spiritually unwarranted. At that point he loses steam and consequently he falsely begins to try to prove that unwarranted dominance by taking on the role of a condemned man.”
Criss Jamie

38. “When talking about people, remember that they are not creatures of logic, but creatures full of prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.”
Dale Carnegie

39. “Pride is not a bad thing when it drives us to hide wounds…instead of hurting others.”
george eliot

40. “Pride breeds tyrants. Pride, when vainly swollen with its great arrogance, neither convenient nor useful for anything, rises to the highest peak to plunge into such a precipice, from which it is impossible to get out.

41. “Swallow your pride and admit that we all need help sometimes.”
Huston Smith

42. “In the eyes of infinity, all pride is nothing more than dust and ashes.”
Leo Tolstoy

43. “Pride is the same in all men, only the means and the way of manifesting it vary.”
Francois de la Rochefoucauld

44. “The pride of man can be his downfall, and he has to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance.”
Bear Gryll’s

45. “If you do not moderate your pride, he will be your greatest punishment.”
Dante Alighieri

46. ​​“Pride is all very well, but a sausage is a sausage.”
Terry Pratchett

47. “Nothing beautiful can come out of rivalry and nothing noble can come out of pride.”
John Ruskin

48. “Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”
Thomas Merton

49. “Our character gets us into trouble, but it is our pride that keeps us in it.”

50. “Pity is the most pleasant feeling among those who have little pride and no prospect of great achievements.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

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