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With these more than 100 beautiful short messages, you will learn to appreciate the good things in life, as well as pay more attention to the small details that bring you happiness. It is a selection of beautiful messages that contain profound messages and we hope that the essence they hide will reach you to apply the idea directly to your life and, thus, be a little happier. You can also dedicate them to a special friend, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or daughter. With these beautiful thoughts, you can:

  • Realize that the little details are what really matter.
  • The simplest moments are actually the most beautiful.
  • Real friends never run away.
  • It is worth trying what comes to mind, because in the end we regret more of what we have not done than of our mistakes.
  • And much more…

Beautiful and pretty messages

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Hugs are the human expression of the soul.

Laughter is the most effective pain medicine without side effects.

My life is much more beautiful since you are in it.

This messages perfectly captures the love that can be felt by another person, whether in a couple relationship or by family or special friends. In addition, it is perfect for seeking positivity and encouraging someone who needs it and making them see that it is important.

The most beautiful things in life happen when you don’t expect them.

It is much more beautiful to love your loved ones than to hate your enemies.

To be happy it is necessary to laugh, support those who need it, cope with betrayals, pay attention to your loved ones, reach a higher spiritual level, love people for what they are, appreciate that emotional wealth is much better than money, give affection to the children, and do not regret anything on the bed of your death.

Your dream will never fade if you don’t let it go.

The perfect moment does not exist. Well, yes, it’s here and now, so don’t wait any longer to do what you want so much.

    Love is beautiful, especially if it is reciprocated.

The best mirror is an old friend.

The most beautiful thing of all is that there is nothing unrealizable: with work and effort, you can make any dream come true.

Sometimes people don’t need words to say what they feel. With a glance we can say it all.

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Take advantage of every little moment of your life, friend, because over the years those moments become very large.

If you fall in love and are reciprocated, you will be happy. If you fall in love and are unrequited, you will be a philosopher.

This is one of the pretty and cute messages we can use to remember that everything has a positive side, even unrequited love, and it’s worth the effort to see. If you like messages of love, here you can learn many more. Happy people also have problems, the difference is that they know how to deal with them.

Don’t give up, because people often throw in the towel when they are very close to success.

Your most difficult experience is your best teacher.

Your freedom ends where that of others begins.

There is no better remedy for sadness than love and a smile.

How much joy when someone does something for you without asking them.

Become that person you would like so much to be.

Inner peace and freedom go hand in hand, since to feel comfortable with yourself you need to be free.

Live each day as if it were the last, enjoy as much as you can without harming anyone.

Short pretty messages

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

The most important things that will go through your life are not material, but love, friends, family, kisses, hugs …

There is still something worse than a broken heart … never having fallen in love.

The lie is like a hare, just as the truth is like a turtle. Lies run much faster without deserving it.

In a healthy and lasting relationship there is no predominant, but two lovers who coexist.

Dying with a smile is a sign that you have lived happily.

We all keep a secret that we are ashamed to reveal, something that we regret but we need to remedy and a love that we will never forget.

To earn a person’s trust, you must first demonstrate that you trust them, too.

True friends are there when the rest leaves you lying around. A real one stays by your side while others have left.

Every time I think of happiness, you come back to my mind.

Love is wisdom in the mad and madness in the wise.

Best friends motivate you even when you yourself have stopped believing in your possibilities.

Beautiful messages

Reaching old age with health and happiness, that’s all I ask of you, Lord.

You enter the prime of life when you stop dreaming to start fulfilling your dreams.

The heart is the only part of the body that acts with hope, so listen to its messages.

The brain is wary of defeat, but the heart rejoices in life’s most intense experiences.

I dream you when I sleep, I write to you at dawn, I smile at you when I look at you … You have become the love of my life.

Silence is the way to suffer without anyone knowing, but the smile is the way to deal with life’s problems.

The real beauty is not physical, but spiritual, it is found in the deepest part of a kind heart.

Think, have ideas, dream and fight to make it all a beautiful reality.

Money is not an end, but an expendable means.

Sometimes loneliness is much better to reflect on than company.

When you decide to follow your path, you do not make mistakes, you learn lessons.

Stop to think if everything you are looking for is worth more than what you are missing.

Focus on enjoying and living every moment, because the most beautiful moments are those that are not planned.

A difficulty is nothing more than the meeting point of people similar to those who await a fantastic adventure.

Enjoy life because nobody knows if you will have a second chance.

When your best excuse is “I was unlucky,” it means you didn’t work hard enough to get it.

Time passes quickly if you are positive and happy, but slow if you are negative and constantly complain about everything.

He prefers to die trying to fear dying for not trying.

Suffering makes the hours eternal, while pleasure makes them fly.

I do not want you behind or in front, but by my side.

Don’t ask me what I saw in you. The only thing I can answer you is that I have not found it in anyone else.

Strive to someday be able to say, “It was complicated, but I did it.”

Stop thinking about everything you want to buy and appreciate everything you have.

If you have 10 reasons to be sad, remember those 3,000 reasons to smile.

Coins and bills, tools to make life easier, but in no case your bosses.

Thank you God for letting me enjoy one more day with my partner and my friends.

Friendship is a source of joy and health, because it improves mood and helps you overcome grief.

If you really are in love, every morning you wake up thinking of a new reason why you would fall in love with that person.

It doesn’t matter what your eyes see, but what your heart feels.

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