60 Saturday quotes to enjoy that day

In this article you will find the best Saturday quotes to share with your family and friends.

Saturday is the most wonderful day of the week because it is the day when we are free to do what we most want. Stuck between Friday and Sunday, Saturday has the best of both days. Whether we spend the day relaxing or catching up with friends, Saturday is all about fun and entertainment over the weekend.

Everyone loves the weekend, whether you choose to hang out with friends, work on a hobby, or kick back and do nothing at all. Regardless of your plans, these phrases will improve your mood. Whether you want to stay home and watch a movie or party, Saturdays are always going to be amazing.

Take a look at these Saturday quotes that will encourage you to have a fantastic day and to remind you why Saturday is so good and how to make the most of every Saturday before Monday comes around.

60 Saturday quotes to enjoy that day

Here are these fabulous quotes about Saturdays:

1. “Better days are coming! They are called Saturdays and Sundays.”

Every time we have a difficult day at work, it does us a lot of good to remember that no matter what happens, better days will always come. Every weekend includes countless opportunities for fun, exploration, relaxation and beautiful times. That is why Saturday and Sunday are special.

2. “Life can be a gray and miserable Saturday for many, but you should try to make those days the best ever.
Anthony Burgess

There is nothing worse than a gray Saturday that forces us to stay at home forgetting about any exciting plans for adventure. However, staying at home can also be a lot of fun. We can relax, share a cozy moment with our loved ones, or spend some time catching up on our favorite books or movies.

3. “Midlife is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the phone rings and you hope it’s not for you.”
ogden nash

There comes a time in our lives when the idea of ​​going out on a Saturday night seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Saturday nights can be exciting even for those who prefer solitary and peaceful activities. It’s all a matter of attitude.

4. “There was nothing like a Saturday, unless it was the Saturday before the last week of school and the start of summer vacation.”
nora roberts

Every Saturday is amazing but the biggest and most anticipated Saturday is the one that leads to the holidays. The promise of having seemingly endless days to ourselves fills us with joy and enthusiasm because there is nothing like the feeling of being responsible for your time.

5. “Imagine living a life where every day is your Saturday and Sunday. Make every day your weekend. Make every day a game day.”
James A. Murphy

It may seem impossible but we can transform our days into an endless weekend once we start living the life we ​​want. When we are enthusiastic about what we do and work with joy, we discover that every day is as amazing as Saturday.

6. “Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have plans.”
Mike Birbiglia

Although most people think that having plans for Saturday night is mandatory, the beauty of Saturday is that we are free to use it however we want. Saturday night is perfect for immersing ourselves in our solitary and creative hobbies because we can rarely find a better and quieter time.

7. “Different cocktails for different Saturday nights.”
drew Barrymore

Saturday nights can hardly be described because when we live Saturday nights properly they barely resemble each other. Saturday nights are all about trying new things, getting out of our comfort zone, and making amazing memories.

8. “Love me like a Saturday night, like you’ve had three glasses of champagne, like the room is spinning, like you’re drunk on my love.”
CJ Carlyon

Few times are more romantic than a Saturday night. With the freedom to pamper our loved one, we can make the most of a Saturday night simply by sharing a beautiful and cozy moment, where all our attention is focused on the wishes of the person we love.

9. “I told myself I was going to live the rest of my life like it was Saturday.”
chip gaines

Saturdays are a great relief from our stressful lives, however there is some bitterness in desperately waiting for the weekend to come and free ourselves from our overwhelming duties. If we want a life well lived, full of meaning and joy, we must see it every day as if it were Saturday.

10. “On the Sixth Day, God created man, the kind of result you often get when you go to work on a Saturday.”
Robert Brault

Working on a Saturday can only lead to disastrous results because no one wants to work on a Saturday. Even if we have to work, we do it halfway because there is something very disappointing about giving up your already little personal freedom.

11. “Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely useless.”
bill watterson

Some people love to schedule their weekend by making strict plans. While this is efficient, it’s not very exciting. Saturdays and Sundays are days when we get out of our comfort zone to try new things without a purpose or a goal but just for the heck of it.

12. “I have to be alone very often. I would be very happy if I spent from Saturday night to Monday morning alone in my apartment. This is how I refuel.”
Audrey Hepburn

The idea of ​​spending Saturday night going to wild parties is not appealing to everyone. Some people are wired differently, and for them a successful Saturday night may mean staying home and engaging in some relaxing activity.

13. “In New York, it seems there is no Monday, Saturday or Sunday. The city is always moving. The atmosphere is great.”
Thierry Henry

There are places where the days do not differ from each other. A good party can take place on a Monday as well as a Saturday, without any problems. In these types of places, every day is as exciting and eventful as the weekend, however moments of peace and quiet are hard to come by.

14. “A dog doesn’t know the difference between Saturday, Sunday, and Monday , so I have to walk the dog early on those days too.”
donna shalala

We like to think that Saturday and Sunday are days when we have no responsibility, but the reality is that we can never completely evade our duties. The positive is that there are homework assignments that are fun and interesting, and that keep us on the path to a meaningful and beautiful life.

15. “I learned that the hardest party to pull off successfully is Saturday night dinner.”
Ina Garten

Saturday night dinner is like no other because you have higher expectations. We meet with our friends to share some intimate moments, but when we invite them we take on the task of entertaining them and offering them a delightful night.

16. “Your body tells you what you need and if you sleep past your alarm clock on a Saturday morning, you probably need to sleep.”
sophia bush

The best thing about falling asleep on a Saturday is that we don’t need an excuse and we don’t need to apologize to anyone. On Saturdays we can sleep as much as we want as it is a good time to let our body and mind rest.

17. “My job is like my vacation, so every day is like Saturday.”

The best feeling in the world is knowing that we don’t have to wait for Saturday to enjoy our lives. This is possible when we are passionate about our work and find joy and satisfaction in what we do. A job that we are passionate about makes every day seem like a wonderful Saturday.

18. “Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but they disappear when you get close to them.”
John Shirley

The idea of ​​Saturday and Sunday keeps us active during the work week, but unfortunately the weekend comes and goes faster than we’d like. Before we know it, Saturdays and Sundays are gone and we find ourselves dreaming of the next weekend.

19. “We need the spirit of Sunday to carry over into Monday and continue into Saturday.”
Edward McKendree Bounds

The weekend restores our good vibes but the real challenge is keeping these good vibes going throughout the week. Being able to feel as excited and relaxed on a Monday as we feel on a Saturday seems difficult, but it is the secret to a happy life.

20. “My favorite way to spend Saturday is in bed or out of bed watching sports on TV and eating.”
Alan King

How we spend Saturday says a lot about ourselves but at the same time Saturday is that day when we have to replenish our energy levels. Even if this means staying in bed or watching TV, we owe it to ourselves to get adequate rest.

21. “On a lazy Saturday morning when you are lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one.”
Lynn Johnson

Nobody can deny that a Saturday can be extraordinary for our well-being. Simply enjoying a little peace and letting our minds wander can take us on a great inner journey where we can find harmony and tranquility.

22. “I love spending Saturday nights with my best friend and a big bowl of pasta, wanting a good scare like something that says: Listen, your life isn’t as bad as this. Your life could be much worse.”
Vera Farmiga

The best Saturday nights are the ones we spend with our loved ones. When our best friend stops by our house, we know that the night could turn into a therapeutic form of entertainment. Jokes, laughs, confessions and advice make Saturday night a blast.

23. “It’s hard to nap on Saturdays or weekends.”
Scott Eastwood

We would all like to take a nap on Saturday and Sunday but we feel guilty because it seems like a waste of time. We want to do interesting and exciting things over the weekend, not just nap. However, sometimes a nap is necessary.

24. “Your Monday will not be like Saturday; emotions are going to be different.”
Jean Gray

As much as we hate it, we have to accept that Saturdays and Mondays are made up of completely different vibes. Each day receives different thoughts and emotions that make it special. Saturday gives off an atmosphere of sweet laziness and joy that could never be the same as Monday.

25. “There are only two types of girls. Those who go downtown on Saturday nights and those who don’t.”
edna ferber

People have different preferences and different ideas about how they want to spend their free time. While some are drawn to stimulating surroundings, others prefer a quiet, low-key atmosphere. It is important to realize where we are so that we can make the most of every moment.

26. “Spirituality is the sacred center from which all life comes including Mondays, Tuesdays and rainy Saturday afternoons in all its mundane and glorious details.”
Christina Baldwin

Every moment can be beautiful if we know how to look at it. When we are open to everything we can learn to find joy in every moment. A rainy Saturday is no less magical than a sunny one when our perception guides us towards the search for beauty.

27. “What could be better than pulling out a book on Saturday afternoon and putting all worldly considerations aside until next week?”
CS Lewis

It’s safe to say that on Saturdays we are free to put our lives on hold. Whatever we have in mind becomes an acceptable activity. Whatever we do with our time on Saturdays, we must ensure our own happiness.

28. “Saturday is a spa day. Relax, enjoy, have fun and love yourself.”
Ana Monnar

We can do whatever we want on Saturday but that day seems perfect for relaxation. It is the day we can become a priority. Our well-being becomes the main concern. By enjoying our favorite things, we can enjoy a perfect day.

29. “If you had to work 14 hours a day from Monday to Friday, then you must keep Saturday and Sunday sacred.”
Nicole Ari Parker

We all have tight schedules and tend to believe that working the weekend from time to time is something we should accept unconditionally. However, no matter how demanding our jobs are, we have to save Saturdays and Sundays for ourselves if we want to remain happy and sensible people.

30. “I have taken Saturdays as the day I disconnect from everything. I do things that are more creative and I have actually found that it helps me when I go back to work to be more reflective.”
padmasree warrior

Saturday can be a great day of retreat and solitude when we can work on our inner selves and engage with our creativity. This can help us feel more at peace with ourselves and as a consequence can make us better workers and more focused.

31. “I want to be known for the work I have done, as opposed to where I go on Saturday nights.”
Amanda Bynes

We should never feel like we have to explain to anyone how we spend our Saturday nights. If we give so much of ourselves to our jobs, we deserve to think of Saturday nights as our own private sanctuary of freedom.

More phrases about Saturdays

32. “Music is the silence of Saturdays.”

33. “Nothing in this world is more expensive than a woman who is free on Saturday.”

34. “Always try to stand out but only on Saturdays.”

35. “Bisexuality immediately doubles your options for a date on a Saturday night.”
Woody Allen

36. “The meaning of Saturday is the same everywhere, fun, relaxed and happy.”

37. “The best thing about Saturday night is that you are yourself.”

38. “Saturdays are also ideal days to do all those that you have proposed to do before and you have not done it yet. Ahead! Remember that today is a perfect day.”

39. “You have different options for Saturday, be busy, be stressed, or be happy, take the option you want! Make sure you make the right choice.”

40. “Every man has the right to take a bath on Saturday night.”
Lyndon B Johnson

41. “Every day is Saturday for all those who have reached retirement.”

42. “Some people have simpler ways to enjoy a Saturday, like a cup of coffee and a good book. That is enough.”

43. “There’s nothing a nice trip to the beach on a Saturday can’t fix.”

44. “I enjoy the Saturday night races.”
Dale Earnhardt

45. “Saturday, please always stay with me.”

46. ​​“If Sunday is the Lord’s day then Saturday belongs to the Devil. It’s the only night of the week that offers free passes to the afternoon program at the ‘Too Much Fun Club’.”
Hunter S.Thompson

47. “The happiness of Saturday nights is not having to set the alarm for the next day.”

48. “Always take some of the fun, freedom and wonder of Saturday and add it to the work weekdays.”

49. “Satire is what closes on Saturday night.”
George S Kaufman

50. “Saturdays and Sundays are too short to sleep.”

51. “I don’t want to have a life and a profession, where I spent most days of the week waiting for Saturday.”

52. “If you see me on Friday, you will see different material on Saturday night.”
Kathy Griffin

53. “A perfect Saturday: Coffee in the morning, sweet smell of pancakes and the alarm off.”

54. “Saturday was made to have one more reason to be happy.”

55. “A round of applause for those friends who take you out of the house every Saturday.”

56. “I only have a job on Saturdays so my weekdays are usually pretty free.”
Gary Linker

57. “Nothing like feeling the pleasant sun of a calm Saturday morning.”

58. “The best thing about the day is waking up worried that you are late and realizing that it is Saturday.”

59. “Saturdays are for breathing in the delicious aroma of happiness.”

60. “My goal is not to use any technology on Saturday.”
Shira Goodman

61. “Don’t miss the habit of going to the club on Saturday nights.”

62. “There is nothing better than summer Saturdays, they are the most perfect days of the year.”

63. “The exciting thing about Saturday is knowing that you don’t have to account to your boss for what you will do that day”

64. “The forecast for a Saturday night is always the same, alcohol in your body and many possibilities to make bad decisions.”

65. “Just keep calm and wait, Saturday is coming soon.”

66. “My parents always let me go to the movies every Saturday. We were actually movie buffs.”
John Wayne

67. “Enjoy everything you do on Saturday and Sunday, before you know it, it will already be Monday.”

68. “You spend the whole week waiting for Saturday, it comes, you open and close your eyes, and it’s Monday again.”

69. “Stop sleeping already, it’s Saturday, go out and enjoy!”

70. “Saturday afternoon when all things have been done in the house and there is no real work to do, I listen to Bach and Chopin and turn up the volume and get a nice bottle of chardonnay and sit at my desk and I look into the garden.”
Maya Angelou

I hope you have enjoyed these fabulous Saturday quotes.