Pretty Girl Names List

Pretty Girl Names List

240 beautiful girl names from all over the world (+ meaning)

We have 240 beautiful pretty girl names list for you. Short or long, Nordic or Slavic, French or Spanish, Hawaiian or Japanese – it’s all there. In our selection, we paid attention to a nice sound, simple spelling and easy pronunciation. So you are guaranteed to find the right name for your daughter.

Below you will find some girl names that are very popular in Germany. In case you are looking for something special, we have selected girls’ names from all over the world. Melody and sound as well as easy pronunciation and spelling ensure a safe choice of name for your daughter.

Short girl names

Short girl names have many advantages. For example, it doesn’t matter how long the last name is, short first names always go. They are also easy to pronounce and are considered powerful, concise and assertive . Short names do not need a nickname , as the name itself is short enough and its length does not bother anyone when it is pronounced.

We have created a selection of short girl names for you. Following the motto “the shorter the better”, we have chosen names that have a maximum of three sounds . This means that names with silent or double letters are also included. However, the pronunciation is limited to three sounds.

You will already know some of the names, others come from other languages ​​and may not sound as familiar to you. Nevertheless, they all have something in common: They appear assertive to others, are perfect for double names and go with almost every last name.

  1. Ida
  2. Ina
  3. Ila
  4. Iva
  5. Lia
  6. Mia
  7. Pia
  8. Sia
  9. Ria
  10. slide
  11. Nia
  12. Ana / Anna
  13. Ane / Anne
  14. Ada
  15. Ava
  16. Eva
  17. Lea
  18. Lua
  19. Ani / Anni
  20. fairy
  21. Zoe
  22. Eni
  23. Ela / Ella
  24. Jil / Jill
  25. Eli / Elli
  26. Til / Till
  27. Emi / Emmi
  28. Ivy
  29. May
  30. Ann
  31. Sue
  32. Liv
  33. Amy
  34. Noa / Noah
  35. Kim
  36. Tea / Thea
  37. Lynn
  38. Lya
  39. Bea
  40. Isa

Long girl names

Long girl names

The internationally longest registered maiden name is “Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenk Koyaanisquatsiuth”. Another registered Nigerian given name is “Esenosarumensemwonken”. However, since such exaggeratedly long first names tend to cause difficulties in pronunciation, we have limited ourselves to girls’ names up to a maximum of ten letters , most of which come from the European-speaking area. Anything else would probably cause too many problems for the child in the future.

Still, long girl names make a noble impression. Queens often had long first names and they usually have a long tradition. Due to their length, they exude a certain specialty and elegance.In 1904 little Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus was born in Hamburg with a proud 26 first names. In the meantime, a mother wanted to give her son 12 first names. The offices refused, and after all, a maximum of five first names are allowed in Germany today.

  1. Catherine
  2. Cataleya
  3. Elisabeth
  4. Charlotte
  5. Magdalena
  6. Mathilda
  7. Johanna
  8. Alexandra
  9. Annkathrin
  10. Annabell
  11. Annsophie
  12. Salomea
  13. Marieluise
  14. Antoinette
  15. Elisabelle
  16. Franziska
  17. Jacqueline
  18. Margareta
  19. Persephone
  20. Wilhelmina

Old German girl names

Old German girl names

Many names used to be very long. There are numerous old German names that are reminiscent of bygone times such as the Middle Ages or the post-war period. Back then it was still customary to simply turn classic boy names into girl names by adding an “a” to the end. For example, “Ferdinand” became the maiden name “Ferdinanda”, “Gerhard” became “Gerhardina” and “Phillipp” became “Phillippa”.

Old German girls’ names are slowly coming back into fashion. Even if “Kunigunde” and “Kriemhilde” are rarely to be found, “Christiane” and “Annegret” are already represented quite regularly in Germany. Classic names from our grandmother generation such as “Edeltraud” or “Hannelore” are also no stranger to us. Old German names have a serious and conventional aura , which usually creates a good and intelligent first impression of the name bearer.

  1. Anneliese
  2. Clementina
  3. Lieselotte
  4. Bernadette
  5. Adelgundis
  6. Kriemhilde
  7. Lambertine
  8. Brunhilde
  9. Kunigunde
  10. Christiane
  11. Christella
  12. Constance
  13. Edeltraud
  14. Emmanuela
  15. Ferdinanda
  16. Friederike
  17. Hannelore
  18. Annegret
  19. Hildegard
  20. Irmintraud

The 10 most popular girl names in Germany

The most popular girl names in Germany

Dealing with popular girl names doesn’t just have the advantage of finding nice names. Many parents want to deliberately avoid the trends so that their child is not one of many, but can stand out in their generation with a special name. However, with many popular names in Germany, you can be sure that the name is relatively timeless, that everyone can pronounce it and that many will like it.

The most popular girls’ names in Germany change from year to year. Some names manage to stay in the top 10 for years, others are more like fads that pass as quickly as they came. Current trend names in 2019 are “Olivia”, “Liya”, “Amelia”, “Mila” and “Juna”. We have listed the most popular girl names from 2018 for you, collected by the Society for the German Language .

  1. Marie
  2. Sophie / Sofie
  3. Maria
  4. Sophia / Sofia
  5. Emilia
  6. Emma
  7. Hannah / Hanna
  8. Mia
  9. Anna
  10. Johanna

Rare girls’ names from around the world and their meanings

Girl names from all over the world

In the following chapters you will find beautiful girl names from all over the world. Even if there are many pretty names for girls in Germany, names from other countries and languages sometimes just better suit personal taste. They are also well suited if you are looking for a special name for your child. We have Nordic, Japanese, Hawaiian, French, Spanish and Slavic girl names for you.

We made sure that the names sound nice, that their spelling is not too complicated and that they are not too long. So your daughter can look forward to a nice name that sounds serious but also melodic and with which there are no problems with pronunciation later.

Nordic girl names

Some Nordic names were firmly established in Germany as early as the 1970s. They come from today’s Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland and have their origins in old Scandinavian or North Germanic languages. Icelandic, Faroese, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are meant .

As originally Germanic languages, the Nordic languages ​​are even distantly related to German . The North Germanic, however, split off from the West Germanic at some point. The relationship between the languages ​​could be one reason for the popularity of Nordic names in Germany. They sound somehow familiar and traditional, but still special, rare and lively . They are modern and fashionable for us, as they are not one of the well-known old German names, but still have a long history and durability, which is reflected in their sound.

  1. Majvi
    meaning: “the one born in May”
  2. Almina
    meaning: “the mighty”, “the enchanting”
  3. Tilda
    meaning: “mighty fighter”
  4. Elin
    meaning: “the radiant one”
  5. Stine
    meaning: “the Christian”
  6. Lotta
    meaning: “the free”
  7. Linn
    meaning: “the mild”, “the gentle”
  8. Malena
    meaning: “the one from Magdala”, “the sublime”
  9. Tarja
    meaning: “the protector”, “owner of the good”
  10. Jonna
    meaning: “Yahweh is gracious”
  11. Lene
    meaning: “the shining one”, “the shining one”
  12. Malin
    meaning: “the one from Magdala”, “the sublime”
  13. Ronja
    meaning: “the shiny one”
  14. Madita
    meaning: “little pearl”
  15. Alva
    meaning: “elf”, “nature spirit”
  16. Elina
    meaning: “the shining one”, “the shining one”
  17. Sanna
    meaning: “the true one”
  18. Finja
    meaning: “the Finn”, “the white one”
  19. Solveig
    meaning: “way to the sun”, “sun way”
  20. Freya
    meaning: “the mistress”, “the ruler”
  21. Runa
    meaning: “the mysterious”
  22. Torah
    meaning: “the goddess of thunder”
  23. Linnea
    meaning: “the tender one”
  24. Auri
    meaning: “Dawn”
  25. Enna
    meaning: “the terrible”
  26. Nele
    meaning: “coming from the Cornelier family”
  27. Tjorven
    meaning: “Irrwisch / Irrlicht”
  28. Kaja
    meaning: “the pure one”
  29. Lennja
    meaning: “the shining one”, “the shining one”
  30. Taina
    meaning: “the combative”

Japanese girls names

Japanese girls names

In contrast to Nordic, English or French first names, Japanese maiden names are not that common in Germany. So they are something very special and also have a soft, beautiful sound . They are usually short and easy to pronounce, so they are also great for double names.

If the child gets a long last name, short Japanese first names are very suitable. However, you should avoid alliterations and pronounce the full name often to see whether it goes well with the middle name or the surname.

In the case of names from the Asian-speaking area, you should find out about their meaning beforehand. First names from comics or series are not recommended, as they are not given as a name in Japan and usually have no significant meaning. Also pay attention to the spelling. If it’s too unusual, your child will have to spell their name over and over later.

  1. Kaida
    meaning: “Little Dragon”
  2. Yuma
    meaning: different meanings depending on the Kanji characters
  3. Naomi
    meaning: “beautiful”, “honest”, “everywhere”
  4. Amaya
    meaning: “after-rain”, “rainy night”
  5. Kaya
    meaning: Japanese nut slice
  6. Suri
    meaning: “goddess”, “pickpocket”
  7. Yuna
    meaning: “moon”
  8. Kaori
    meaning: “fragrance”, “aroma”, “perfume”
  9. Aiko
    meaning: “child of love”
  10. Akame
    meaning: “red eyes”
  11. Kioko
    meaning: “happy child”
  12. Hanami
    meaning: “beautiful flower”
  13. Harumi
    meaning: “spring beauty”, “sun beauty”
  14. Fuyumi
    meaning: “beautiful winter”
  15. Jayna
    meaning: “goddess of darkness”, “shadow princess”
  16. Inori
    meaning: “prayer”
  17. Keiko
    meaning: “happy child”
  18. Mayumi
    meaning: “Modesty”, “Beauty, purity, wisdom and clarity are with her”
  19. My
    meaning: “the pearl”
  20. Ariza
    meaning: “fish”
  21. Nami
    meaning: “wave”, “blurring”
  22. Namida
    meaning: “tears”, “the one who weeps”
  23. Nao
    meaning: “the upright”, “the honest”, “summer soul”
  24. Sayumi
    meaning: “freedom”, “beauty”, “playfulness”
  25. Suzume
    meaning: “sparrow”, “sparrow”
  26. Umi
    meaning: “sea”, “ocean”
  27. Yaeko
    meaning: “child of Yae”, “child of infinity”, “child of harmony”, “eighth child”
  28. Akina
    meaning: “autumn flower”, “spring flower”
  29. Asami
    meaning: “morning”, “beauty”, “sea”
  30. Hanako
    meaning: “flower child”

Hawaiian girls names

Hawaiian is the native language of the Polynesian people of the Hawaiian Islands. It is made up of all five vowels known in Germany (A, E, I, O, U) and only seven consonants (H, K, L, M, N, P, W). In total, the language has only 13 phonemes (sounds), which causes a certain consonance of the names and a clear recognizability of the language. Because of this, it sounds particularly melodic to us and is very easy to pronounce . In Hawaiian, almost all names are spoken as they are written.

Many people associate the Hawaiian sound with a certain holiday feeling . The names trigger positive associations and thus have a sympathetic effect on others. Read the names in combination with your last name and find the right sound for your daughter. Almost all Hawaiian names have a beautiful, nature-loving, soulful meaning. So you can’t go wrong with them.

  1. Kalea
    meaning: “happiness”
  2. Aolani
    meaning: “Heavenly Cloud”
  3. Kala
    meaning: “princess”
  4. Keana
    meaning: “cool breeze”
  5. Alani
    meaning: “orange tree”
  6. Kalia
    meaning: “the radiant one”
  7. Nani
    meaning: “beauty”
  8. Iwalani
    meaning: “Heavenly Seagull”
  9. Melika
    meaning: “bee”
  10. Ulani
    meaning: “the happy one”
  11. Lanai
    meaning: name of a Hawaiian island
  12. Anela
    meaning: “angel”
  13. Moana
    meaning: “From the sea”, “the ocean”
  14. Palila
    meaning: “bird”
  15. Olina
    meaning: “the joyful one”
  16. Elanie
    meaning: “the tree”
  17. Halia
    meaning: “memorial”
  18. Leilani
    meaning: “Flowers of Heaven”, “Heavenly Flower”, “Heavenly Child”
  19. Malia
    meaning: “the untamed”
  20. Ohana
    meaning: “family”
Pretty Girl Names List

French maiden names

French maiden names

When properly pronounced, French is a very melodic and melodious language . That is why it is particularly popular with girls in Germany. Some names have accents that make your daughter’s name special and yet don’t jeopardize pronunciation.

Since French is not only taught in school, but many German terms are also borrowed from French, most Germans are familiar with the correct pronunciation. Examples are “accessory”, “boulevard”, “charm”, “déjà vu”, “faux pas” or “wallet”.

In the following we have both traditional old French names , which arose up to the 15th century, as well as modifications and modern French maiden names , which are borrowed from other languages ​​such as Hebrew. So that you don’t get a faux pas, we’ve added the name meaning.

  1. Amélie
    meaning: “the able”, “the hardworking”
  2. Chloé
    meaning: “the green one”
  3. Angélique
    meaning: “the angelic”
  4. Élodie
    meaning: “the perfect one”
  5. Fleur
    meaning: “flower”, “blossom”
  6. Isabelle
    meaning: “who worships God”
  7. Louise
    meaning: “famous fighter”
  8. Manon
    meaning: “the stubborn”, “the untamed”
  9. Anouk
    meaning: “the gifted”
  10. Juliette
    meaning: “coming from the Julier family”
  11. Louna
    meaning: “moon”
  12. Aurelie
    meaning: “the golden one”
  13. Camille
    meaning: “the sublime”
  14. Louanne
    meaning: “the shining one”
  15. Madeleine
    meaning: “the one from Magdala”, “the sublime”
  16. Noëlle
    meaning: “the one born on Christmas”
  17. Zoé
    meaning: “life”
  18. Aimée
    meaning: “the beloved woman”, “the lovable one”
  19. Melisende
    meaning: “efficient”, “successful”
  20. Meline
    meaning: “the capable one”
  21. Adalie
    meaning: “the noble one”
  22. Celine
    meaning: “heaven”, “the heavenly”
  23. Avaline
    meaning: “bird”
  24. Adelai’s
    meaning: “of noble nature”, “of noble sex”
  25. Antoinette
    meaning: “the Antonian woman”, “the end of the family of the Antonians”
  26. Denise
    meaning: “the happy”, “the strong”, “the sea”
  27. Alina
    meaning: “the sublime”, “the radiant”, “the noble”, “the beautiful”
  28. Delphine
    meaning: “Frau vo Delphi”, “Dolphin”
  29. Alette
    meaning: “of noble nature”
  30. Diane
    meaning: “little light fairy”, “shining as light”, Roman goddess of the hunt

Spanish girls names

Spanish is a widely spoken language. It is spoken mostly in Spain and Central and South America and its sounds are not unknown in Germany either. Accents are also occasionally used in names, but not as often as in French.

The good thing about Spanish names is that you can usually pronounce them using German wording or the sounds even match. We have put together beautiful girl names for you that you will not find so often in Germany. They are something special, exude a little temperament and sound very nice. In addition, as with the other girls’ names, you will find their meanings here.

  1. Augustina
    Meaning: “the sublime”, “the venerable”
  2. Catalina
    meaning: “the pure”, “the sincere”
  3. Aleli
    meaning: name of a plant / flower
  4. Eliana
    meaning: “the sun”, “the daughter of the sun”
  5. Dominga
    meaning: “Belonging to the Lord”
  6. Alicia
    meaning: “the noble”, “the noble”
  7. Evelia
    meaning: “the living one”
  8. Ahnoa
    meaning: derived from “Ainhoa”, a city in the Basque Country
  9. Fabiana
    meaning: “the bean”
  10. Alondra
    meaning: “protector of men”, “lark”
  11. Fermina
    meaning: “the strong one”
  12. Alvara
    meaning: “guardian”, “guardian”
  13. Cecilia
    meaning: “the blind one”, “heavenly lily”
  14. Arabella
    meaning: “Arab beauty”
  15. Elisa
    meaning: “the one honored by God”
  16. Aureliana
    meaning: “the golden one”
  17. Herlinda
    meaning: “gentle warrior”
  18. Avelina
    meaning: “little bird”
  19. Josefina
    meaning: “God adds”
  20. Carolina
    meaning: “the free”, “the beloved”, “the precious”

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Slavic girl names

Slavic languages ​​are widely spoken in the world. There are 20 Slavic languages ​​spoken by around 300 million people. They include Russian and Ukrainian (East Slavic), Polish and Slovak (West Slavic), as well as Bulgarian , Bosnian , Croatian , Slovenian and Serbian (South Slavic).

Although we come across Slavic maiden names every now and then, they are not too widespread in Germany. Especially typical Slavic names, which are quite normal in Russia and Serbia, are rarely found here. There are some really special and sonorous names among them, often with feminine sound combinations of <i> and <a> . We have selected some of the most beautiful girl names for you and added their meanings.

  1. Alinka
    meaning: “of noble nature”
  2. Analena
    meaning: “the risen one”
  3. Danija
    meaning: “morning star”
  4. Antonina
    meaning: “coming from the family of the Antonians”
  5. Anastasia
    meaning: “the risen one”, “the grace”
  6. Darjana
    meaning: “ holding on to the good”, “holder of the good”
  7. Edisa
    meaning: “star”
  8. Jasmina
    meaning: “flower”, “fragrant beauty”
  9. Josipha
    meaning: “God adds”
  10. Julijana
    meaning: “which is consecrated to Jupiter”
  11. Laive
    meaning: “love”
  12. Lerika
    meaning: “lily”
  13. Lija
    meaning: “fox”
  14. Matea
    meaning: “Gift of God”
  15. Meyra
    meaning: “Shining light”
  16. Milea
    meaning: “the love”, “the dear one”
  17. Nadjana
    meaning: “hope”
  18. Olessa
    meaning: “the men defending themselves ”
  19. Relana
    meaning: “the beautiful”
  20. Tijana
    meaning: “the calm one”, “the shy one”

Most Beautiful Boy Names In The World

Most Beautiful Boy Names In The World

240 beautiful boy names from all over the world (+ meaning)

We have 240 beautiful boy names from Germany and all over the world for you: first names from short to long – whether German, Nordic, Slavic, French, Spanish, Hawaiian or Japanese. We have chosen names that have a nice sound, easy pronunciation, and simple spelling. This way you will surely find the right name for your son quickly.

Finally find the right first name for your son. We have boy names that are very popular in Germany and rare names from all over the world. Taking sound, melody, pronunciation and spelling into account, we have made a selection of the most beautiful boy names for you.

Short boy names

Short boy names don’t need nicknames. But that’s not their only advantage. They are easy to pronounce, they are easy to remember and they are considered powerful, concise and assertive . It has been proven that men in management positions often have short first names. The brevity is associated with economy, efficiency and determination .

Our selected boy names have a maximum of three sounds . Accordingly, names with silent or double letters are used, but the pronunciation is limited to three sounds. Short names for boys are very popular, which is why you probably already know most of them. But maybe there are a few names among them that inspire you. If you can’t decide, short boy names work very well with double names too.

  1. Tim
  2. Jan
  3. Noa / Noah
  4. Leo
  5. Lio
  6. Ben
  7. Max
  8. Tom
  9. Neo
  10. Luc / Luk / Luke
  11. Ean
  12. By
  13. Finn
  14. Nick
  15. Sam
  16. Ole
  17. Lenn
  18. Million
  19. Eno / Enno
  20. Quay
  21. Teo / Theo
  22. Pio
  23. Til / Till
  24. Phil
  25. Eli
  26. Mik / Mick
  27. Ron
  28. Ari
  29. Bill
  30. Lui

Long boy names

Long boy names

The longest boy’s name registered in Germany was given in 1904. Between the first name “Adolph” and the last first name “Zeus” there are another 24 first names that none of his acquaintances could remember, let alone wanted to pronounce completely. After a mother wanted to give her son 12 first names in 2004, it was determined that the choice of first names must now be limited by law to five.

However, if you like long names, you don’t always have to resort to second, third or fourth names. There are many beautiful polysyllabic boy names that, unlike name additions, are also pronounced completely. Long first names go particularly well with short surnames. However, expect your son’s entourage to shorten his name to a nickname sooner or later so that it is easier to pronounce and sounds less serious.

The following boy names have at least three or more syllables . They can also be optically extended by using a slightly different spelling. For example, “Leonard” could become “Leonhardt” or “Fridolin” could become “Friedolien”.

  1. Sebastian
  2. Maximilian
  3. Jonathan
  4. Matthias
  5. Alexander
  6. Benedict
  7. Benjamin
  8. Nathaniel
  9. Leonard
  10. Christian
  11. Constantine
  12. Christopher
  13. John
  14. Immanuel
  15. Frederick
  16. Cornelius
  17. Dominik
  18. Valentine
  19. Fridolin
  20. Bartholomew

Old German boy names

Old German boy names

These boy names are coming back into fashion. Where previously individuality and creativity were in the foreground, emphasis is now placed on tradition and seriousness . The names of the grandparents or great-grandparents suddenly come back into question when choosing a name. The names of former emperors and kings also reappear. A well-known example is “Wilhelm”, who was one of the most popular German boy names in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since the 1920s its popularity has slowly declined and today it is again one of the popular baby names like “Friedrich”, “Georg” or “Paul”.

  1. Wilhelm
  2. Franz
  3. Leopold
  4. Friedrich
  5. Arthur
  6. Benedict
  7. Ferdinand
  8. Joseph / Joseph
  9. Albert
  10. Karl
  11. August
  12. Antony
  13. Nero
  14. Johann
  15. Oscar
  16. Richard
  17. Fridolin
  18. Konrad
  19. Kuno
  20. Otto
  21. Paul
  22. Maximilian
  23. Philip
  24. Fritz
  25. Heinrich
  26. Jacob / Jacob
  27. Julius
  28. Casimir
  29. Ludwig
  30. Theodore

The 10 most popular boy names in Germany

The most popular boy names in Germany

Knowing which first names are particularly popular with boys is more than just a source of inspiration. You can deliberately bypass the trends and give your son a special name that makes him stand out from the crowd. You will always find some timeless names like “Ben” or “Tim” in these hit lists and with them you are on the safe side. But you should be more careful with fads like “Kevin” once was.

In 2019 the parents tend to use the names “Fiete”, “Matteo”, “Lian”, “Anton” and “Oskar” for their sons. For 2018 there are already fixed data that have been collected by the Society for German Language :

  1. Paul
  2. Alexander
  3. Maximilian
  4. Elias
  5. Ben
  6. Louis / Luis
  7. Leon
  8. Noah
  9. Henry / Henri
  10. Felix

Boy names from around the world and their meanings

Boy names from around the world and their meanings

It is always an advantage if you not only deal with local names, but also ask around in other countries. Often there are special and sonorous names that you would otherwise not come up with on your own.

We have compiled Nordic, Japanese, Hawaiian, French, Spanish and Slavic boy names for you and added their meanings. The choice of names is based on uncomplicated spelling, easy pronunciation and a beautiful sound .

Most Beautiful Boy Names In The World

Nordic boy names

There were already some established Nordic names in Germany in the 1970s. They come mainly from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and have their origins in old North Germanic languages. Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian , Swedish, and Danish produced some of the names that are popular in Germany today.

Their high popularity could be due to the fact that the Nordic languages ​​are distantly related to German . Both come from ancient Germanic languages ​​that have diverged over time. The well-known sound of Nordic could be one reason why native German speakers perceive it as well-tried and traditional. However, since they differ from classic German names, they appear even more lively and special.

  1. Erik
    meaning: “the sole ruler”
  2. Alvar
    meaning: “elf”, “nature spirit”
  3. Finn
    meaning: “the Finn”
  4. Kjell
    meaning: “boiler”, “helmet”
  5. Jeldrik
    meaning: “noble ruler”
  6. Lian
    meaning: “moon”
  7. Bjarne
    meaning: “the brown one”, “the bear”
  8. Jonte
    meaning: “Yahweh is gracious”
  9. Lasse
    meaning: “the laurel wreath”
  10. Mats
    meaning: “Gift of God”
  11. Different
    meaning: “the male”, “the brave”
  12. Gunnar
    meaning: “fight”, “army”
  13. Tamo
    meaning: “famous thinker”
  14. Einar
    meaning: “the lone fighter”, “the lone fighter”
  15. Fiete
    meaning: “the kingdom of peace”
  16. Arvid
    meaning: “eagle”, “tree”
  17. Mika
    meaning: “Who is like God?”
  18. Gustav
    meaning: “Rod of God”
  19. Laurits
    meaning: “coming from Laurentium”, “the laurel wreath”
  20. Stian
    meaning: “the wanderer”
  21. Enno
    meaning: “who fights with the sword”
  22. Niklas
    meaning: “winner of the people”
  23. Halvar
    meaning: “the rock keeper”, “the stone keeper”
  24. Janne
    meaning: “Yahweh is gracious”
  25. Thorben
    meaning: “god of thunder” and “bear”
  26. Knut
    meaning: “the daredevil”
  27. Lennart
    meaning: “the strong lion”
  28. Mikkel
    meaning: “Who is like God?”
  29. Rune
    meaning: “hidden knowledge”, “secret wisdom”
  30. Stellan
    meaning: “the silence”, “the calm one”

Japanese boy names

Japanese boy names

In contrast to other languages, Japanese is not so often represented when choosing a name in German-speaking countries. Children usually only have Japanese names if they also have Japanese roots. There are many beautiful boy names from Japanese, which are also suitable for name combinations with other names. How about, for example, “Lukas Taro” or “Tim Akira”?

Japanese first names are usually short, making them perfect not only for double names, but also for long surnames. They often have a lot of vowels, a nice sound and an easy pronunciation that does not deviate from the typeface in the German character system. With the original Kanji characters in the Japanese language, however, the names can have different meanings, even if they are pronounced the same. We have put together the most beautiful boy names and their meanings for you.

  1. Akira
    meaning: “bright”, “radiant”, “clear”
  2. Taro
    meaning: “the firstborn”, “the first man”
  3. Yuma
    meaning: “honesty”, “luck”
  4. Akeno
    meaning: “morning”, “brightly shining field”
  5. Mamoru
    meaning: “protector”
  6. Haru
    meaning: “Spring” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  7. Hiro
    meaning: “exuberant / abundant”, “tolerant”, “rich” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  8. Kaneda
    meaning: “wealth”, “prosperity”
  9. Akamaru
    meaning: “red boy”, “red circle”
  10. Davido
    meaning: “the one loved by God”
  11. Kitai
    meaning: “expectation”, “hope”
  12. Ginzou
    meaning: “gray”, “silver”
  13. Ayato
    meaning: “artful person” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  14. Haku
    meaning: “white”, “white snow”, “innocence” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  15. Raku
    meaning: “joy”
  16. Kenzo
    meaning: “healthy”, “health”
  17. Haruto
    meaning: “spring”, “person”, “source”
  18. Hideki
    meaning: “excellent”, “radiant”, “joy”, “timber” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  19. Osamu
    meaning: “study”, “repair”, “cultivate”
  20. Kaito
    meaning: “the one who flies over the sea”, “the master thief” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  21. Ryo
    meaning: “cool”, “refreshing” or “dragon” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  22. Takato
    meaning: “open person”, “extraordinary person” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  23. Satoru
    meaning: “enlightenment”, “wisdom”
  24. Masao
    meaning: “righteous man”
  25. Hiroki
    meaning: “big tree”
  26. Minoru
    meaning: “fruit”, “seed”
  27. Naoto
    meaning: “sincere person”
  28. Shin
    meaning: “Truth”, “Reality”
  29. Toru
    meaning: “transparent”, “see through”, “the traveler”, “the wanderer”, “the sea” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)
  30. Senri
    meaning: “1000 units”, “1000 villages” (different meaning depending on the Kanji characters)

Hawaiian boy names

Hawaiian boy names

The Hawaiian language consists of only 13 phonemes (sounds). These include all five vowels that we also use in the German language and only seven consonants. The high ratio of vowels makes the language easily recognizable for others and sounds particularly melodic, flowing and calm .

The Hawaiian sound triggers a relaxed holiday association in many people . With this subconscious relaxation , they could also meet your son and develop sympathy for him. The following boy names almost all have a nature-loving or soulful meaning. Read it out in combination with the surname and vote on what fits best.

  1. Malio
    meaning: “the stubborn “
  2. Nahele
    meaning: “the forest”
  3. Makaio
    meaning: “Gift of God”, “Gift of the Lord”
  4. Koa
    meaning: “the brave”, “the bold”
  5. Kane
    meaning: “fight”, “battle”
  6. Akoni
    meaning: “worthy of admiration or praise”
  7. Ano
    meaning: “the flawless one”
  8. Keano
    meaning: “cool breeze”
  9. Nalu
    meaning: “wave”
  10. Kai
    meaning: “from the sea”
  11. Kalani
    meaning: “the sky”
  12. Kaleo
    meaning: “the sound”
  13. Lio
    meaning: “lion”
  14. Nakoa
    meaning: “the brave”, “fighter / warrior”
  15. Lono
    meaning: Hawaiian god
  16. Makani
    meaning: “wind”
  17. Nael
    meaning: “son of the lion”
  18. Kenoah
    meaning: “white dove”
  19. Hoku
    meaning: “star”
  20. Liko
    meaning: “friend (of nature)”, “lion”

French boy names

French boy names

The French sounds are not unknown in German-speaking countries. That is why French names are usually pronounced correctly. So there is no risk that your son will have trouble pronouncing his name correctly later, especially if his name has an accent. In addition, French first names sound very beautiful and melodious. They exude charm and are very special.

Below you will find both modern French names and Old French names that were common until the 15th century. Some of the modern names are partly borrowed from other languages ​​such as Hebrew. In Germany, French used to be the language of the learned upper class and still arouses ‘noble’ and ‘noble’ associations today .

  1. Sebastien
    Meaning: “sublime”, “venerable”, “respectable”
  2. Cassiel
    meaning: “God is my protection”
  3. Danyel
    meaning: “God is my judge”
  4. Pépin
    meaning: literally translated “fruit”
  5. Cédric
    meaning: “the lovable one”
  6. Étienne
    meaning: “the crowned one”
  7. Ciel
    meaning: “heaven”
  8. Nouel
    meaning: “the one born on Christmas”
  9. Clément
    meaning: “the gracious”, “the mild”
  10. Alain
    meaning: “rock”
  11. Rousel
    meaning: “redhead”
  12. Charles
    meaning: “free man”
  13. Dion
    meaning: “the one consecrated to Dionysus”
  14. Edouard
    meaning: “keeper of his possessions”
  15. Armand
    meaning: “warrior”, “the man in the army”
  16. Corentin
    meaning: “the friend”, “storm / hurricane”
  17. Albert
    Meaning: “the noble”, “the radiant”
  18. Brice
    meaning: “spotted”, “stippled”
  19. Caillou
    meaning: “stone”, “pebble”, “bald man”
  20. Amadé
    meaning: “the beloved of God”

Spanish boy names

Spanish boy names

It is a Romance language and thus falls into the family of French, Italian , Portuguese and Romanian . Its sounds are not unknown in Germany and it is often taught in schools. Accents are also occasionally used in this language, but not as often as in French.

A clear advantage of Spanish first names is that most of them can be pronounced in German. However, if the name has an accent, the emphasis must be placed on the highlighted sound. We have compiled the most beautiful Spanish boy names for you and added their meanings. They are relatively rare in Germany, exude energy and temperament and also have a nice sound.

Spanish is also spoken in Central and South America. That’s why you can find below in addition to traditional Spanish name also Argentine, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Colombian name .

  1. Aarón
    meaning: “the enlightened one”
  2. Fabio
    meaning: “the strong one”, “the noble one”, “the bean planter”
  3. Manuel
    meaning: “God be with us”
  4. Acacio
    meaning: “acacia”
  5. Delio
    meaning: “the one born on the island of Delos”
  6. Adán
    meaning: “man”
  7. Gabriel
    meaning: “Man of God”, “Fighter of God”
  8. Emilio
    Meaning: “the imitator”, “the zealous”
  9. Basìlio
    meaning: “royal”
  10. Alberto
    meaning: “the noble one”, “the radiant one”
  11. Martin
    meaning: “son of Mars”
  12. Carlos
    meaning: “free man”
  13. Amaro
    meaning: “the beloved”, “the lover”
  14. Bastiano
    meaning: “sublime”, “venerable”, “respectable”
  15. Caméon
    meaning: “the way”, “the gem”
  16. Damian
    meaning: “tame”, “defeat”
  17. Cristian
    meaning: “follower of Christ”, “Christ”
  18. Benito
    meaning: “the blessed”, “the praised”
  19. Christóbal
    meaning: “Christ carrying”
  20. Aureliano
    meaning: “the golden one”
  21. Elano
    meaning: “the sun-like”
  22. Carlito
    meaning: “Männchen”, “Karlchen” (nickname of Karl)
  23. Danel
    meaning: “God is my judge”
  24. Avelino
    meaning: “breath”, “breath”, “steam”
  25. Julián
    Meaning: “the youth”, “coming from the Julier family”, “devoted to Jupiter”
  26. Antonio
    meaning: “the inestimable one”, “coming from the family of the Antonians”
  27. Baltasar
    meaning: “God save this life”
  28. Castigo
    meaning: “punishment”
  29. Francisco
    meaning: “the little French”
  30. Luis
    meaning: “the famous warrior”

Slavic boy names

Slavic boy names

There are around 20 Slavic languages ​​from the world spoken by 300 million people. The most famous languages ​​are Russian , Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian . Slavic names are rather rare in Germany, although there are some particularly beautiful finds among them.

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Some names may sound familiar to you from German, but are characterized by a special spelling that makes your son’s name something special. You may not have heard some names before. They can inspire you to come up with new ideas. Write down the names that are most beautiful for you and suggest them to your partner or family in order to be able to make an even closer selection.

  1. Milan
    meaning: “of love”, “the nice one”
  2. Fero
    meaning: “the peaceful”, “the ruler”, “the mighty”
  3. Milo
    meaning: “the lovely”, “the glorious”
  4. Aldin
    meaning: “the faith”
  5. Danijel
    meaning: “God be my judge”
  6. Jano
    meaning: “God is gracious”
  7. Lijan
    meaning: “ coming from the Julier family”
  8. Alen
    meaning: “the handsome”, “the big one”, “the rock”
  9. Matej
    meaning: “Gift of God”
  10. Marko
    meaning: “consecrated to Mars”
  11. Anjo
    meaning: “angel” or “eagle”
  12. Stjepan
    meaning: “the crowned one”, “the crowned one”
  13. Janez
    meaning: “God is good”
  14. Branimir
    meaning: “Defender of Peace”
  15. Miro
    meaning: “the significant”, “the peaceful”, “the famous”
  16. Romej
    meaning: “Romans”, “Rome pilgrims”
  17. Admir
    meaning: “the admirable”
  18. Ilja
    meaning: “my God is Yahweh”
  19. Jaromil
    meaning: “bold”, “strong”, “loved”
  20. Jenrik
    meaning: “ruler of the home”