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Carolina Herrera is a world-renowned Venezuelan fashion designer. Her passion for fashion dates back to her youth, when at the age of just 13 she attended a show in Balenciaga. She launched her first collection in 1981, animated by the then director of Vogue magazine. After that successful show, she went to New York and created her famous fashion brand.

Carolina Herrera is a benchmark in fashion and since then has led an empire that grew rapidly achieving all kinds of successes. She has always known how to perfectly interpret the tastes and needs of women, getting to be named on numerous occasions as the lady of elegance and sophistication. Don’t miss the Carolina Herrera selection of quotes that we have prepared on

Carolina Herrera famous quotes

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Every great icon, be it sports, science, literature or fashion, has a compilation of phrases that go down in history for their wisdom. Here are some famous quotes from Carolina Herrera, one of the most iconic designers of recent years. You have to be very awake to the world and I have always been a very open-minded woman.

Crises offer many possibilities, if you know how to take advantage of them.

Luxury will always exist. It doesn’t matter what happens in the world.

The true style cannot be bought with money.

    Style is a subtle thing that shows in the little details. It is not the clothes you wear, it is the way you act, move, and talk.

I am not going to say that I am perfect, I also have a fashion crisis.

When you do something you like and think you can keep doing it, you don’t think about retiring. Sometimes simple things are the most profound.

Paying attention to details is the most important thing when you want to look good.

Style is not only what you wear, but also what you project.

The key is the mystery… a little bit of mystery in everything you do is essential, and in clothing too.

Education is the main dress for the festival of life.

Education is an indispensable thing that all people should have; because respect and knowing how to be are the true elegance. You can dress very well and have a lot of money, but without education and respect nobody can take you seriously.

    A wedding dress is intimate and personal for a woman. It should reflect the personality and style of the bride.

You never forget the man who makes you laugh.

Trends make people uniform, with them there is no creativity or individuality.

Keep in shape; If you look good, you will feel good and safe.

I think you should treat the people who work with you as if they were your own family.

Unfortunately, many people forget, throughout their achievements, those who helped them reach the top. Don’t forget that without your team you are nothing, so be grateful and humble.

Age is just a stereotype, it doesn’t mean anything when you really have a passion for something.

I am not in the fashion business, I am in the beauty business. I try to make women look divine and wear something they like and look good with.

My best revenge has always been to smile as if I have never been hurt.

You fix yourself, but you will also impact others.

One of the Carolina Herrera quotes for confident and elegant women that we like the most. Remember that you don’t have to constantly try to impress others, but rather like yourself. When you achieve that trust, you will undoubtedly impact others as well.

If you don’t like something, take away the only power it has: your attention.

Fashion should be natural and fun.

Carolina quotes about women

Carolina Herrera is a firm created by and for women, a brand that has continued to develop, adapt and improve over the years. Without a doubt, Carolina Herrera is a successful and inspiring woman, so here are some great Carolina Herrera quotes about women and for women … Femininity is a lot of power. It is charm. And the moment you start competing directly with a man, it’s not that much fun.

Nothing ages a woman more than dressing like a young man.

Sometimes women don’t realize that age changes style, and still they don’t change.

I want women to really look like women today. It is not from the past or the future, because I do not know what will happen in the future. It is the woman of today who is a seductive woman.

The impossible does not exist for a woman, it only takes time to achieve it.

Party dresses are very romantic. We should all use one sometime.

The woman only has one defect: she does not recognize how valuable she is.

A woman is strong because she has been weak, she is beautiful because she knows her defects and she lives without fear because she was once afraid.

In recent years we have experienced growing support for the feminist movement, defending that women should value themselves as men.

The invisible accessory for any garment is a perfume.

I want women to choose something that makes them feel powerful, fantastic, and admired by many people.

Lady is one who is not interested in having many men at her feet, but one at her height.

I love femininity without stridency, with an elegant style that is fixed in the important details.

You never expect anything when you are 20 years old because you think you will never grow old.

We always know better than anyone what suits us. Even if you are praised, if you are thinking “I hate what I have on”, it is not right.

We women can do several things at the same time. Men no, they can only do one thing at a time.

The woman who is not afraid to be feminine and elegant with a strong sense of personal style … that is a Carolina Herrera woman.

You can be a feminist and be a leader. Christine Legarde is very chic, she dresses very well, she is a woman and she has a lot of power.

I have a responsibility to the woman of today: to make her feel safe, modern and, above all, beautiful.

Always choose style over fashion. Wear something that makes you look beautiful.

I am inspired neither by books nor by a painting, but by the women I know.

Carolina Herrera phrases about fashion

As you well know, Carolina Herrera is a great icon of international fashion and a reference for many women and young designers. If you want to know some of Carolina Herrera’s best quotes about fashion , keep reading this section. People are afraid of accessories, but there is nothing wrong with adding a belt or a pair of different colored shoes.

Elegance is not defined exclusively by what you are wearing. It is the way you behave, the way you speak, what you read.

Some people take fashion too seriously. That’s not right, fashion should be fun.

For me, fashion is a matter of style.

Fashion should be natural and fun.

A designer who owns a fashion house cannot make a medley, he has to have a line and style that goes with his home.

For me, fashion begins in New York.

Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is how you put it together.

Designers tend to beautify the size of their business. I never lie.

There are so many things in fashion today that a garment must have something very special for a woman to truly love it.

Today fashion is confused.

Fashion serves to help your eye when dressing. If you want to dress up, go to the circus.

Fashion never stops. There is always the new project, the new opportunity.

Fashion is to satisfy the ego. Shapes and proportions are for the intellect.

You have to deal with fashion egos… it shouldn’t be taken so seriously, because in the end fashion only makes dresses for women to look beautiful. We are not inventing anything new.

Fashion is a dream. It is difficult, and there are many aspects of fashion that are very difficult.

Although something is fashionable, if it does not go with you, do not wear it.

As Carolina Herrera says well, we have to be true to ourselves. What else do fashions give? What does it matter what others think? In the end, no one knows your style like you do and no one has the power to make you feel more beautiful than yourself. British and American women have very different styles and a different way of life.

I rarely go to stores if I’m on vacation… fashion and design are what I participate in every day, I need other worlds!

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