Cute Short Quotes About Life

If life gives you lemons … make lemonade. Do not miss this great list with cute short quotes about life that I have prepared with care and dedication. They are reflections and quotes from people who came to change the world such as Socrates, Einstein, John Lennon, Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln.

Use these cute short quotes about life to motivate you, as a source of inspiration and personal development. Also to think about values ​​such as love, the will to live, friendship, effort, honesty, sadness or happiness. You may already know some of these thoughts, since they come from celebrities that at some point in your life you will have heard.

What’s the first thing you think of when you get home and sit on the couch? Dreams and aspirations? Disconnect with friends? Do you want to be with your partner? Reflections on your life and your goals? Feeling guilty about how you have behaved? And the best … have you noticed that these thoughts reflect your personality?

Just like here I leave you  the best cute short quotes about life, I would love for you to contribute the ones you like the most at the bottom. In this way we will inspire many people to reflect on how beautiful life can be (despite the fact that sometimes it seems hard). In addition, we encourage you to share them in your states of Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Whatsapp or other social networks.

Quotes from life to reflect

Table of Contents

  • Take as much time as you want to think, but when you get going, stop thinking and focus on your goals.
  • Luck is masked effort. The harder you try, the luckier you will be.
  • Making mistakes in life is not only humble, but it is a thousand times better than standing idly by.
  • There are people who gave up just as they were within a millimeter of glory.
  • Success is not achieved by car, but by walking, step by step.

Cute short quotes about life that shows that life is very hard when it comes to achieving success and fulfilling your dreams. Not everything is a path of roses, but it is certainly worth it.

  • There is no better gift than taking advantage of every moment of your life.
  • I have not failed, I have simply come across ten thousand wrong solutions.
  • People are intelligent by nature, but to achieve wisdom we must learn to reflect.
  • When you talk about your worst enemy, you say more about yourself than your worst enemy.
  • To be happy you don’t have to run away from obstacles; you must stand up to them.
  • The fault is not in being wrong, but in not admitting it.
  • The limit of your actions is marked by what you think.
  • Having an ideology is easy, but acting true to that ideology is very complicated.
  • Ingenuity is not measured by what you answer, but by the doubts it raises.
  • In life you have to savor the cultivation of seeds more than the harvesting of its fruits.
  • Achieving success is easy: you simply need to learn the rules and play better than others.
cute short quotes about life
  • To not give up, forget about the last episode of your life and welcome the next one.
  • A revolution arises after the reflections of a single individual.
  • We are slaves to our ideas. We need to have the ability to change our ideas.

Real life is not as simple as we think . We must have an open mind to adapt to unexpected situations.

  • If you want to smile, focus on the little moments and forget about the unattainable goals.
  • Before someone loves you, you must be able to love someone else.
  • If your plans don’t work, change them. If you can’t either, change your attitude.
  • Worry about your physical health, but do it also about your spiritual health.
  • If you dream about it, you can make it a reality.
  • Loving is more beautiful if you understand that you must first love yourself.
  • Life is a process of transformation, but growing personally is optional. Reflect on your actions.
  • If you really crave something, the stars will support you to make it come true.
  • Whoever has influence in the media will be able to control thousands of people.

Today, this cute short quotes about life can also be extended to WhatsApp, Facebook or other media, and is that the power of control that a few have over others is sad and even dangerous.

  • Making mistakes is a quality of the human being, just as it is to blame others.
  • To be happy you don’t have to dream, you have to live.
  • I only know that I know nothing.
  • People deserve to have the power to choose their destiny.
  • If you have many friends but feel lonely, you are not well surrounded.
  • Think wrong and be right.
  • A person is the fruit of his thoughts.
  • Stop thinking and work to achieve what you want.
  • The best teacher is the worst of your failures.
  • Regardless of whether you think you can do it or not, you will be right.
  • Those people who think they know everything are the most foolish that the universe has engendered.
  • 1% think. 5% say we think. The others would not think for a million euros.
  • To follow a dogma is to be influenced by the thoughts of others.
  • Learn from the failures of others, since you will not live long enough to make mistakes yourself.
  • Don’t die with pride, live with pride.
  • Your life will be a drama if you let yourself be carried away by the heart, and a comedy if you are guided by reason.
  • Life is like cycling. You must pedal forward to maintain balance.
  • To stand out you have to skip the rules.
  • I’m not rich because I have a lot of money, but because I don’t need it.
  • There is no reason not to chase your dreams, because in the end, we are all going to die.
  • If you are not presented with an opportunity in life, create it yourself.
  • The soul is subject to our purest thoughts.
  • Contemplating alternative responses is a great sign of maturity and intelligence.
  • The world has evolved according to our actions. To change it, we must first change our actions.
  • What distinguishes a victory from a defeat is energy and heart.
  • To succeed in something, you must first gain confidence and security.
  • People learn with their teachers, but also with their students.
  • Selfish acts disappear after death. Generous acts create your legacy.
  • I am rich, but my wealth is spiritual, since money is not essential for my happiness.
  • Thinking for yourself is a virtue that everyone should enjoy.
  • If you try to cover too many things at once and don’t focus, you won’t get results at all.
  • Time is much more important than money, so make the most of every minute of your life as if it were the last.
  • If you have no goals, someone else will pay you to meet theirs.
  • Human thought was born when we started walking.
  • You will live with peace of mind when you assimilate that daily life is full of uneasiness that you must accept.
  • People make a thousand excuses about why they can’t fulfill their dreams, when they only need a reason to pursue them.
  • We are all going to die, so enjoy yourself because you may not be here tomorrow.
  • If you make your hobby your profession, you will never, ever work again.
  • Don’t try to find yourself along the way; you must create yourself.
  • Savor your successes, but remember to take note of your failures.

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Beautiful Quotes of life to think about

  • If we believe that we are all different, our thoughts are actually identical.
  • Stop complaining and solve your problems.
  • In a happy life, health and love are far above money.
  • Do not believe in luck, believe in your effort.
  • Don’t say anything without thinking. But don’t try to think without reading.
  • Daily personal evolution does not lie in exploring unexplored paths, but in a different approach to the already known paths.
  • The brain serves to think, the heart serves to act.
  • Life is easier than it seems, but people are trying to complicate it.
  • When you reveal your confidences to someone, you become their slave until the end of their days.
  • We call deduction the point where we get tired of thinking.
  • If you are able to think, you will learn from both victories and defeats.
  • I don’t know what the secret of success is, but I know the secret of defeat: trying to please everyone.
  • No matter how many adversities you encounter, there will always be a path to success.
  • The poor are slaves to their desire to achieve what they do not have, while the rich are slaves to their fear of losing what they have achieved.
  • It is not fair to reject all men because one hurt you, as well as resign yourself to carry out your plans because one of them failed.
  • The only thing you should not lose in this life is hope.
  • If you say that it seems very difficult, it is actually that you lack the willpower to achieve it.
  • Stop thinking about the plans you had in mind and start enjoying the present.
  • If you have many friends, it is because you do not have friends.
  • Reflecting is not easy, that’s why so few people do it.
  • To achieve anything you set your mind to, don’t forget to keep your patience.
  • The more it costs you to overcome an obstacle, the more intense your satisfaction will be.
  • Intelligence is not about reflecting, but how to reflect.
  • If you enjoy every moment, you will always have moments to enjoy.
  • The good thing about life is that you never know what the future holds for you. If it were predictable, it would be very boring.
  • If I had followed the rules of others, today I would not be where I am now.
  • The will power is the most robust that the human being will ever know.

The best reflections on life in English

  • Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. Translated into Spanish, it means “No one can change my life, only I can do it myself.”
  • We must let go the life we ​​have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. We must let go of the life we ​​have planned, to accept the one that awaits us.
  • Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar. Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.
  • Be strong now because thing will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever. Be strong now because things will improve. There may be a storm now, but sooner or later it will stop raining.

Now that you have seen all these cute short quotes about life.