birthday messages for a friend

Friends are a very important part of our life, what would we do without them? So when their special date arrives, we want to show them how much we love them and what they mean to us. However, sometimes we can’t find the right words to get this message across to them.

From we have made a compilation of 120 birthday messages for a very special friend, because that way you will never hesitate when congratulating that beloved person. Choose the one that you think your friend will like the most and prepare to succeed with your dedication … let’s go there!

Birthday messages for a special friend

If you want to dedicate a nice message of friendship to that special friend, here are some ideas that you will love. We start with some birthday messages for a special friend . Life is a beautiful journey, so enjoy every kilometer. But first of all, enjoy a happy birthday. I love you

With friends like you, I could celebrate every day like it was your birthday. Congratulations, I love you!

I sincerely hope that today you have a good combination of laughter, love and joy. Happy Birthday friend!

Today you not only celebrate one more year of life, but we also celebrate one more anniversary as friends … doubly special!

Today is a good day to tell you how important you are to me and how much I love you … Happy birthday!

A friendship that stands the test of time and sees many things wither around is the most valuable treasure you can have. Happy Birthday friend.

Over the years, friendships are lost along the way … so we must value those that have resisted the passage of time and remain as strong as the first day. The years have not been able to with you: they have made you mature and have made you the wonderful person you are today. Thanks for existing, congratulations friend!

You are a very special friend and you deserve a very special day. Happy Birthday friend!

    I wish that everything always goes better in your life and that that beautiful smile never fades from your face. Happy Birthday friend!

Love, prosperity and health are my wishes for you on your birthday. I hope that life grants you and that a million good things fall from the sky.

On your birthday I want to remember with you special moments, moments full of joy and, above all, celebrate you one more year of life.

May happiness and love be with you always and may all your wishes come true … Happy birthday!

What happiness to be able to celebrate one more year of life next to my soulmate, I love you friend!

In silence, this morning, my thoughts were for you. Today is your birthday and I want to give you my best gift: I will always be with you.

You taught me what friendship really is … happy anniversary, partner, that your smile never fades.

On your birthday I ask heaven to never lose sight of your goals and to continue being the wonderful person you are. I wish you a happy birthday from the heart.

The distance makes the silence not speak: with words that live with your voice and with the echo of your laughter. Happy Birthday friend.

Never forget how special you are and how special you make the rest of us feel with your presence, I love you friend.

Friends heal our souls and make us feel unique, that’s why the anniversary of that special person is a good time to remind her of what she means to you. Have a special day like you! Happy Birthday friend!

I sincerely hope… that we become old ladies together!

Friendship is the shortest distance between two people, and with each birthday it becomes much shorter. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are special days, they close one chapter of life and open another. It doesn’t matter how old we are, but how they are …

On this special day, I want to congratulate you and tell you once again that I really love you.

I wish you a year full of minutes of love, happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!

You are the type of friend who knows how to make every day instantly brighter! Happy Birthday.

There are no words to describe my thanks for having you in life. You’re the best!

I will be happy if I celebrate with you many more years of life. I love you and I wish that all your dreams come true, friend.

I hope your day is full of wonderful little joys. Happy Birthday friend!

The love I have for you will not end in a million years; Thank you for your friendship and for the incredible moments that you give me day by day.

Words cannot replace a hug… but they serve to send you my best wishes. Congratulations on your day, friend!

There are friends who have to live in the distance, so if you are looking for birthday wishes for a friend who is far away , this is one of our favorites.

Birthday greetings for a great friend

We continue with birthday greetings for a great friend who will bring a smile to that special person and will move her … tell us which is your favorite! I hope your day is full of delicious food and incredible gifts, but above all, I hope you can share it with the people who love you the most … there are many!

I am very grateful for having your support at all times; Thank you for your constant company and for allowing me to spend another anniversary with you. I love you friend!

Dear friend, I would love to share with you an infinity of more years to witness how your dreams come true … happy birthday!

You deserve all the success and blessings of life, thank you for being an inspiration to others. Have a great birthday, friend!

It is a privilege to be able to call you a friend and celebrate this day with you. Together we have so many experiences to fill out a couple of encyclopedias … and what we lack! I love you very much and I wish you a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! May your day be full of the good memories of yesterday, the joy of today and the dreams of tomorrow.

You’re like a sister to me; so I wish that life gives you everything you want and that I can be by your side to celebrate it … happy birthday!

There are friends who are part of our family and who, even if they are not of our blood, are like real sisters. If you feel that your best friend is like this, this wish is perfect for you. May today be as special as our friendship. May you always have a shoulder to lean on, a smile on your face and a reason to move on. Happy Birthday friend!

Friendship is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, especially having you as a friend. I hope you enjoy your birthday and that we can celebrate it together very soon.

There is no wish or message that expresses how much I love and admire you, friend. Happy birthday, I hope it is the best of all!

It is not easy to maintain a friendship for so many years, but we have managed it. I toast your birthday and for many more years of friendship. I love you my friend.

You are the best friend in the world and I am very lucky to have you by my side … Happy birthday, darling!

Another anniversary, another year full of laughs and unforgettable memories. Thanks for letting me celebrate by your side, my friend, you are the most special!

Dear friend: You are crazy and it was time for you to know it! … but that is the reason why I love you so much. Happy birthday, i love you!

I wish you have another year full of happiness and that we continue to fight together for our dreams. Happy Birthday dear friend!

Congratulations on this day, dear friend. I wish you can make all your dreams come true and have a spectacular day.

For having the ability to surprise me, to rejoice, to make me smile when I’m sad and many other things, I love you. Happy birthday, I hope the day is up to a star like you!

If you are looking for birthday messages for a very dear friend, this is one of the best, because in addition to congratulating her on her day, you thank her for being by your side for everything. Real friendships can be counted on the fingers of one hand, so it’s worth thanking those who have always been there. How lucky I was to meet you and be able to build a beautiful friendship with you. I ask God to allow us to continue cultivating it and give us the happiness of having more shared moments. Happy Birthday friend!

Thank you for your support and your generosity, I hope that today it shines as much as you do!

Although the distance and obligations as adults separate us, I want to tell you that our friendship remains intact … how eager to celebrate this wonderful day by your side, friend! I love you never forget that.

Another wonderful quote if you are looking for birthday messages for a friend who is far away , because it shows that distance does not mean anything when friendship is true. May everything that arrives be better than you are looking for, last longer than you expect and make you happier than you could imagine. Happy Birthday friend!

I know that today is your birthday … but no gift will be better than mine: enjoy your presence. I love you friend, enjoy your day!

The best gift was the one you gave us when you arrived in the world … thank you for so many unforgettable moments, friend!

Happy birthday to that special person who has always been by my side, to share the good and the less good in life. Have a great day. I love you

If I have something clear it is that I am proud to be your friend. You are amazing and I will never forget how many moments we have spent together. Congratulations friend!

If you had any doubts about whether he would remember the birthday, here is the answer. How could I miss the day that such a special person came into the world?

Happy birthday friend, never let your wonderful smile fade. I love you more than anything!

Happy Birthday! Your best friend: the one with whom you can only be angry for a few minutes because you have many important things to tell her. I love you!

Texts to congratulate your best friend

Thirdly, we have some texts to congratulate your best friend : send them by WhatsApp at 00:00 at night or accompany them with a photo on Instagram to wish them the best of birthdays. Also, if you want messages for a friend who is far away, here are some ideas. Today is your day, friend! And I hope you make the most of it. You deserve an incredible birthday and even better days.

Today is your birthday, but with a friend like you the one who gets the gift is me. Having your friendship is very important to me, and for being such a wonderful and special person I want to wish you many congratulations, joys and smiles on this day.

Even though I am not normally too affectionate, you have to know that you are an exceptional friend and that I love you with all my soul. I do not know what I would do without you!

If I am happy in this life, it is that I have been your friend during all this time. Today I want to congratulate you and wish you the best in the world … well, today and always!

Dear, beautiful and extraordinary friend of my heart, another year passed and today we celebrate another birthday.
This fills me with joy and I hope that your heart is also happy and ready to receive all the love that those of us who love you have to offer you today.

Because someone as special and unique as you deserves the best of life … Happy birthday, friend!

You can’t imagine how lucky I feel to have a friend by my side who understands me perfectly. It was hard for me to find you, but I did it! That is why today I will toast our friendship, because you continue to be years old and because you continue to be such a beautiful person inside and out.

Thank you for understanding me, for supporting me, for advising me and, in general, for being my best friend. I adore you, my dear. Happy Birthday.

Since we have known each other we have celebrated our birthdays together. Unfortunately, this year is not going to be like this and we will have to celebrate them separately. Still, it doesn’t matter, distance is not an impediment to sending you a birthday message and wishing you all the happiness in the world. I love you a lot my friend. Congratulations!

Friend, today is your birthday and after so many years, it is one more to celebrate together. Congratulations! From our childhood until today you have changed a lot, the world has changed, we changed, but something remains firm: our friendship.

It is a pride to maintain a friendship of so many years and I know that it is only possible because you are most extraordinary.

Today the day woke up to a different light, perhaps because it was your birthday. Congratulations friend!
I wish that love and joy are on your side at all times today.

Have a wonderful birthday like you, my friend! And never change – continue to be yourself: cute and bright inside and out.

Congratulations friend! Today is your big day. Therefore, I ask that you do not lack reasons to feel happy, at peace and surrounded by the people you love. Celebrate this date with great joy in your heart. Happy Birthday dear!

Although today seems like one more day of the year, it is not, since this same day years ago the best friend I have was born. You are the most special, never change!

I couldn’t count on all the fingers all the good times we’ve had together … and also the bad ones! You have become an essential pillar in my life and I hope to celebrate all your next birthdays, I will not miss any!

Another year has passed, full of adventures and stories to tell; Thank you for being my great friend, accomplice and confidant … that you meet many more!

A very special day is coming, and not only because you will receive many congratulations or many gifts, but because it will be the day when you can gather with your family and friends to celebrate your one more year. Congratulations, beautiful!

On this important date in your life, surround yourself with your friends and family so that we can celebrate together. Let there be no lack of love, peace and health. Let there be no joy or happiness. You deserve all that and much more. Congratulations friend!

Friend of the soul, I hope this message helps you wake up in a good mood and with a great smile. I want to tell you that you are a very important person to me and that I wish, with all my heart, that all your wishes come true. Also remember that you will always have a friend here for everything you need. Happy Birthday.

Do you know what caught your attention the most at first? Your positivity and your way of taking risks. That is why I knew that we would be great friends and we would blend perfectly. Congratulations my friend, I hope that your birthday is as special as you are.

I always appreciate you being that amazing friend who brightens my days. Have a wonderful birthday, full of hugs, love and joy. Congratulations friend!

More than a friend, I would say that you are my soulmate: I hope that everything goes great for you on this special day and that you have a lot of fun. Congratulations, friend of the soul!

Do you remember our childhood together? What good moments we have had! You are a very special person to me and you will continue to be so throughout life. Happy birthday, friend, may you have many more!

Remember that each moment is only lived once, so do not waste any more time reading this card and enjoy. Of course, never forget that I love you and that you are my great friend to the soul … happy birthday!

Despite the distance that separates us, do not think I forgot your birthday. You have always been a good friend and that is why I want to tell you that I love you very much and that I would love to be with you to celebrate your birthday. Congratulations, I hope you have a great time!

Every day I am more surprised by how fast time passes. It seems that just a few weeks ago we were two girls playing with the dolls and look at us now, as girls we already have little. Best of all, we have managed to keep our friendship despite all these years. Congratulations and kisses, my friend, I hope you have a good time on this day.

It is true that with the passage of time we all end up changing. Our priorities are different and our life takes small turns that make us get away from our friends. Still, there are friendships that last and last for a lifetime, and it seems like ours is one of those. That is why today I want to send you this birthday greeting, to remind you of how much I care about you and that I do not forget you. You are and will continue to be my best friend!

When I met you I didn’t think we would be great friends, but the day has come when I can say yes, that we are the best friends in the world. I wish you many congratulations on your birthday and I hope that this day is unforgettable for you, like the rest of the birthdays that you have yet to live.

Today I am extremely grateful to have met you and to have kept our friendship. Congratulations, sweetheart. I hope we see each other very soon to celebrate like in the old days!

Do you remember when we ran without stopping or when we played skipping rope? What a good times! Look at you now, made a woman. Time is running fast, my friend, and that’s why I want to tell you to make the most of it and don’t let it escape. And most importantly … that I will always be with you to do it!

Those friendships that start in childhood and continue in maturity are the most special , as they show that despite distance and time, deep relationships can be most lasting. Today is a special day because an incredible person, my best friend, is celebrating her birthday. I wish that your birthday is unforgettable and that, of course, you know that I will always be here for what you need.

Finding birthday words for a friend is not easy, especially if it is about your best friend … so I will not mince words. You are one of the most important people in my life and I wish you the best in the world, congratulations!

It is very easy to make friends but very difficult to find those who are really worth it. However, you have always shown me that you are one of the best … happy birthday, friend!

Despite the distance, my friend, I want to remind you that I keep thinking of you and that I remember each and every one of the moments we have spent together. Today I send you this message to wish you a happy birthday and hope that we can celebrate it together once again … I adore you!

More birthday greetings for a very dear friend

If you have been wanting more, do not miss these birthday greetings for a very dear friend . Prepare your best dedication and excite your soul friend! I hope you remember this birthday for the rest of your life. Have fun as a girl and enjoy like a queen. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, may your hopes and dreams come true and may all the happiness in the world be yours.

I am grateful for all our adventures together and I hope I can create many more memories by your side … happy birthday, friend, I love you!

Do you think you are special simply because it is your birthday today? No way! You are special every day of the year.

Happy Birthday friend. Thank you for giving me another year with a person as brilliant and generous as you!

There are dates that cannot be overlooked and your birthday is one of those. Congratulations, friend of my soul!

Happy Birthday! On this special day I wanted to thank you for being the best friend in the universe.

Happy Birthday! Best friends always differ because they are unique and unrepeatable like you.

Congratulations on your birthday! We are getting older, yes, but we are also getting older, more beautiful and more expert. Don’t you think Enjoy your day, pretty!

There’s something wonderful about growing up with someone you love and admire: seeing how they become even more amazing people! It is one of the best birthday wishes for a special friend. You are my best friend and a constant support… that’s why your joys are mine, friend! Happy birthday, make him as special as you are.

What matters is not how many years you accumulate life, but how much life you accumulate in those years… happy birthday, friend, I wish you the best!

Happy Birthday friend! Today is a day to celebrate, so make it special and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel like the star that you are!

Imagine how important you are in my life that your birthday is marked as a holiday in my calendar… congratulations, you are a gem!

I send you my best wishes for this special day … keep lighting everything with your light!

Life makes sense only when we share the best moments with our friends… that’s why I can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you! Happy Birthday friend.

Our friendship means more than words can say. Enjoy your special day, friend… I love you very much!

My friend, tell me your secret of eternal youth, since it seems that the years do not pass for you… happy birthday, I love you!

All the happiness in the world for this new year that opens before your eyes. Enjoy as much as you can, my friend!

Never change or stop being that wonderful person you are. Happy birthday, all your wishes are fulfilled!

Congratulations, friend, on your birthday… that your wishes are fulfilled and that life gives you many moments as incredible as you.

This special day, your day, serves to remind us how special you are… I wish you a happy birthday and have a good day.

A today well lived with you makes each yesterday a happy memory and each morning a new hope. Happy Birthday friend!

Happy Birthday. Wishing my special friend a day full of gifts, laughter and lots of fun!

Happy Birthday! A friendship is difficult to find, easy to love and impossible to forget. Thanks for your friendship!

Not everyone is lucky to have a true friendship in their lives, because it is very difficult to find someone who is worthwhile and who understands and respects you above all else. So any anniversary is a good time to dedicate a few words of love to that special person. Although we are two opposite poles, our friendship is forever and keeps us together. I wish you a happy birthday… I hope it is unbeatable, friend!

Birthdays come and go… but unforgettable people remain in the heart forever! Happy Birthday friend.

Happy Birthday friend! May the garden of your life always be full of beautiful flowers similar to your priceless virtues.

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