Angry Quotes

One of the defects of the human being is not being able to calm down when he is full of rage. And we tend to focus more on bad things than good. Below you have a selection of angry quotes with which you can express your anger and pain.

When disappointment and helplessness take over our mind, it is very common to express it through anger and rage, either because the relationship with your partner is giving you many problems, or because your plans are not going as you expected. The angry quotes that we propose below will help you to think and, if you want, you can share your reflections below entirely.

Quotes of anger

Don’t swear in moments of happiness. Don’t act in moments of anger.

Anger and contempt are the purest reflection of envy.

Get rid of anger and resentment. They are the worst enemies of your joy and love of life.

From you I have learned that I don’t want to be like you.

Never face a rabid man who doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions.

Never get mad before bed. You will not sleep comfortably and your next day will not be productive.

Anger is like a kind of temporary mental imbalance.

Hate and intransigence are the greatest adversaries of mental well-being.

Pissing you off won’t help you fix it.

Rage and revenge are like picking up a coal on embers and throwing it at whoever you are mad at. Inevitably, you too will burn.

If you spend the day lamenting, you will end up chasing away each and every one of your friends.

No one can piss off and laugh at the same time. However, we have the option to choose.

Openness can do a lot of harm, but it is the best ally of a clear conscience.

Eject your rage, or it will do you more harm than what caused it.

Failure is the prelude to anger and insults.

Only those who can control their anger are the ones who can improve a society.

The dignity of a person is proportional to his serenity when he is angry.

Anger is the most poisonous feeling to corrode your personality.

Loving is impossible if you are possessed by fury. If you want to fall in love, you must first expel all your toxic thoughts.

If you are really angry do not shut up, because you will fill your speech with words that emerge directly from your heart.

Pissing off is easy, but getting mad at the right person, at the perfect moment and with an acceptable intensity is the most complicated thing in the world.

A pissed off man stands out for thinking faster with his mouth than with his head.

If you think your anger is going to break out, first think about the damage you can do to those people on whom your anger will fall.

The saddest thing is to believe that your rage has a reason for being, because you are wrong.

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When it hurts, it means you care.

Being pissed off is one way to mask your fears.

Never forget your friend’s words when you are pissed off.

Second anger, second wasted.

Grudge turns you into a mediocre; instead, forgiveness and compassion will lift you to confines you never imagined.

The pain causes decay, reluctance; but the anger fills you with energy and pushes you to change everything.

Before getting angry about other people’s mistakes, criticize your own.

People are prone to criticize your failures regardless of your pain or disappointment.

Grudge does more harm to the one who feels it than to the one who receives it.

The main victim of hate is your soul.

A brave person is not the one who endlessly confronts; she is the one who remains calm when she is angry.

If you are going to turn your anger against someone, prepare their burial, but also yours.

Anger is the best virtue of an idiot.

If you are going through a stage of frustration, it is better to look for constructive solutions than to lose your head in the abyss of madness.

Never use anger to confront someone you care about.

There is nothing better to avoid madness than to connect with nature.

The arguments have their reasons, although those reasons are often wrong.

The consequences of anger can be much more dire than the reason that caused it.

Angry quotes and pain for love

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The human being is so absurd that he usually falls in love with whoever hurts him the most.

Angry Quotes

An insult hurts if the one who offends you means a lot to you.

It’s not that I like that song, it’s that I love the girl I think of when I listen to her.

It will take me a lifetime to get used to not being able to hold your hand.

I still feel the snake running through my belly … so I’ll kill it by drinking.

Forgetting everything we have enjoyed is sad, but sadder is forgetting everything we still had to enjoy.

Although I block you on Instagram and get rid of your messages, your image remains anchored in my mind.

How much anger and helplessness it gives me to remember you 30 hours a day.

The story we have lived has been like that of a romantic movie: a 90 minute story.

So far all the angry quotes. I hope they have served you.