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Messages of consolation for a friend are what you are looking for? Sadness is a state of mind, just as joy is, through which we can go on several occasions, even on the same day. That is why we must learn to cope with it and even take advantage of it. Comfort message to a friend strong the friendship bond.

It is completely normal to feel sad. However, we cannot allow that sadness to become permanent and less than prevent us from achieving happiness and living a full life. Feeling sad does not mean that we are condemned to always be.

Do you know someone who is living a very sad moment in their life? It will be a very healthy exercise to provide your support and comfort, so choose one of the following phrases and send it to him through social networks.

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– “Do not feel bad. If this time you have failed, do not be afraid to start again because those of us who love you will give you our support.”

– “With your willpower, you can stand up and decide to forget once & for all the sadness that you carry in your soul.”

– “Being happy does not mean that you should live blinded, but that although the reality is not as you would like, that will not affect you.”

– “The past cannot continue to control your life. It is time to welcome all the good that destiny has for you.”

– “Stop sadness and fear; dare to have a happy life even if the circumstances are not always the most favorable. “

Phrases to support my sad friend

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– “Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, learn from them and set the goal of achieving success and happiness.”

– “If you always surround yourself with people who do not value you, you will feel bad. Look for those who love you, and they will help you show how beautiful life is.”

– “Here I am always; if you need me, look for me. If you want to talk to someone, call me. So, if you want to vent, count on me. “

– “Do not waste your time regretting something that could not be, close that cycle and dare to be happy.”

– “For a long time, sadness has consumed your life. It is time for you to get rid of the bad and fill that space with good things.”

Comfort Message To A Friend

Positive phrases for a sad friend

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– “Your life will not change by itself, you have to do your part, and you will get rid of those negative feelings that you carry.”

– “Stay away from pain, take the path to happiness, and once you take the first step, don’t you dare look back.”

– “Listen to happy music that lifts your spirits and think about all the wonderful things that life offers you.”

– “Look for all the reasons you have to be happy; I promise you that you will discover many and that way your mood will change. “

Sadness and joy will always be part of our daily lives, and if we learn to get the best out of each of them, we will become better people. Visit our different sections!

Nice phrases of encouragement

for a sad friend

Many of us think that it would be ideal for happiness and joy to be part of our daily lives at all times, but sadness is necessary because it allows us to learn to value our loved ones and appreciate everything we have.

The sadness that sometimes invades us should not be a cause for concern or alarm. It should be an invitation to reflect, to improve, and to learn. For this reason, we have created this article summarizing some original phrases with which you can comfort those who find themselves sad.

The following phrases are completely free for your use; We hope that by sharing them on social networks, you can bring some comfort and support to all those of your contacts who need it.

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– “The sun has risen again, get out of your room and look at it, the storm has passed, so you have no reason to continue sadly.”

– “Go for a walk and feel the wind on your face, clear your mind and forget about everything that makes you feel bad.”

– “This sadness that you feel will be fleeting, look to the future with optimism, and you will discover that life has great things in store for you.”

– “Tell me, how long are you going to be like this? Say goodbye to sadness and think about each of the reasons you have to feel happy. “

– “Do not feel sad for the people who are no longer in your life; its fleeting passage had a purpose, and you must discover it. “

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Words Of Comfort For A Broken Heart

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– “There are answers that may never come, but that should not distress you; live happily and enjoy every second in this universe. “

– “Maybe I can’t change your life, but through my words, I want to give you a little bit of joy and tell you that you can count on me for whatever it takes.”

– “The people who hurt you and hurt your feelings do not deserve your tears, dry them and smile because you are a beautiful person.”

– “Time has passed, and you cannot cling to the past; enjoy the present and feel the joy of being alive and surrounded by people who love you. “

– “Free yourself of the burdens that you carry on your soul so that you do not continue to hurt yourself and thus your heart heals.”

Comfort messages for a friend

on Messenger

– “The bad times that you have lived have something positive, and that is that you were able to realize who the people are, the ones who are unconditionally by your side.”

– “After the great disappointment you have experienced, now you can see everything more clearly, and the next time you will do things better. Stand up and make life come alive! “

Make no mistake about it that life is holding many happy moments for you and that things will get better for you very soon.

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