Best Friend Passed Away Message

Write a beautiful message of condolence or find inspiration with a beautiful text of condolence to support a grieving person or a family bereaved by the loss of a loved one (death of a dad or death of a mom, or other family members.) There is a different best friend passed away message.

⇒ Throughout your reading of these beautiful models of condolence texts, find beautiful, sincere, and moving condolence cards.

Beautiful condolence texts to support a grieving person

The death of a loved one (dad, mom, brother, or sister) or the death of a loved one (friend or love) is a trying moment for the bereaved.

These texts for mourning and models of friendly condolence formulas are messages of sympathy, support, and comfort.

♦ Sad news

Dear friends

We have just heard the sad news.

With this simple message of sincere condolences, we wanted to tell you that we share your grief.

Our warmest and friendly thoughts are with you.

Friendly and affectionate.


♦ Respectful condolences

At this difficult time that your whole family is going through, we wanted to share our friendship with you.

This moment of trial marked by the loss of a loved one plunges you into sadness.

Be strong and confident.

Find the hope and the sure belief that your dear and loving one lives today in a peaceful world without suffering.

Our sincere, respectful condolences to all of your family


♦ Words of friendship

True friendship expresses in the most difficult times.

The bereavement that touches your family is a test of life that you will overcome as a family.

The loss of a loved one reminds us of the importance of family and loved ones.

Your love for your deceased loved one will make you stronger and stronger.

Your deceased will live happily in a deserved paradise, proud (proud) of their family.

After sadness, the time for appeasement will come.

It is how your beloved (beloved) will rest in peace.

We warmly embrace you.

Friends who think well of you


♦ Warm, friendly thoughts

Faced with this painful twist of fate, I am sad and very touched by you and your loved ones.

Let me give you some comfort and offer you my friendly support.

Words fail me, and my emotion is great.

Receive all my tenderness and sincere affection.

My warm thoughts are with you and your bereaved family.

Yours truly.


♦ A grown-up is gone

I will not forget the one who left you on this sad day.

You can be proud of him.

Her death is only a last trip to another existence: beautiful and peaceful.

Receive the testimony of my sincere affection.

My sincere and fraternal condolences.


♦ Religious message of condolence

On this day of departure of a loved one in your heart

I pray for your family and for the one who is no longer in this world.

May your faith in God bring you some relief.

Relief that you will find in the certainty that your deceased (deceased) rests in peace in an eternal paradise.

I send you my respectful thoughts.

Receive my spiritual and fraternal condolences.

I embrace you warmly.


♦ Touching condolences

Since the announcement of this sad news,

my soul is sad, and my heart is in tears.

Losing a loved one plunges us into grief.

I know your pain.

We miss a being, and everything depopulates.

But know that death cannot erase everything.

You have your beautiful shared memories.

And the hope of one day finding the one who left you.

Please receive my sincere condolences and believe in my respectful feelings.


♦ Condolence message with an offer of help

Nothing will be able to ease your pain.

However, receive my sincere words of friendship.

If there is anything I can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

To bring you my help will be only the simple expression of my friends and my esteem.

My respectful condolences to you and your family

A friend who thinks of you

A friend who thinks of your family


♦ Condolence message following a death after a long illness

My friends

Birth is a gift to enjoy life on earth.

Death is a privilege to free oneself from the sufferings of this earth.

Your beloved lives today in peace in a world free from pain and suffering.

We think of you…

Your Friends.


♦ Touching condolences to a colleague

A few words from a co-worker who is thinking of you at this moment of pain.

Respectful words of support to wish you lots of courage.

Take the time to rest and find some relief among your people.

Life is made up of priorities.

Family and personal life must come first.

Work can wait

Come back to us when you’re ready

Allow me, dear colleague, to offer my respectful condolences to all of your family.

I kiss you affectionately.

Your colleague who thinks of you and yours

See you soon 


♦ Professional condolences from a boss

Dear Colleague,

With these few words of respect, I would like to offer you my warmest condolences on behalf of the entire company (institution).

May your family, children, parents, and loved ones find the strength to overcome this difficult ordeal.

Yours truly

Best Friend Passed Away Message

Short condolence form templates

The idea of ​​supportive SMS and short messages to restore courage, ideas of short and sincere condolence messages.

♦ I want to join with all who share in your affliction.

♦ Condolences to the bereaved family. My tears flow for a friend, a great man (friend, a great woman).

♦ Loving thoughts and prayers go out to your dear grandmother (dear grandfather), who left us too soon.

♦ All my life, I will remember her kindness. I am wholehearted with you.

♦ Anyone can be forgotten, but not a man (woman) who has chosen a selfless and generous life. My loving thoughts are with you at this special moment.

♦ It is impossible to say goodbye to a woman (a man) who will remain in our hearts forever. This departure is only a goodbye, Be strong.

♦ A few words of friendship to tell you that my family is with you at this time of pain and sorrow. Our friendly thoughts are with you and your entire family.

♦ With a heavy heart, I pray for the eternal rest of the one who was an exceptional woman (exceptional man).

Receive our sincere affection to help you overcome the immense void and grief left by the loss of your mother (father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister,) regretted (regretted).

♦ Your mom (dad, grandma, husband, or wife) will be greatly missed. May his soul rest in peace in a well-deserved paradise—sincere condolences from the family (name of family).

♦ We want to tell you how close we feel to you as pain invades your heart.

♦ I am deeply saddened by the loss of your brother (sister, partner, or spouse). To die so young is not fair. He will truly miss it. Be strong and keep the faith, Friendly kisses.

Quotes for messages of condolence to a bereaved family

To illustrate a beautiful condolence card, find an idea for texts with beautiful quotes for condolence.

Sincere, warm, and fraternal words to say in one friendly sentence that the loss of a loved one is a trial but also a lesson in life for the friends and family of the deceased.


♦ Positive, supportive text template after the loss of a loved one

Nothing erases the presence of a loved one

Her beautiful soul lives in a world of beauty

She shares with you every moment to teach us the importance of living fully

Her absence is only a journey that will bring us back one day


♦ Poetic Condolences Message

The book of life is the supreme book that cannot be closed or opened at will.

We would like to return to the page we love, and the page of sorrow is already under our fingers.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


♦ Example of positive condolence message

Nothing erases the presence of a loved one…

Nothing fills me with the absence and the void left by his disappearance.

However, a person who left too early remains present in our hearts and accompanies us at all times.

She accompanies us on the path of life, guides our steps towards a path of possible happiness.

The best way to pay homage to her is to live fully and hope to see her again one day in a world of beauty and true love! My deepest condolences to all of your family.


♦ The positive message of condolence to family members

When the soul of a loved one has flown to the heaven of happiness, the hearts of his family members know the sadness of mourning.

However, your loved one and regretted (mother, father, grandmother, grandmother) lives, today, in a mysterious world of which no one knows the secret.

Be sure that he is happy and wishes, on this day, only one thing: to know that you are peaceful and proud of what he has been.

Be strong and keep the hope of finding your dad one day.


♦ The message of condolence to children following the death of their mother

When a soul has died out in this world, it is because it shines in another fact of beauty and peace.

The loss of a loved one is painful, but it is a life lesson that reminds us that nothing is eternal on this earth.

Be sure, my friends, that your mom is living in joy and relief today!

From heaven, she must be proud of her children.

Be strong and courageous to make her even happier and let her rest in peace.


♦ The beautiful message of condolence to parents who have lost a child

Losing a child, the death of a child is an absolute tragedy!

Nothing can console a grieving father or mother.

Existence separates those who love each other, but true love never fades!

The love of a parent for their child is stronger than anything!

This love survives death and will one day be brought to express itself again in the happiness of finding her little child who lives today in a sweet world of eternal joy and gentleness.

My deepest condolences to the wonderful parents that you are together!

My friendly affection is with you.

Also, May my condolences bring you some comfort.

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Positive quotes for condolence messages to friends

Beautiful quotes about death and beautiful texts to write on a touching original condolence card. Examples of touching condolence messages.


♦ Positive quote for condolences to friends

Happy is he who knows how to find a reason to live after the pain of mourning!

By his rediscovered happiness, he allows his loved one to rest in peace and to observe the joy of living of those he has temporarily left.


♦ Positive quote for condolence message to a colleague

Deathlike life is not eternal.

Death is a passage to a paradise offered to all where the beings who have loved each other will one day find themselves with their hearts soothed and relieved of all pain.


♦ Beautiful words of condolences from a friend

The sincere words sent to a grieving friend are words of friendship from the heart to help him endure his immense pain left by the absence!

My friend, wipe your tears, heal your tears. Death is not the end.

Death is a sweet journey to an unknown world where Men finally know true serenity!

My most sincere, friendly condolences


♦ The message of support to a grieving friend

When existence seems unfair when it takes away the most beautiful, the dear, and precious.

The world collapses; we are without landmarks, orphans of love.

Everything is devoid of meaning and hope.

However, you have to know how to open your eyes to see happiness around you …

You have to know how to open your heart to let in hope and the certainty that love never dies.

Souls who have loved each other will one day find themselves in a world of eternity.


♦ Tender words of comfort and support to a friend

When the life of a loved one is gone, and ours remains despite everything, everything seems fragile and futile.

However, continuing to live and being happy is the most beautiful tribute and gift to give to our deceased, who observes us from his secret world.

My friend, find the courage and the strength in you to give meaning to this departure!

May this message of supportive friendship show you the way to happy days when the one who has left shares with you every moment of happiness.

Death is not a life.

It is only an invitation to meet again in a mysterious paradise.

I kiss you, my friend whom I love.

Your faithful friend and always there for you