Deep Twitter Quotes

Deep Twitter Quotes

If you have come this far looking for the best deep Twitter quotes or statuses for Twitter, I have to tell you that you are in the best place and that we are not going to disappoint you. Here we have the most beautiful and original Twitter quotes that you can find all over the Internet, so that you can share them with your followers and receive many RTs and FAVs.

You just have to keep reading this article and choose well which quote you want to publish each day on your Twitter profile to receive a greater number of interactions and to be able to express in 140 characters everything you feel that day.

140 Characters Quotes

We start with this list of 12 quotes for Twitter, which you will have to publish for a whole week and you will make sure that all your followers read them and can interact with them, copy and paste them in a Tweet and express what you feel.

  • Wise is he who leaves smiles, where a fool would leave tears.
  • To choose, I will stay with the sane one that supports my madness.
  • If you give me the reason I need, I could risk my own life.
  • Love is the victory of the heart over intelligence.
  • The colder my bed is, the more I remember how warm I slept next to you.
  • Value and take care of what you have, or try not to cry when you lose it.
  • Today music speaks for me, because I would not know how to explain my feelings.
  • As a child I hated being alone at home, now I can’t understand how it could be.
  • Until you meet me, don’t judge me, and until we talk, don’t talk about me.
  • I miss those little details that made me smile so big.

Here you have a slightly more extensive list available than the previous one with new phrases for original Twitter statuses so that you do not think about it anymore and your Twitter Timeline will be filled with interactions of all your Followers.

  • You can keep fighting, or give up and die.
  • Live to your liking, not to anyone’s liking.
  • Willing / a forever ?, Until when it is unbearable?
  • I woke up wanting to go back to sleep for another 12 hours.
  • Your mouth tempts me with that smile to kiss her.
  • Dying for love or living for love, living loving, human reason.
  • You can declare your love for me, deny it, or silence the truth.
  • My state? I better tell you by MD.
  • May we never lose the habit of arguing, getting angry and solving it with much love.
  • The physical attracts, but the way of being is what binds me to you.
  • Offer me your destiny, it will be the most careful thing in my life.
  • The way you left, you can go back, but I won’t be waiting for you.
  • Looking for your gaze on people’s faces, my greatest hobby.
  • My twitter wouldn’t be the same if yours didn’t follow it.
  • Everyone will hurt you in one way or another, now you have to choose who to suffer for.
  • You are the image of happiness, you are my greatest symptom of being loved.
  • Time is the one who punishes that we had something that we did not value and we lost it for it.
  • You can hate me, or accept that I’m the funniest person you’ve ever met.

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Short Deep Twitter Quotes

The phrases that Twitter lets us publish already seem a bit short with those 140 characters, but it is the essence of this social network. If you want to publish Twitter phrases and have enough letters to put in emoticons or some Hastag, these are the phrases you are looking for, apart from being short, they are very specific and with very few words you can express a lot.

  • You won’t always win, but you will always learn.
  • I will speak with beauty, I will tell her that you do not know her.
  • Right now I would shut your mouth with mine.
  • I do not promise you the best of life, if the best of me.
  • Give me a reason, and it will be the excuse to die for you.
  • Insanity avoided, good memory lost.
  • Smile, and then try to keep him from not loving you forever.
  • If a madness arises, do not let your sanity deprive you of it.
  • My sarcasm and I wish you a happy day.
  • That when the physical is over, we will have love.
  • Lose a battle, but don’t forget to win the war.
  • I love you and I love you, they were the most beautiful coincidence.
  • Call me selfish, but just call me.
  • I fall in love fast, but forget too slow.
  • You are my favorite follower, and you know it.
  • Reading this could let you know that you have a lot of free time.
  • Waiting for something that I am sure will not come.
  • I prefer to overcome failures, to celebrate victories.
  • Do with me what you want right now, or I will do it with you.
  • Whoever loves you could wait for you, whoever despairs could love you.
  • Updating Windows, see you in another life.
Deep Twitter Quotes

Quotes that make sense: Deep Twitter Quotes

Quotes that make sense Short quotes with meaning on Twitter are great for pages where the user posts stories about his life:

  • The measure in life is not in duration, but in how it was used;
  • One of the greatest arts of life is winning more and betting less;
  • After all, the main thing in life is life itself; If you want luck to smile at you, give her your good mood;
  • Long is only the life that was lived with benefit;
  • The real and only spectators of life are children;
  • We live with an invisible sun within, made of pure flame – life; Whatever meaning you give to each day – so you will live it;
  • Happiness takes too much of my time;
  • We find in life only what we ourselves have put into it;
  • Human life is a fabric of good and bad threads;
  • Live as if you will disappear tomorrow; learn as if you live forever.

Quotes about life can be made a daily publication: in the Feed or Stories. Such posts often get a lot of likes and comments.

Under the photo and video

Signing a photo and beautifully formatting the text is all you need to bring an entry to the TOP recommended:

  • We cannot stand people with the same shortcomings as ours;
  • Decisions made on a dark night usually become invalid in daylight;
  • You can forgive a person everything except his absence;
  • A decent person does nasty things without pleasure;
  • The eyes are blind, so you need to search with your heart;
  • True love will not tolerate outsiders;
  • Sometimes the best way to help someone is to just be there;
  • The higher the seagull flies, the further it sees;
  • If people cannot get closer, they disperse further;
  • He who is not with God is with devils;
  • The most absurd things are done out of noble motives;
  • Beauty is a precious stone, and the simpler it is, the more valuable;
  • Those who are happy have no time to write diaries. They are busy with life.

Quotes about life are ways to evoke different emotions in readers, therefore they are popular among owners of open profiles.

To profile header

To profile header Beautiful quotes for Twitter are used for the profile header, that is, descriptions, in the “Edit page” section:

  • Everything’s possible. It just doesn’t take longer;
  • The expression a person wears on his face is more important than the clothes he wears on his body;
  • Throwing words to the wind, you need to take into account its direction;
  • Today you are where your thoughts led you yesterday;
  • People are more likely to give up than fail; It is better to be everything to a few than a little to everyone;
  • Remember: sugar is at the bottom;
  • Some enjoy the rain while others get wet;
  • The clever one knows a lot, and the rich one acts a lot;
  • Do what you want. You will still be condemned until the end of days;
  • To reach the goal, you need to go;
  • Silence is the best way to answer meaningless questions;
  • If the mistake can be corrected, then you are not mistaken yet;
  • The best way to wake up famous is to sleep famous;
  • Doubt anything, but not yourself.

Pathetic quotes for Twitter describe the life of the page owner and are used not only for the “About me” section.

Popular and pretentious quotes for girls

Quotes under the photo for girls are more often about beauty and love:

  • Everyone should be a work of art – or wear them for themselves;
  • Only the right fashion designers can create the right clothes;
  • If you speak behind my back, then I am in front; Fashion leaves, but style remains;
  • A woman is both an apple and a snake; Woman is an invitation to happiness;
  • A person carries love for himself through his whole life;
  • The greatest happiness: to love and be loved;
  • Freedom begins with irony;
  • Trying for the happiness of others, we find our own;
  • If you want to be happy – be her; Happiness is not comparative;
  • To create beauty, you need to be a pure soul;
  • Beauty without kindness dies unclaimed;
  • Happiness and Beauty go side by side;

Beauty is the promise of happiness. Twitter photo captions for girls are suitable for designing selfies and describing aesthetic photos.

Cool and funny quotes for guys

  • Cool quotes will brighten any publication:
  • In the morning the alarm rang, but I did not answer;
  • My conscience is clear because I don’t use it;
  • It seems that everything is there, but I am missing something;
  • Become ordinary – stand out from the crowd of individuals;
  • I am not a gift, but a surprise;
  • Everyone has a chance to make a mistake, but I have no limit;
  • You need to live so that everyone who communicates with you regrets that you are not around;
  • I went into myself and lost my way;
  • Smile to everyone in spite to be lucky today;
  • Excuse me, girls, but my heart is busy – it drives blood through the body;
  • My day starts with a desire to sleep and ends the same;
  • You will be ashamed with me, but not bored;

When money runs out, you have to believe that happiness is not in it. And other funny quotes for the profile header and photos in the Feed.

Life quotes

  • Beautiful captions under the photo often contain a philosophical meaning:
  • Being the first doesn’t have to be the best;
  • From life one must take, not glean; In this life, everyone will receive what he deserves;
  • I do bad things, but I do them well; Don’t ask questions, because you can get answers to them;
  • Don’t show your pain and you will become stronger in front of others;
  • Erasing boundaries – do not erase yourself;
  • Death is not a tragedy. Real drama is pointless to live life;
  • Live as you can, since you cannot live as you want;
  • Life is short, but glory can be eternal;
  • To be like everyone else means not to be at all; It is not enough to find your place in life, you have to find it first;
  • Why burn bridges when they can simply be pulled apart;
  • People are lonely because instead of bridges they build walls.

Life quotes about yourself, love and people – look especially good under beautifully processed photos.

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