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Antipathy quotes and sayings

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are divided into nice and unpleasant
(Oscar Wilde)

He was such an unpleasant man that after his death the relatives asked for an encore.

It is on the likes and dislikes that reason has lost its rights.
(Cristina of Sweden)

Violent dislikes are always suspect, and betray a secret affinity.
antipathy quotes by (William Hazlitt)

Dislike, diversity of views, hatred, contempt, can accompany true love.
(August Strindberg)

Everyone has something in his nature that, if expressed publicly, would dislike.
(Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Antipathic does not mean bad and sympathetic does not mean good.
(silvanobattisti, Twitter)

Sympathies have fragile bones and risk a fracture minute by minute. Certainly dislikes calcify better.
(Michelangelo Cammarata)

Often we contradict an opinion, while properly we only dislike the tone in which it was expressed.
antipathy quotes by (Friedrich Nietzsche)

It’s not that I’m obnoxious. Mine is called selective sympathy.

If the Sympathy knew you, you would also be disliked by her.
(alemarsia, Twitter)

Perhaps the antipathic, if he buzzes around me, has a mission: he exists to test me, to test if I can love my neighbor. And, unfortunately, I often fail.
(Fausto Gianfranceschi)

Sympathy and antipathy are spontaneous or not.
(Fausto Gianfranceschi)

The likes and dislikes were for God the subject of a very precise mathematical calculation; it regulated the affinities of our passions as well as the chemical affinities and musical chords.
(Charles Fourier)

Creatives are unpleasant and interacting with them can be complicated
(Annamaria Testa)

More than the antipathy that someone has for us, we are sorry for the sympathy it has for others.
antipathy quotes by (Roberto Gervaso)

Antipathy quotes

As a rule, there is no better way to dislike people than to behave well when they have behaved badly.
(Lewis Wallace)

Being unpleasant to certain people is a victory.
(instintomaximo, Twitter)

I will also be unpleasant, sour, introverted, aggressive, touchy, jealous, diffident, stubborn, arrogant, but … No, there is no “but”.
(OleandroBianco, Twitter)

Mica you can be nice to everyone, also because, those nice to everyone, I dislike.
(i.e. laura, Twitter)

We are united by a mutual antipathy that we cannot vent.
(Leo Longanesi)

Love is often not, but antipathy is always paid.
(alemarsia, Twitter)

Dislike is like a reverse friendship.
(Marguerite Yourcenar)

Dislike. Feeling inspired by a friend’s friend.
antipathy quotes by (Ambrose Bierce)

My dearest friendships began with antipathy; my sublime loves ended with antipathy.
(Anselmo Bucci)

I consider my fellow man not those who accept my conclusions but those who share my dislikes.
(Nicolás Gómez Dávila)

Too often confidentiality is exchanged for antipathy.
And it is a pity.
(Swanito75, Twitter)

Being cruel and unpleasant to people is not beautiful but calms the nerves.
(Ephraim Medina Reyes)

Nothing is more common than mutual dislike, when mutual approval is particularly awaited.
(Samuel Johnson)

The nice ones grow old. The unpleasant never die.
(Marcello Marchesi)

Why are sympathy and antipathy so infectious that one cannot live close to a person who feels them strongly, without being filled as jars of his pros and cons?
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Sympathy is on the skin. The antipathy is balls.
antipathy quotes by (postfix2012, Twitter)

There are unpleasant people despite their merits and other nice ones despite their shortcomings.
(François de La Rochefoucauld)

Many more likes and dislikes are established among humans based on smells than our culture of deodorants and aftershaves is willing to admit.
(Alex Comfort)

Personalize your likes, depersonalize your dislikes.
(William Ralph Inge)