April Fools Day Jokes: “This Is An Annual Celebration On April 1”

April Fools Joke or Prank

My mother lives 10 minutes from me and i drove to her house well she was at work went in and cut the power to her house by simply turning off the breakers..
Mom got home from work and instead of checking the breaker box she calls penalec..
3 hours later they show up test her lines and everything saying power is coming into the house and the guy checks the breaker box.. he said ma’am your breakers were all turned off..

So he simply flipped them back on and gave my mother a slip of paper.. This paper stated “40 dollar truck charge.” I call my mom and found out what happened and I told her April Fools.. She tells me about the slip of paper with the ammount need to pay for it.. I felt bad went over and gave her the 40 dollars and she takes it and looks at me and says april fools and slams the door in my face!


I told my mate that I was going to be a daddy (I’m 17) and she believed me till i said ‘APRIL 
FOOLS’ like 4hrz later.


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