50 quotes to say I miss you to that special person

Collection of quotes to say I miss you to a love, friend, family member or anyone.

It can hurt a lot to have to miss someone you love. For many people, losing someone can be seen as a negative experience, but these quotes tell us that losing someone is not something to be afraid of.

It is very difficult but if we learn how to find our way through our feelings, missing someone can be a form of love. It becomes a feeling that we can handle despite the fact that it makes our lives more difficult but that will teach us which relationships are worth maintaining (no matter the distance) and which ones are worth leaving behind.

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Remember that “beauty is in the silence between the sounds” . If you are away from friends, family or love, the following quotes to say I miss you will help you understand and express those feelings.

50 quotes to say I miss that special person

Here is the collection of quotes when missing someone:

1. “We parted only to meet again.”
John Gay

The fact of being separated is that many feel the loss in a negative way. Instead you should focus on the idea that one day you will meet again. Maybe as lovers or maybe just as friends. But that meeting will be important. It is an amazing time in life. It is something worth celebrating.

2. “The pain of missing you is a beautiful reminder of the joy of loving you.”
Dean Jackson

Instead of dwelling on your sad emotions, consider focusing on the fact that you miss someone so much. Try to dissect that emotion and ask yourself if you’ve ever missed someone before or why exactly you miss them so much. Remind yourself of the joy the two of you shared before the longing had to happen. This way losing them will no longer feel so heavy.

50 quotes to say I miss you to that special person

3. “How lucky I am to have something that forces me to say goodbye.”
Alan Alexander Milne

The next time you have someone in your life to say goodbye to and find it very difficult, don’t curse the universe. Don’t ask why you and all your loved ones should be at a certain distance, because the truth is that we all go through this and it is a gift to have someone to say goodbye to.

4. “Each parting is a form of death, as each meeting is a type of heaven.”
Tryon Edwards

There can be no better event in life than meeting the people you love, whether they are friends, family or a partner. That moment when you can finally hold them in your arms is a magical moment. He acknowledges that the joy of that moment was fueled by the previous absence.

5. “In true love, the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.”
Hans Nuwens

True love is hard to find but if you find it, the distance can be overcome. You will miss them every day you are apart but in true love missing someone will serve as a bridge between the two of you. No matter how far the distance is, love and longing will bring you a little closer.

6. “I think of you constantly, either with my mind or my heart.”
Terri Guillemets

Thinking of that special person is easy when they are far away. It’s like every cell in your body wants to be with them and as it happens, you tend to think and feel the longing and absence where your whole being misses them.

7. “The distance unites the missing heartbeats of two hearts in love.”
munia khan

To some distance may seem like an enemy but a kinder perspective is that it binds two lovers together and makes them both stronger than they were yesterday. Due to the distance you can miss someone so much and realize how much you care about him or her. And that’s what love is about.

8. “Love is missing someone every time you are apart, but somehow you feel warm inside because you are close to their heart.”
Kay Knudsen

There will be times when you need to be apart from a loved one, but in those moments know that the loss of that person does not necessarily have to be a sad emotion. You don’t always have to see it as loneliness because when you love someone no matter how far or close the two of you are physically, you will always be close to their heart.

9. “You left and my heart is an incessant sermon of loneliness.”
Jesse Tyler

Sometimes absence can feel like you’re drowning in a form of loneliness. This is an important place for spiritual growth where we can learn not to become dependent and also become more aware of the aspects of the person that we love but did not fully recognize before.

10. “You have no idea how hard it is to force myself to stop thinking about you.”

We all have different ways of forgetting. Some people require travel, others require some alone time. Some want to stay busy until they finally forget the person they are trying to forget but the first step is always the hardest no matter what your method of forgetting is.

11. “If I had just one flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.”
Claudia Adrienne Grandi

Have you ever found that special someone? That person who feels like your universe. That person who makes life seem so easy? He thinks every day of life without them and reflects gratefully on their presence.

12. “I love you beyond the moon and I miss you beyond the stars.”
JM Storm

When you run out of words to express how much you miss someone, or when you run out of tears, or when you don’t want to be negative anymore, just let go of it. Losing someone doesn’t have to be so bad. It’s a difficult emotion to deal with but it doesn’t have to be so bad. Think of it metaphorically with the help of poets like JM Storm.

13. “I just wanted you to know that I miss you.”
Megan Erickson

Sometimes this is all we need. The stakes are always high whether you are in a relationship or not and most of the time we forget what we are worth. We forget that we are actually human, possibly impacting other people’s lives. Therefore it is advisable to let the person you love and almost everyone else know that you miss them because that will remind them of their value to you.

14. “Without you here, the sun forgets to shine.”

When you long for someone, there will be days when the universe makes you feel that longing and the sun will appear as if it does not shine. Remember that the night is darkest just before sunrise.

15. “There is no distance or time that can diminish the friendship of those who are completely convinced of the value of the other.”
Robert Southey

If there is one thing that keeps people stronger despite the distance, it would be the recognition of the value of the other. If you know that this other person is worthy of your love and your time; if you know that she is worth the wait then you will wait.

16. “Sometimes when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.”

There are some special people who come into our lives and you feel like they have a gravitational pull on us. Their absence when they are gone feels like a void of energy in our lives, a strange transformational effect. Experiencing this is vital to understanding its role in our lives.

17. “The eternal quest of the individual human being is to destroy his loneliness.”
Norman Cousins

Losing someone can make us feel alone and tempted to think that we are alone without them. It is at this time that we most need to get closer to ourselves and realize that we are not alone, we are never alone. There is an invisible hand that guides us and watches over us.

18. “Missing you could go from pain to pleasure if I knew you missed me too.”

Losing someone and knowing that you will never see them again is a particular kind of pain. Remember that once someone has missed you in the same way and maybe then you can see the situation with greater compassion.

19. “A goodbye is not painful unless you never say hello again.”

There are many different types of parting. There is a goodbye that is combined with I miss you , a goodbye together with I love you, a goodbye that does not want to be said and a goodbye where you will never be able to greet that person again. The latter is definitely the most painful type of parting . The one you wish you never had to say or feel.

20. “If I ever see you smile and I know it’s not for me, that’s when I’ll miss you the most.”

This quote speaks of a possible rupture of the relationship and the pain of contemplating the future happiness of the other. It also takes a close look at another person’s life while they are away from you and wishing you were there to be a part of it.

21. “Have you ever stopped to think and forgot to start over?”
Alan Alexander Milne

The thing about missing someone is that we really can’t pinpoint when we start missing them and when we don’t. Whether you miss them because they’re gone or just because they’re away, there’s no chance of losing them. Countless times a day we pause and think about them.

22. “Another day, another pang at the thought of you being away.”
Byron Caldwell-Smith

Life loves to test us. One day you are lying in bed with the person you love and the next something happens and you need to separate. Life never runs out of ways to challenge ourselves and coping with absence is a path we all must walk at some point.

23. “The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know if he will miss you or forget about you.”
Jan Sardi

This is a potentially painful truth and the moment you fall in love with someone you must prepare for this. When you get to this point, you have to be strong enough to deal with this because losing someone and being forgotten can be very hard on the heart.

24. “We will meet again but you are a lifetime away and I need you now.”
Karen Quan

When someone is missing, that’s exactly how it feels. Learn to be stronger every day because if they are worth it and you need it now, the day will come when they meet again.

25. “I can deal with anything in this world except your silence.”

Losing someone doesn’t always have to be the physical kind. In a relationship there will be times when the fight will be so big that your world will shut up and in these moments you will not miss her because she is gone. You miss her because she is silent.

26. “My world is getting thinner and it’s all because of one person I’m losing.”
Sanober Khan

It’s tempting to see someone missing like this but instead of focusing on the fact that your loved one is not physically with you, why not focus on the fact that you really do miss them so much and never thought you could miss them so much? someone?

27. “I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams.”
Luke Bryan

If you have ever experienced this, then consider yourself a lucky person. Believe it or not, it takes a strong person to admit it and if you’re admitting it to yourself then that’s something. Sometimes people walk into our lives and things happen and the next thing we know, we miss that person. We miss them even in our dreams.

28. “The mountain between us is one I cannot climb.
Charles Martin

Sometimes you can find a way to be with your loved one. Maybe it’s from traveling to see them or figuring out how to make things work despite the distance. But there will also be times when mountains grow between the two of you and the next thing you know, you can’t climb it. And you have no choice but to miss them until you don’t anymore.

29. “I miss you so much that you are always on my mind. I love you so much that you are always in my heart.

30. “You can miss someone who died, you can miss someone who is gone, but worst of all is missing someone you see every day.”

31. “The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that you can never have them.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

32. “I miss you with every piece of my heart and what is left of my soul.

33. “I miss you so much, it hurts”
Nicholas Sparks

34. “If the day comes when we can’t be together, leave me in your heart and I’ll be there forever.”
Alan Alexander Milne

35. “Do not allow yourself to get old without having lived the adventure of knowing that someone misses you.”
Alexander Pigeons

36. “I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find her I will stop missing you.

37. “The reason why it is so hard to separate us is because our souls are connected.”
Nicholas Sparks

38. “Love recognizes the hours for months and the days for years; and every little absence is an age.”
John Dryden

39. “They say that when you miss someone, they’re probably feeling the same, but I don’t think it’s possible to miss me the same way I miss you.”
Edna St Vincent Millay

40. “The absence of the one we love is worse than death and frustrates hope more severely than despair.”
William Cowper

41. “I have full confidence that you will fly high and achieve your dreams. I wish I was there to witness it. I miss you from the bottom of my heart.”

42. “Many people will enter our lives but only a few will remain. You are one of those people who will continue to make my life happier and brighter.”

43. “I miss our conversations and how we could make the most mundane things sound so deep. Thank you for being someone special to me.”

44. “I never thought it was possible to miss someone this way. Now I know that it is possible. Because I have missed you since you left.

45. “There are times in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to get them out of your dreams. Miss you. It’s not the same without you here.”

46. ​​“I miss your warmth, your attention and your subtle way of reminding me that there is nothing I can’t do. Thank you for being so good to me. Miss you!”

47. “We are only separated in the physical sense. You are always with me in my mind and my heart.

48. “My world had not been perfect until you showed up. You made the Sun brighter and warmer and my heart started beating faster. I really miss you.”

49. “Even the most starry night is empty and dark for me because you are not by my side. Miss you.”

50. “Today the sky shines in a special way and the wind carries the fragrance of your favorite flowers, listen to the birds sing and they will tell you how much I miss you.”

I hope you liked these quotes to say I miss you.

Having someone special that you miss in your life can make you feel lonely and sad. Sometimes the feeling is unbearable and can leave you feeling empty.

Hopefully these quotes will inspire you to reflect positively on the memories and continue living with greater strength.

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