85 Rabindranath Tagore quotes to bring poetry into your life

85 Rabindranath Tagore quotes to bring poetry into your life

Collection of truly inspiring and poetic Rabindranath Tagore quotes on various topics such as life, love, friendship, education and spirituality.

Rabindranath Tagore popularly known as the “Bard of Bengal” , was a Bengali poet, novelist, philosopher, musician and painter who is remembered for his delicate and beautiful verses that have a magical touch.

Tagore reformulated Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian art of the 19th and 20th centuries. He was an exponent of the Bengali Renaissance and a scholar who modernized it with novels, stories, songs, dances, and essays that covered a wide range of topics, from politics to religion and spirituality.

He was the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913 for his selected collection of poetry titled, “Gitanjali” .

Rabindranath Tagore Quotes

1. “The forest would be very sad if only the birds that sing the best sing.”

2. “You cannot cross the sea just by looking at the water.”

3. “If you cry at night because you don’t see the sun, the tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”

4. “Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.”

5. “The truth is not on the side of who shouts more.”

6. “The greater we are in humility, the closer we are to greatness.”

7. “Beauty is simply reality seen through the eyes of love.”

85 Rabindranath Tagore quotes to bring poetry into your life

8. “The darkness of the night is a sack overflowing with the gold of dawn.”

9. “Clouds float into my life, not to bring rain or usher in the storm, but to add color to my sunset.”

10. “When my voice falls silent with death, my heart will continue to speak to you.”

11. “The earth paints a portrait of the sun at sunrise with blooming sunflowers. She, unhappy with the portrait, erases it and paints it over and over again.

12. “I slept and dreamed that life was joy, I woke up and saw that life was service, I served and saw that service was joy.”

13. “True friendship is like phosphorescence, it shines better when everything has gone dark.”

14. “Do not limit your child to your own learning because he was born in another time.”

15. “Like a sea around the sunny island of life, death sings its endless song night and day.”

16. “Thank the flame for its light, but do not forget the foot of the lamp that, constant and patient, supports it in the shadow.”

17. “The river of truth runs through channels of lies.”

18. “Love is the ultimate meaning of everything that surrounds us. It is not a simple feeling, it is the truth, it is the joy that is at the origin of all creation.”

19. “Aim high, because the stars are hidden in your soul. Dream deeply, because every dream precedes the goal.”

20. “The flower that is single need not envy the thorns that are numerous.”

21. “Let me not pray to be protected from dangers, but to be brave in facing them. Do not let me beg to calm my pain, but so that my heart conquers it.

22. “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.”

23. “The gift of love cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.”

24. “The butterfly does not count months but moments and has enough time.”

25. “It seems that I have loved you in countless ways, countless times, life after life, age after age forever.”

26. “It is easy to speak clearly when the whole truth is not going to be told.”

27. “Little wisdom is like water in a glass: clear, transparent, pure. Great wisdom is like the water in the sea: dark, mysterious, impenetrable.”

28. “A completely logical mind is like a knife that is only sharp. It makes the hand that uses it bleed.”

29. “Poetry is the echo of the melody of the universe in the hearts of humans.”

30. “Death does not extinguish the light, it simply puts out the lamp because dawn has come.”

31. “Let your life dance gently on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.”

32. “By plucking off its petals, one does not reap the beauty of the flower.”

33. “Love is an endless mystery, because there is no reasonable cause to explain it.”

34. “You smiled at me and talked to me about unimportant things, and I felt like I had waited a long time just for that.”

35. “We interpret the world incorrectly, and say that it deceives us.”

36. “Music fills the infinity between two souls.”

37. “The greatest changes in the nature of women are caused by love; in man, by ambition.”

38. “We live in the world when we love it.”

39. “Let my thoughts come to you, when I am gone, like the glow of twilight on the fringes of starry silence.”

More Rabindranath Tagore quotes that will expand your mind

40. “Everything that belongs to us comes to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”

41. “The sparrow feels sorry for the load that the peacock carries on its tail.”

42. “Each creature, at birth, brings us the message that God has not yet lost hope in men.”

43. “That one who talks so much is completely hollow, you know that the empty pitcher is the one that sounds the most.”

44. “The man who has to beg for love is the most miserable of all beggars.”

45. “The stars are not afraid to look like fireflies.”

46. ​​“The highest education is one that not only gives us information, but also makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

47. “The trees are the endless effort of the earth to speak to the sky that listens to it.”

48. “When you arrived you cried and everyone smiled with joy; when you left you smiled and left the world crying for you.”

49. “We cross infinity at every step; we meet eternity in every second.”

50. “Once we dreamed that we were strangers. We woke up and discovered that we loved each other.”

51. “The water in a container is bright; the sea water is dark. The little truth has clear words; the great truth contains a great silence.”

52. “The roots below the ground claim no reward for making the branches bear fruit.”

53. “I have lost my dew drop! Says the flower to the dawn sky, which has lost all its stars.”

54. “God hopes to recover his own flowers as coming from the hands of men.”

55. “My day is over, I am like a ship stranded on the beach at dusk, in the arms of the dance of the tides.”

56. “If no one answers your call, go your own way alone.”

57. “I will sit in the pupil of your eyes and that will take your eyes to the heart of things.”

58. “The truth raises storms against itself that spread its seed to the four winds.”

59. “The traveler has to knock on all the foreign doors to reach his own, and one has to wander through all the outer worlds to find the innermost sanctuary of being at the end of the road.”

Other Rabindranath Tagore quotes that are pure poetry

60. “Set the wings of the bird in gold and it will never fly to heaven again.”

61. “Death belongs to life as to birth. Thus, walking is as much about lifting the foot as it is about putting it back on the ground.”

62. “The depth of friendship does not depend on the duration of the relationship.”

63. “Man enters the crowd to drown out the clamor of his own silence.”

64. “Power believes that the convulsions of its victims are due to ingratitude.”

65. “The biggest goes without hesitation with the smallest. The mediocre goes alone.”

66. “When man works, God respects him; but when man sings, God loves him.”

67. “Only in love do unity and duality not conflict.”

68. “We have been called to the concert of this world to play our instrument in the best possible way.”

69. “That the boredom of your evening does not claim more than what the desire of your morning could win.”

70. “In art, man reveals himself and not his objects.”

71. “He who is too busy doing good does not find time to be good.”

72. “You do not see what you are, but its shadow.”

73. “Turn off your light if you want, I will discover your darkness and I will love it.”

74. “Let the dead have the immortality of fame, but let it be for the living that of love.”

75. “Emancipation from the slavery of the earth does not represent freedom for the tree.”

76. “Fanaticism tries to keep the truth safe in its hands with a grip that suffocates it.”

77. “The facts are many, but the truth is only one.”

78. “To reach the moment of realization, it is necessary to cross the desert of the barren years.”

79. “What is eternal in the moment only becomes superficial if it is extended in time.”

80. “You look for joy around you and in the world. Don’t you know that it is only born in the depths of the heart?

81. “The greatest scourge of modern life is having to give importance to things that, in reality, do not have it.”

82. “I have my own version of optimism. If I can’t go through one door, I’ll go through another or make another door. Something wonderful will come, no matter how dark the present is.”

83. “Patriotism cannot be our last spiritual bastion; My refuge is humanity. I will not buy glass at the price of diamonds, and as long as I live I will never allow patriotism to prevail over humanity.”

84. “The young student sits with his head bowed over his books and his mind wandering through the dreamland of youth; where prose lurks on the desk and poetry hides in the heart.”

85. “Most people believe that the mind is a mirror that more or less accurately reflects the world around them, without realizing that it is actually the opposite, the mind itself is the main element of creation. ”

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To date, his poetry, novels, short stories, and essays are widely read throughout the world. His legacy survives in the form of paintings, sketches and doodles, hundreds of texts and some two thousand songs; most of which continue to reverberate in the eastern part of India and throughout Bangladesh.

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40 quotes of Alan Watts that will awaken your conscience

40 quotes of Alan Watts that will awaken your conscience

These Alan Watts quotes represent his philosophy regarding living a successful and happy life. I recommend you carefully analyze these phrases and absorb the wisdom of him.

Alan Watts (1915 –1973) was a prominent British philosopher, writer, and lecturer renowned for his interpretation and promotion of Eastern philosophy by making it accessible to Western audiences.

Watts wrote more than 25 books and a large number of articles on various topics such as personal identity, the nature of reality and the search for happiness, relating his experience with the teaching of Eastern and Western religions and philosophies (Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc.)

Some of his most famous books include “The Way of Zen” (1957), “East and West Psychotherapy” (1961), “The Meaning of Happiness” (1940), and “Joyful Cosmology” (1962), among others. .

40 phrases of Alan Watts that will awaken your conscience

1. “We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.”

2. “Life exists only at this precise moment and it is at this moment that it is infinite and eternal. Since the present moment is infinitesimally small, before we can measure it it is gone, yet it persists forever.”

3. “There will always be suffering, but we must not suffer for suffering.”

4. “Each person is a unique manifestation of the whole, since each branch is a particular extension of the tree.”

5. “The only way to make sense of change is to immerse yourself in it, move with it, and join in the dance.”

6. “But I will tell you something that only hermits know. If you go into the depths of a forest, and remain silent. You will come to understand that you are connected to the whole.”

7. “When you free yourself from certain fixed concepts about what the world is like, you discover that it is much more subtle and much more miraculous than you thought.”

8. “To have faith is to entrust yourself to the water. When you swim, you don’t grab onto the water because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead what you do is relax and float.”

9. “Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.”

10. “Those who do not have the capacity to live in the now cannot make valid plans for the future. I have realized that the past and the future are the real illusions and they exist in the present, which is all there really is.”

40 quotes of Alan Watts that will awaken your conscience

11. “This is the true secret of life: to be totally involved in whatever you are doing in the here and now. Instead of calling it work, realize that it’s a game.”

12. “When you really understand zen… any book can be used. The Bible can be used. You can use Alice in Wonderland or the dictionary because…the sound of rain doesn’t need translation.”

13. “A scholar tries to learn something every day; a student of Buddhism tries to unlearn something daily.”

14. “The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to lack life.”

15. “The desire that is despised for the sole reason of not being able to satisfy it is one of the greatest enemies of man.”

16. “Words cannot express more than a small fragment of human knowledge, because what we can say and think is always vastly less than what we experience.”

18. “You have not come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.”

19. “Never fake a love that you don’t really feel, because we can’t control love.”

20. “No work or love will flourish from guilt, fear or emptiness of the heart, just as no valid plan for the future can be made by those who have no capacity to live in the now.”

21. “Things are as they are. When we look at the universe at night, we do not make comparisons between right and wrong stars, or between well-arranged and ill-arranged constellations.”

22. “Without birth and death, and without the perpetual transmutation of all forms of life, the world would be static, without rhythm, without dance, mummified.”

23. “Your soul is not in your body; your body is in your soul.”

24. “Your mind is like muddy water, it clears up better left alone.”

25. “Do not look for God out there, as something that is in the sky, look for it in you.”

26. “No one is more dangerously insane than he who is in his right mind all the time: he is like a steel bridge without flexibility, and the order of his life is rigid and brittle.”

27. “Life exists only in this moment, and this moment is infinite and eternal, because the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it is gone and yet it exists forever.”

28. “The reason why there is poverty is that we have no imagination. There are a large number of people accumulating what they think is enormous wealth, but it is just money… they don’t know how to enjoy it because they have no imagination.”

29. “The hostile attitude of wanting to conquer nature ignores the basic interdependence of all things and events – that the world beyond the skin is an extension of our own bodies – and will end up destroying the environment from which we emerge and from which all our life depends.”

30. “You are a function of everything the universe is doing, in the same way that a wave is a function of everything the ocean is doing.”

31. “We rarely realize that our innermost thoughts and emotions are not ours. We think in terms of languages ​​and images that we did not invent, but were imposed on us by society.”

32. “The meaning of life is simply to be alive. It is so simple, so obvious and so simple. And yet, everyone rushes around in a panic as if they need to achieve something beyond themselves.”

33. “Most human activities are designed to make permanent experiences and joys that are only lovable because they are changing.”

34. “To put it even more clearly: the desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are exactly the same. Holding your breath is wasting your breath. A society based on the search for security is nothing more than a breath-holding contest, in which everyone is as tense as a drum and as purple as a beet.”

35. “Philosophy is the expression of man’s curiosity about everything and his attempt to make sense of the world primarily through his intellect.”

36. “What I am really saying is that you do not need anything, because if you see yourself in the right way, you are a phenomenon of nature as extraordinary as the trees, the clouds, the patterns in the running water, the flickering of fire, the distribution of stars and the shape of a galaxy. You are just like all that and there is nothing wrong with you.”

37. “Detachment means not feeling any remorse for the past or fear for the future; letting life take its course without trying to interfere with its movement and change, without trying to prolong pleasant things or cause unpleasant things to disappear. To act in this way is to move to the rhythm of life, to be in perfect harmony with its changing music, this is called enlightenment.”

38. “How is it possible that a being with jewels as sensitive as the eyes, musical instruments as enchanted as the ears, and an arabesque of nerves as fabulous as the brain can experience themselves as anything less than a god?”

39. “If you say that making money is the most important thing, you will spend your life wasting your time. You will be doing things that you don’t like to continue with a life that consists of doing things that you don’t like. It’s stupid. It is better to have a short life full of things you like to do than a life lived in a miserable way.”

40. “There is always something taboo, something repressed, not admitted, something that is only glimpsed slightly out of the corner of the eye, because it is too disturbing to face it. Taboos lie within taboos, like the layers of onion skin. It is said that sex is taboo, but it is not true, sex is no longer a serious taboo. Teenagers know more than adults about it. I believe that the most repressive taboo of all known taboos is the taboo against knowing who or what you really are behind the mask of your apparently separate, independent and isolated ego.

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50 CS Lewis quotes on friendship, faith and humility

50 CS Lewis quotes on friendship, faith and humility

Looking for CS Lewis quotes to inspire and motivate you?

Born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland, Clive Staples Lewis popularly known as CS Lewis was a professor at Oxford University and also became a renowned Christian writer and apologist, using logic and philosophy to support the principles of your faith. He is also known throughout the world as the author of the fantasy series “The Chronicles of Narnia”, which has been adapted into several films.

Lewis was a prolific fiction and non-fiction author who wrote dozens of books throughout his career. His faith-based arguments as seen in texts like “The Great Divorce” and “The Miracles” are held in high esteem by many theologians, scholars, and general readers. His satirical fiction novel “Letters from the Devil to His Nephew” is also a classic.

Lewis also continued his love affair with classical mythology and storytelling during his later years: his book “While We Have No Faces” told the story of Psyche and Cupid. He also wrote an autobiography “Captivated by Joy”. He died on November 22, 1963 in Headington, Oxford.

I’ve put together a collection of the best CS Lewis quotes on friendship, faith, humility, and many other topics. Enjoy them!

50 CS Lewis quotes on friendship, faith and humility

Here are the best CS Lewis quotes:

1. “Love is not affective feelings, but the strong desire for the good of the loved person as far as possible.”

2. “Don’t waste time wondering if you “love” your neighbor; he acts like you do. As soon as we do this, we discover one of the great secrets. When you behave as if you love someone, you will soon come to love them.”

3. “Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of any solid and lasting happiness in our lives.”

4. “True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less of yourself”

5. “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: How? You too? I thought he was the only one.”

6. “ Friendship is unnecessary, just like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that puts value on survival.”

7. “What attracts people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.”

8. “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.”

9. “My argument against God was that the universe seemed very cruel and unfair. But how did I get that idea of ​​fair and unfair? A man cannot draw a crooked line unless he has no idea of ​​a straight line. What was he comparing this universe to when he called it unfair?”

50 CS Lewis quotes on friendship, faith and humility

10. “Because the present is the point where time coincides with eternity.”

11. “We don’t really want to have a father in heaven, but rather a grandfather , a senile benevolence who enjoys seeing the young, as the old say, ‘having a great time’; a being whose plan for the universe was simply to be able to truly say at the end of each day: ‘everyone had a good time’.”

12. “I believe in Christianity just as I believe the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because thanks to seeing it I can see everything else.”

13. “The Christian does not believe that God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because he loves us.”

14. “Although our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not.”

15. “Malevolent words can hurt your feelings, but silence breaks your heart.”

16. “God allows us to experience the low points of life to teach us lessons that we could not learn otherwise.”

17. “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

18. “If you love deeply, you will be seriously hurt. But still, it’s worth it.”

19. “You can never have a big enough cup of tea or read a long enough book for my liking.”

20. “Man can neither make nor retain an instant of time; all the time is a pure gift.”

21. “It is not simply fatigue as such that produces irritation, but unexpected demands on an already tired man.”

22. “Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

23. “I am inclined to consider, almost as a canon, that if a children’s story is only enjoyed by children it is a bad children’s story.”

24. “If I find in myself desires that nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was created for another world.”

25. “Everyone gets what they want in life. But not everyone is happy afterwards.”

26. “Sometimes it’s good to lose everything so you realize what you really need.”

27. “Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.”

28. “I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and only reading it once.”

29. “The worst enemy of love is indifference, not hate.”

30. “Do not attack those who are weaker than you. To those who are stronger, do as you wish.”

31. “Being a Christian means forgiving the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”

32. “In the soul, as in the soil, it is not the most beautiful flowers that take the deepest roots.”

33. “A man cannot diminish the glory of God by refusing to worship him, any more than a lunatic can extinguish the sun by writing the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.”

34. “Of all the vices, only cowardice is purely painful: horrible to anticipate, horrible to feel, horrible to remember; leisure has its pleasures.”

35. “There are much better things ahead than anything we leave behind.”

36. “God cannot give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing.”

37. “We will not consider any experience that we may have to be miraculous, whatever it may be, if we previously maintain a philosophy that excludes the supernatural.”

38. “Atheism turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe is meaningless, we would never have discovered that it is meaningless.”

39. “It is a good rule of thumb after reading a new book, never to allow yourself to read a new one until you have read an old one in between.”

40. “ Pain insists on being taken care of. God whispers to us in our pleasures, he speaks to us in our conscience, but he cries out in our pain; pain is his megaphone to wake up a deaf world.”

41. “Always try to use language in such a way that it is clear what you mean and that what you say cannot be interpreted in another way.”

42. “What you see and hear depends on what kind of person you are and from what point you are looking.”

43. “You can do anything when writing.”

44. “When you are afraid, the best thing is to face the danger and feel something warm and safe behind.”

45. “He did not die for men, but for every man. If every man had been the only man created, he would have done no less.”

46. ​​“To defeat evil in the world we must first overcome it in ourselves.”

47. “You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death for you.”

48. “The future is something that everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes per hour, whatever they do and whoever they are.”

49. “Let us pray that the human race never leaves the earth to spread its innocuousness throughout the rest of the universe.”

50. “There is still hope, when we face an unsolved problem without prejudice. However, there is no hope if we act as if the problem does not exist.”

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harley quinn quotes

harley quinn quotes

Harley Quinn is a fictional character who appears in American comics from the DC Comics publisher commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. Harley Quinn is an accomplice and lover of the Joker, whom he met while working as an internal psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, where the Joker was patient.

In recent years, she has left her role as a supervillain behind to become an antihero. In addition, she has also been represented as a member of the famous Suicide Squad on the big screen. Both in the movies and in the comics this villain leaves us an endless number of quotes that demonstrate that madness and passion that characterizes her, that’s why from wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com we wanted to share with you the best harley quinn quotes.

Harley Quinn love quotes

Harley Quinn’s quintessential love interest is the Joker. Although this relationship is chaotic and really toxic, there is no denying that they are an iconic couple and perhaps the most popular duo in the DC world. To get to know this relationship better, we leave you some Harley Quinn phrases of love that will not leave you indifferent. Look … I’m just doing this to help you. Let’s try this again. Acceptance.

I will show you how dark I can be.

My love for Joker was stronger than the walls of his madhouse.

As a curious fact, Harley Quinn and the Joker met in a madhouse where he was a patient and she was a doctor. Harley was fascinated by the complex mind of the Joker to the point of falling in love with him and helping him escape.

Why can’t a girl be nice to a boy without the bastard trying to kill her?

We are done, you and me. I have someone new now. Someone better.

I love him, not because of the way he silenced my demons, but because of the way his demons dance with mine.

When we fall in love with someone, an important reason to do so is how it makes us feel. The important thing is not that you change or feel compelled to change by someone, but that that person accepts you. Hush, honey, don’t say a word … Mom will kill everyone for you.

    If I get mad at you, that means I still care. Worry when you don’t.

You see all my light and you walk with my angels; but you also see my darkness and dance with my demons.

Now you feel like you have someone by your side to share the journey with you.

Don’t get me wrong … my little pudding is a little tough, but he loves me. Really.

This is how Harley Quinn calls the Joker “puddin”. It is a very ironic affectionate nickname considering the cruelty of the Joker character.

You do not like me? Well. Don’t waste my time then.

Treat me like a toy and I’ll show you how to play.

I have done everything you said. Each exam, each test, each initiation. I have shown that I love you. Just accept it!

I am known to be quite irritating. I’m warning you …

Never more. No more obsession, no more madness, no more Joker. I finally see it for what it is: a murderer, manipulator, hopeless.

There are times that love can blind us. We do not see that person for what he really is, but we tend to idealize him. Therefore, once love ends or we are disappointed we see everything more clearly. Come on, Puddin! Don’t you want to speed up your “Harley”?

I miss you; And you don’t realize that I will love you forever, even if you don’t love me.

Harley Quinn phrases of madness

If there’s one thing that characterizes Gotham City’s most famous villains, it’s their tendency to go crazy. This mental condition leads them to be very dangerous and, in addition, they leave us a host of funny phrases that demonstrate their dementia. These are some of the best Harley Quinn quotes about insanity … take note! What you think of me is just the ghost of the past. I’m dangerous. And I will show you how dark I can be.

I’m having a bad day! I’m sick of people trying to shoot me, run me over, or blow me up!

Didn’t you like my show? Well, try this one. It’s called “Animals Attack People I Hate”. It’s a comedy.

What was that? Should I kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. I’m kidding, that’s not what they really said.

You don’t have to be crazy to be in love. But that helps.

Wait until it hurts.

No matter how crazy you are, there is always someone to complete that madness.

I’m bored … I need a victim!

Like a really tough anti-heroin.

We are bad … that’s what we do.

There is always a wild side to an innocent face.

It’s the end of the world … have a drink with us.

Just trust someone who can see these three things in you: the sadness behind your smile; the love behind your anger; and the reason behind your silence.

My heart scares you, but not a gun?

I’d burn the entire world just to see the fire in your eyes!

I’m not going crazy. I am crazy. I become normal once in a while.

Never be ashamed of a scar. It only means that you are stronger than the person who tried to hurt you.

You think I’m just a doll; a dazzling pink doll. A doll that you can fix as you like … well you’re wrong. You are very wrong.

I’ll kill you. For all that you have done to me, for all those times that you have made me feel useless and small.

Honey, go get Mommy’s bazooka.

I am the rubber, you are glue, what you say bounces off me and makes you a six-inch diameter exit wound.

I love your perfume, what is it? Smell of death?

Harley Quinn and Joker quotes

Harley Quinn and the Joker are one of the most iconic couples in Gotham City and the DC comics universe. These two villains are joined by their hatred for Batman and the madness they both suffer … that’s why we think it is worth reviewing some phrases from Harley Quinn and the Joker, as well as quotes that define their relationship perfectly. I found the Joker’s psyche haunting, his alarming insanity, and his irresistible charm! Harley Quinn

I know the voices in my head are not real, but sometimes their ideas are absolutely amazing. Joker

What the hell? That suit! What are you, the president of my fan club? Harley Quinn

All that talk will hurt you. Harley Quinn

I like you, but I want to kill you. Joker

The relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn is extremely toxic , and phrases like this demonstrate it. Despite this, Harley Quinn is unaware of the damage caused by her love for the Joker and comes to be completely reduced to her mercy. Despite being fiction, the harsh reality is that these kinds of relationships happen too often.

Smile because it confuses people. Smile because it’s easier than explaining what’s killing you inside. Joker

For what it’s worth … I really enjoyed some of our games. But there comes a time when a girl wants more. Harley Quinn

Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power. Joker

Wait until it hurts. Harley Quinn

I will incite chaos and destruction wherever I go. Harley Quinn

Introduce a little anarchy, alter the established order and everything turns into chaos. I am an agent of chaos. Joker

Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy. Harley Quinn

I may be twisted, but at least I’m interesting. Joker

Find what you love and let it kill you. Harley Quinn

Mom is going to paint the streets with blood … Harley Quinn

The sadness behind your smile; the love behind your anger; and the reason behind your silence. Joker

Every woman has a crazy side that only the right man can bring out. Harley

I am not sick, I am twisted. Sick makes it look like there is a cure. Joker

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Fernando Pessoa quotes

Fernando Pessoa quotes

Fernando Pessoa is considered one of the most important Portuguese poets and writers of all time. Especially recognized for the use of heteronyms, that is, for the creation of several fictitious personalities with whom he published works and texts, Pessoa did not see his entire work published; volumes of unpublished content that was abandoned when he died prematurely at age 47.

However, his death in no way prevented him from being recognized in the arts world as one of the most relevant Portuguese figures of the 20th century. So that you can get to know him better, from wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com we present you the best 60 quotes of Fernando Pessoa… enjoy them!

Fernando Pessoa quotes about life

So that you can get in touch with the vision of this writer, we start by presenting you with some quotes by Fernando Pessoa about life; Quotes to reflect on that will help you better understand their philosophy. Ancient sailors had a glorious phrase: “Sailing is necessary, living is not.”

Living is not necessary, what is necessary is creating…

Look at life from a distance… never question it. She can tell you nothing, the answer is beyond the gods.

Who, like me, thus, living, does not know how to have life, what remains but, like my few peers, resignation by way and contemplation by destiny?

    What I did not succeed in life, I will find in death; life is divided between who I am and luck.

Other times I hear the wind go by, and it seems to me that just to hear the wind go by it is worth being born.

The small pleasures in life are often what make life worthwhile. Forget about the luxuries and the eccentricities, sometimes, in the most subtle pleasures is the true joy… Between life and me there is a faint crystal. As clearly as I see and understand life, I cannot touch it.

Living itself is dying, because there is not one more day in our life that is not one less day in life.

    I always live in the present, I don’t know the future and I don’t have the past.

Seeing and hearing are the only noble things that life contains. The other senses are commoners and carnal. The only aristocracy is to never touch.

Most think with sensitivity, and I feel with thought.

For the common man, feeling is living and thinking is knowing how to live. For me, thinking is living and feeling is nothing but food to think.

I have never faced suicide as a solution, because I hate life for love of it.

Not knowing about yourself; That is living. To know bad of oneself, that is to think.

No one understands another. We are, as the poet said, islands in the sea of ​​life.

I have not asked life but not ask me for anything.

The consciousness of the unconsciousness of life is the oldest tax that falls on intelligence.

Freedom is the possibility of isolation. If it is impossible for you to live alone, you were born a slave.

Some have a big dream in life and lack that dream. Others have no dreams in their lives and also lack this one.

But do we really live? Living without knowing what life is … will it be living?

Practical life has always seemed to me the least comfortable of suicides.

Better not to flow in life, better to dry from so much dreaming.

The sea that defines us and separates us runs between us.

Fernando Pessoa quotes about love

Whether you want to dedicate a date to make your partner feel special or if you want to continue to know this writer’s philosophy well, here are some nice quotes by Fernando Pessoa about love … which one do you want? Turn, distracting reason, that wind-up toy called a heart.

We never love anyone. We love only the idea we have of someone. It is to our concept – in short, to ourselves – that we love.

When love is revealed, it cannot be revealed. He knows how to look at her, but he can’t speak.

I was born to love you …

I love how you love love. I know of no other reason to love than to love. What do you want me to tell you, besides that I love you, if what I want to tell you is that I love you?

Loving is getting tired of being alone: ​​therefore, it is cowardice and a betrayal of ourselves.

Loving is tiresome, but perhaps it is preferable to not loving.

This is one of our favorite Fernando Pessoa quotes, because the author did not see love as a blessing, but often as a curse. For him, as for many, love is difficult, it is sacrificed and it is also painful.

So there is no advantage in giving wrong names to things, not even in giving them a name.

Love is a dream that comes for the little being that is.

All love letters are ridiculous. They would not be love letters if they were not ridiculous.

I have thoughts that, if I could reveal them and make them live, would add new luminosity to the stars, new beauty to the world and greater love to the hearts of men.

Love is only beautiful when we find someone who makes us better than we can be.

We can die if we only love.

I glimpsed, like an avenue through the trees, what is perhaps the Great Secret … that Great Mystery of which the poets speak.

We love perfection because we cannot possess it; it would disgust us if we possessed it. The perfect is inhuman, because the human is imperfect.

I love everything that was. Everything that is no longer. Only because it was and it flew. And today is another day.

Love is a deadly display of immortality.

The freshness of the mornings when you arrive, and the pallor of the mornings when you leave. When our insides shudder …

If I lived a great love, I could never count it.

It is easy to kiss the face, it is difficult to reach the heart …

The sages already say it: “stay with whoever touches your soul, that anyone can kiss your skin.” This is one of the Fernando Pessoa phrases that we like the most.

More poems and phrases by Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa left us, under his multiple heteronyms, verses of love, life and reflection that still inspire thinkers, writers and artists. So that you too are aware of them, we leave you here some poems and quotes of Fernando Pessoa, as well as some lines of his most popular rhymes … The more different someone is from me, the more real it seems to me, because less depends on my subjectivity.

Feeling is creating. Feeling is thinking without ideas and, therefore, feeling is understanding, since the Universe has no ideas.

Not pleasure, not glory, not power; freedom, only freedom.

We are avatars of past stupidity.

Things have no meaning: they have existence. Things are the only hidden meaning of things.

We never know when we are sincere and maybe we never will be. And even if we were sincere today, tomorrow we can be honest before an opposite cause …

The outside world exists as an actor on stage: it is there but it is something else.

Put everything you are in the least you do.

Literature exists because the world is not enough.

One of the most beautiful quotes of Fernando Pessoa and, without a doubt, an ode to literature. Books allow us to broaden our horizons and live more lives…

To kill the dream is to kill ourselves. It is mutilating our soul. The dream is what we have of ours, of our impenetrable and impregnable.

We all have ways of being despised. Each of us brings with him a crime committed or the crime that the soul asks him to do.

Our personality must be incorruptible, even by ourselves: hence our duty to always dream and include ourselves in our dreams …

I feel so isolated that I can feel the distance between me and my presence.

To possess is to lose. To feel without possessing is to preserve, because it is to extract its essence from something.

I was born at a time when most young people had stopped believing in God, for the same reason that their elders had believed in Him.

I have all the dreams in the world on me.

Music, moonlight, and dreams are my magic weapons.

We can sell our time, but we cannot buy it again.

Among the wisest phrases of Fernando Pessoa, this is one of the most popular. Time is the only thing we can not recover, life passes and we with it, so do not give your hours to anyone… take advantage of the time you have been given.

Composed of living and disaggregating cells, we are made of death.

The heart, if it could think, would stop.

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epicurus quotes

epicurus quotes

Epicurus of Samos was a Greek philosopher who lived between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. Within his thought, one of the central ideas is that of pleasure based on prudence as a way of enjoying life, a vision that is still widely studied today in day. So particular was his way of understanding existence that he broke with Plato’s school and founded his own, where he allowed the entry of women and slaves, something unthinkable to date.

To pay tribute to the philosophy of Epicurus, from wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com we propose a selection of 60 Epicurus quotes about life, happiness and philosophy, among others. Enjoy them!

Epicurus quotes about life

Throughout his more than 300 works, Epicurus left us great teachings to apply throughout our existence; both quotes full of reflections and advice worth considering. The important thing is that you can put them into practice, so from wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com we present these Epicurus quotes about life. If the bad they say about you is true, correct yourself. If it’s a lie, laugh.

Death is a chimera, because when I am, it is not; And when she is there, I am not.

Just as the sage does not choose the most abundant foods, but the tastiest, neither does he aspire to the longest life, but the most intense.

    Nobody, seeing evil, chooses it, but is deceived by it as if it were a good compared to a worse evil.

We are not as much in need of help from friends as we are certain of help.

One of the most remembered and wise quotes of Epicurus, because it reminds us that what we really need from friendship is to know that it is there and that it is true. What really inspires confidence is not so much what they do to help us, but the certainty of being able to count on them.

The future is not ours, but neither can it be said that it does not belong to us at all.

The one who needs tomorrow the least is the one who advances with more pleasure towards him.

To achieve soul health one is never too old or too young.

Man is not a child of circumstances, but circumstances are man’s creatures.

Wealth does not consist in having many possessions, but in having few deficiencies.

It is possible to provide security against other evils, but as for death, we men live in a city without walls.

The fool, among other evils, has this: he always tries to start his life.

If you are looking for Epicurus quotes of happiness and wisdom, this can not miss in your repertoire. And it is that for this thinker happiness was learning from experience and managing to improve our lives without fear of moving forward. For this reason, in this quote, Epicurus classifies as fools those who always want to start from scratch and forget the past, thus making the same mistakes.

If you say it from your heart, why don’t you give up on life? It is your right, if you have considered it well. On the contrary, if it is a joke, he is frivolous in matters that do not require it.

It is better for you to be free from fear lying on a palette, than to have a golden sofa and a rich and troubled table.

All friendship is desirable by itself, but it has its origin in the benefits.

Pleasure is good first. It is the beginning of all preference and all aversion. It is the absence of pain in the body and restlessness in the soul.

Everyone leaves life as if they had just been born.

The fool’s life is devoid of gratitude and full of fear.

Whoever forgets one day how well he has had, has grown old that same day.

Live hidden.

Therefore, the right conviction that death is nothing to us makes us agreeable to the mortality of life; not because it adds indefinite time, but because it deprives us of an excessive desire for immortality.

Epicurus quotes of happiness

Epicurus was the father of classical hedonism, a current that was primarily concerned with finding happiness through pleasure and the absence of pain. We leave you this selection of Epicurus quotes of happiness, because few voices as authoritative as his can speak on this subject. Philosophy is an activity that, with speeches and reasoning, seeks a happy life.

He who does not consider what he has as the greatest wealth is unfortunate, even if he owns the world.

Pleasure is the beginning and the end of a happy life.

We must meditate on the things that bring us happiness because, if we enjoy it, we have it all and, if we lack it, we do everything possible to obtain it.

He who is not satisfied with little will not be satisfied with anything

Of all the things that wisdom provides to make us completely happy, the greatest is the possession of friendship.

The wealth required by nature is limited and easy to acquire, but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity.

The sentences of Epicurus happiness and wisdom leave us gems like this. One of the pillars of epicureanism is to enjoy pleasures from prudence. We need very little to be truly happy, but we let ourselves be carried away by a series of pleasures that are not natural and that, by not being able to achieve them, generate pain for us.

Limit of the greatness of pleasures is the elimination of all pain. Where there is pleasure, for the time it lasts, there is neither pain nor pain nor a mixture of both.

Let’s eat and drink, that tomorrow we will die.

Prudence is the highest of all goods.

Do not spoil what you have by wishing for what you do not have; remember that what you have now was once things you only wanted.

Whoever is not happy with small things, will not be happy.

It is better to be miserable and rational than happy and unreasonable.

The man who is not virtuous cannot be happy.

The young man must not be happy, but the old man who has lived a beautiful life.

It is not possible to live happy without leading a beautiful, just and virtuous life; nor to lead a beautiful, just and virtuous life without being happy.

Look for the pleasure that does not come followed by any pain.

Whoever claims that the time has not yet come or that his age has passed, it is as if he said that for happiness the time has not yet come or that he has left it behind.

To make a man happy, don’t give him riches. Take away wishes.

Philosophy and wisdom Epicurus phrases

Two thousand four hundred years later, the quotes of Epicurus continue to sound as current and allow us to continue reflecting as never before. We leave you with the wisest phrases of Epicurus, so that you can get to know his philosophy better and you can apply some of his reflections to your day to day. The greatest fruit of self-sufficiency is freedom.

It is absurd to ask the gods what each one is capable of procuring for himself.

The greatest fruit of justice is the serenity of the soul.

Man has been rich since he has become familiar with scarcity.

There will come a time when you think everything is over. That will be the beginning.

Also in moderation there is a middle ground and whoever does not find it is the victim of an error similar to that of one who exceeds himself by wildness.

One of the wisest and smartest Epicurus phrases you will ever see. The middle ground may be a virtue, but taken to the extreme it also becomes a sin. Excessive prudence will prevent you from seeing certain things clearly and forming an opinion consistent with your ideals, so to enjoy life you will have to learn to achieve a healthy balance.

Justice is the revenge of the social man as revenge is the justice of the wild man.

The greater the difficulty, the greater glory in overcoming it.

He who has peace of mind does not bother himself or the other.

Do you want to be rich? Well, do not strive to increase your assets, but to decrease your greed.

The most difficult dialogue is the one we must have with ourselves.

The habit of always talking and on all kinds of issues is a test of ignorance and rudeness, and one of the great scourges of human treatment.

Retire within yourself, especially when you need company.

Excessive anger breeds madness.

We must find someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, because eating alone is leading the life of a lion or a wolf.

If you are looking for Epicurus phrases and his philosophy to dedicate, this is one of our favorites. And it reminds us that the human being is a social animal by definition, which means that we can enjoy things much more when we are able to share them.

It is not what we have, but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance.

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your daily personal relationships. You develop it by surviving difficult times and defying adversity.

I’d rather be the first in a small Iberian town than the second in Rome.

Nothing is enough who for enough is little.

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carolina herrera quotes

carolina herrera quotes

Carolina Herrera is a world-renowned Venezuelan fashion designer. Her passion for fashion dates back to her youth, when at the age of just 13 she attended a show in Balenciaga. She launched her first collection in 1981, animated by the then director of Vogue magazine. After that successful show, she went to New York and created her famous fashion brand.

Carolina Herrera is a benchmark in fashion and since then has led an empire that grew rapidly achieving all kinds of successes. She has always known how to perfectly interpret the tastes and needs of women, getting to be named on numerous occasions as the lady of elegance and sophistication. Don’t miss the Carolina Herrera selection of quotes that we have prepared on wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com.

Carolina Herrera famous quotes

Every great icon, be it sports, science, literature or fashion, has a compilation of phrases that go down in history for their wisdom. Here are some famous quotes from Carolina Herrera, one of the most iconic designers of recent years. You have to be very awake to the world and I have always been a very open-minded woman.

Crises offer many possibilities, if you know how to take advantage of them.

Luxury will always exist. It doesn’t matter what happens in the world.

The true style cannot be bought with money.

    Style is a subtle thing that shows in the little details. It is not the clothes you wear, it is the way you act, move, and talk.

I am not going to say that I am perfect, I also have a fashion crisis.

When you do something you like and think you can keep doing it, you don’t think about retiring. Sometimes simple things are the most profound.

Paying attention to details is the most important thing when you want to look good.

Style is not only what you wear, but also what you project.

The key is the mystery… a little bit of mystery in everything you do is essential, and in clothing too.

Education is the main dress for the festival of life.

Education is an indispensable thing that all people should have; because respect and knowing how to be are the true elegance. You can dress very well and have a lot of money, but without education and respect nobody can take you seriously.

    A wedding dress is intimate and personal for a woman. It should reflect the personality and style of the bride.

You never forget the man who makes you laugh.

Trends make people uniform, with them there is no creativity or individuality.

Keep in shape; If you look good, you will feel good and safe.

I think you should treat the people who work with you as if they were your own family.

Unfortunately, many people forget, throughout their achievements, those who helped them reach the top. Don’t forget that without your team you are nothing, so be grateful and humble.

Age is just a stereotype, it doesn’t mean anything when you really have a passion for something.

I am not in the fashion business, I am in the beauty business. I try to make women look divine and wear something they like and look good with.

My best revenge has always been to smile as if I have never been hurt.

You fix yourself, but you will also impact others.

One of the Carolina Herrera quotes for confident and elegant women that we like the most. Remember that you don’t have to constantly try to impress others, but rather like yourself. When you achieve that trust, you will undoubtedly impact others as well.

If you don’t like something, take away the only power it has: your attention.

Fashion should be natural and fun.

Carolina quotes about women

Carolina Herrera is a firm created by and for women, a brand that has continued to develop, adapt and improve over the years. Without a doubt, Carolina Herrera is a successful and inspiring woman, so here are some great Carolina Herrera quotes about women and for women … Femininity is a lot of power. It is charm. And the moment you start competing directly with a man, it’s not that much fun.

Nothing ages a woman more than dressing like a young man.

Sometimes women don’t realize that age changes style, and still they don’t change.

I want women to really look like women today. It is not from the past or the future, because I do not know what will happen in the future. It is the woman of today who is a seductive woman.

The impossible does not exist for a woman, it only takes time to achieve it.

Party dresses are very romantic. We should all use one sometime.

The woman only has one defect: she does not recognize how valuable she is.

A woman is strong because she has been weak, she is beautiful because she knows her defects and she lives without fear because she was once afraid.

In recent years we have experienced growing support for the feminist movement, defending that women should value themselves as men.

The invisible accessory for any garment is a perfume.

I want women to choose something that makes them feel powerful, fantastic, and admired by many people.

Lady is one who is not interested in having many men at her feet, but one at her height.

I love femininity without stridency, with an elegant style that is fixed in the important details.

You never expect anything when you are 20 years old because you think you will never grow old.

We always know better than anyone what suits us. Even if you are praised, if you are thinking “I hate what I have on”, it is not right.

We women can do several things at the same time. Men no, they can only do one thing at a time.

The woman who is not afraid to be feminine and elegant with a strong sense of personal style … that is a Carolina Herrera woman.

You can be a feminist and be a leader. Christine Legarde is very chic, she dresses very well, she is a woman and she has a lot of power.

I have a responsibility to the woman of today: to make her feel safe, modern and, above all, beautiful.

Always choose style over fashion. Wear something that makes you look beautiful.

I am inspired neither by books nor by a painting, but by the women I know.

Carolina Herrera phrases about fashion

As you well know, Carolina Herrera is a great icon of international fashion and a reference for many women and young designers. If you want to know some of Carolina Herrera’s best quotes about fashion , keep reading this section. People are afraid of accessories, but there is nothing wrong with adding a belt or a pair of different colored shoes.

Elegance is not defined exclusively by what you are wearing. It is the way you behave, the way you speak, what you read.

Some people take fashion too seriously. That’s not right, fashion should be fun.

For me, fashion is a matter of style.

Fashion should be natural and fun.

A designer who owns a fashion house cannot make a medley, he has to have a line and style that goes with his home.

For me, fashion begins in New York.

Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is how you put it together.

Designers tend to beautify the size of their business. I never lie.

There are so many things in fashion today that a garment must have something very special for a woman to truly love it.

Today fashion is confused.

Fashion serves to help your eye when dressing. If you want to dress up, go to the circus.

Fashion never stops. There is always the new project, the new opportunity.

Fashion is to satisfy the ego. Shapes and proportions are for the intellect.

You have to deal with fashion egos… it shouldn’t be taken so seriously, because in the end fashion only makes dresses for women to look beautiful. We are not inventing anything new.

Fashion is a dream. It is difficult, and there are many aspects of fashion that are very difficult.

Although something is fashionable, if it does not go with you, do not wear it.

As Carolina Herrera says well, we have to be true to ourselves. What else do fashions give? What does it matter what others think? In the end, no one knows your style like you do and no one has the power to make you feel more beautiful than yourself. British and American women have very different styles and a different way of life.

I rarely go to stores if I’m on vacation… fashion and design are what I participate in every day, I need other worlds!

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