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Akbar Birbal short stories

Friends! Since childhood, you must have read many stories and stories of Akbar-Birbal and have seen in every story that how Birbal is able to answer every difficult question of Akbar very easily. The stories of them are very dear to everyone, from small to big.

There is hardly anyone who does not like it. Today, in this article, we are also sharing with you short stories of Akbar-Birbal, in which you will know how every time Birbal shakes Emperor Akbar.

Akbar and Birbal

1. Wax lion

Once, the king of Iran sent a lion to the cage and said that if someone would take it out without opening the cage, then it would be assumed that there could not be a world-wide race in your court. Akbar asked all the courtiers to take the lion out without opening the cage, but all failed. Finally Birbal was summoned. Birbal took a warm salute and started luring it to the lion .. Shortly after the wax lion melted, Akbar was very happy to see Birbal’s intelligence. Birbal lost the honor of Akbar to the king of Iran.

2. Begum Sahiba

Once Akbar Birbal was joking. Akbar said, “Birbal! Your wife is very beautiful. “Birbal: Jahanpanah, earlier I used to think the same but since I have seen Begum Sahiba, I have forgotten my wife” Akbar blushed on hearing Birbal’s answer. He did not repeat such a joke with Birbal.

3. Darkness

Once while walking on the banks of the Yamuna, Akbar asked Birbal, tell Birbal, what is the thing that we see but the moon does not look at him?

4. Who runs the fastest?

Akbar posed the question in the court, “Who walks the fastest?” Some described the moon as the fastest. Then Birbal was asked, “Maharaj! Mahajan’s Sood runs the fastest, day and night it increases at a quadruple speed, no one can run faster than this. Akbar was happy to hear Birbal’s answer.

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5. Donkeys do not eat tobacco

Birbal used to eat tobacco but Akbar did not eat. Once upon seeing a donkey eating grass in a tobacco field, Akbar was amused, “Birbal! Donkeys also do not eat tobacco? “” Yes sir! Those donkeys do not eat tobacco, humans only eat them. ”Akbar shrugged badly after listening to Birbal’s answer.

6. Burden of two donkeys

Once Akbar went to bathe on the river with his princess and Birbal. Akbar took off his dress and gave it to Birbal. Shehzade did the same. Akbar thought jokingly, “Why Birbal, you must have been a donkey’s burden now.” No, Maharaj! Not one donkey but two donkeys have been burdened. ”Akbar shrugged after listening to Birbal.

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7. thousand shoes

Once Akbar hid Birbal’s shoes. When Birbal started going he could not find his shoes. When Birbal got upset, Akbar said that Birbal should be given new shoes from our side. Birbal said after getting the shoes and laughing, “Maharaj! May God give you thousands of such pairs in this world and hereafter. ”Akbar was embarrassed to hear this.

18. Full Moon

Birbal was at the invitation of the king of Persia. His honor feast was organized and many gifts were given. On the eve of going home, an emir asked how he would compare his king to the king of Persia. Birbal said, “Your king is like the moon on the full moon.” However, my king is like the moon of Chauth. “The Persians were very happy but when Birbal went home, he found that Emperor Akbar was very angry.

Akbar said angrily, “How can you tell your own king to be weak!” You are a traitor! “Birbal said,” No, Excellency, “I have not weakened you. The moon on the full moon diminishes and disappears while the fourth moon grows in strength. I really tell the world that your power is increasing day by day, while the king of Persia is about to collapse. “Akbar expressed satisfaction and warmly welcomed Birbal.

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