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Epicurus of Samos was a Greek philosopher who lived between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. Within his thought, one of the central ideas is that of pleasure based on prudence as a way of enjoying life, a vision that is still widely studied today in day. So particular was his way of understanding existence that he broke with Plato’s school and founded his own, where he allowed the entry of women and slaves, something unthinkable to date.

To pay tribute to the philosophy of Epicurus, from free-ebookpdf.com we propose a selection of 60 Epicurus quotes about life, happiness and philosophy, among others. Enjoy them!

Epicurus quotes about life

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Throughout his more than 300 works, Epicurus left us great teachings to apply throughout our existence; both quotes full of reflections and advice worth considering. The important thing is that you can put them into practice, so from free-ebookpdf.com we present these Epicurus quotes about life. If the bad they say about you is true, correct yourself. If it’s a lie, laugh.

Death is a chimera, because when I am, it is not; And when she is there, I am not.

Just as the sage does not choose the most abundant foods, but the tastiest, neither does he aspire to the longest life, but the most intense.

    Nobody, seeing evil, chooses it, but is deceived by it as if it were a good compared to a worse evil.

We are not as much in need of help from friends as we are certain of help.

One of the most remembered and wise quotes of Epicurus, because it reminds us that what we really need from friendship is to know that it is there and that it is true. What really inspires confidence is not so much what they do to help us, but the certainty of being able to count on them.

The future is not ours, but neither can it be said that it does not belong to us at all.

The one who needs tomorrow the least is the one who advances with more pleasure towards him.

To achieve soul health one is never too old or too young.

Man is not a child of circumstances, but circumstances are man’s creatures.

Wealth does not consist in having many possessions, but in having few deficiencies.

It is possible to provide security against other evils, but as for death, we men live in a city without walls.

The fool, among other evils, has this: he always tries to start his life.

If you are looking for Epicurus quotes of happiness and wisdom, this can not miss in your repertoire. And it is that for this thinker happiness was learning from experience and managing to improve our lives without fear of moving forward. For this reason, in this quote, Epicurus classifies as fools those who always want to start from scratch and forget the past, thus making the same mistakes.

If you say it from your heart, why don’t you give up on life? It is your right, if you have considered it well. On the contrary, if it is a joke, he is frivolous in matters that do not require it.

It is better for you to be free from fear lying on a palette, than to have a golden sofa and a rich and troubled table.

All friendship is desirable by itself, but it has its origin in the benefits.

Pleasure is good first. It is the beginning of all preference and all aversion. It is the absence of pain in the body and restlessness in the soul.

Everyone leaves life as if they had just been born.

The fool’s life is devoid of gratitude and full of fear.

Whoever forgets one day how well he has had, has grown old that same day.

Live hidden.

Therefore, the right conviction that death is nothing to us makes us agreeable to the mortality of life; not because it adds indefinite time, but because it deprives us of an excessive desire for immortality.

Epicurus quotes of happiness

Epicurus was the father of classical hedonism, a current that was primarily concerned with finding happiness through pleasure and the absence of pain. We leave you this selection of Epicurus quotes of happiness, because few voices as authoritative as his can speak on this subject. Philosophy is an activity that, with speeches and reasoning, seeks a happy life.

He who does not consider what he has as the greatest wealth is unfortunate, even if he owns the world.

Pleasure is the beginning and the end of a happy life.

We must meditate on the things that bring us happiness because, if we enjoy it, we have it all and, if we lack it, we do everything possible to obtain it.

He who is not satisfied with little will not be satisfied with anything

Of all the things that wisdom provides to make us completely happy, the greatest is the possession of friendship.

The wealth required by nature is limited and easy to acquire, but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity.

The sentences of Epicurus happiness and wisdom leave us gems like this. One of the pillars of epicureanism is to enjoy pleasures from prudence. We need very little to be truly happy, but we let ourselves be carried away by a series of pleasures that are not natural and that, by not being able to achieve them, generate pain for us.

Limit of the greatness of pleasures is the elimination of all pain. Where there is pleasure, for the time it lasts, there is neither pain nor pain nor a mixture of both.

Let’s eat and drink, that tomorrow we will die.

Prudence is the highest of all goods.

Do not spoil what you have by wishing for what you do not have; remember that what you have now was once things you only wanted.

Whoever is not happy with small things, will not be happy.

It is better to be miserable and rational than happy and unreasonable.

The man who is not virtuous cannot be happy.

The young man must not be happy, but the old man who has lived a beautiful life.

It is not possible to live happy without leading a beautiful, just and virtuous life; nor to lead a beautiful, just and virtuous life without being happy.

Look for the pleasure that does not come followed by any pain.

Whoever claims that the time has not yet come or that his age has passed, it is as if he said that for happiness the time has not yet come or that he has left it behind.

To make a man happy, don’t give him riches. Take away wishes.

Philosophy and wisdom Epicurus phrases

Two thousand four hundred years later, the quotes of Epicurus continue to sound as current and allow us to continue reflecting as never before. We leave you with the wisest phrases of Epicurus, so that you can get to know his philosophy better and you can apply some of his reflections to your day to day. The greatest fruit of self-sufficiency is freedom.

It is absurd to ask the gods what each one is capable of procuring for himself.

The greatest fruit of justice is the serenity of the soul.

Man has been rich since he has become familiar with scarcity.

There will come a time when you think everything is over. That will be the beginning.

Also in moderation there is a middle ground and whoever does not find it is the victim of an error similar to that of one who exceeds himself by wildness.

One of the wisest and smartest Epicurus phrases you will ever see. The middle ground may be a virtue, but taken to the extreme it also becomes a sin. Excessive prudence will prevent you from seeing certain things clearly and forming an opinion consistent with your ideals, so to enjoy life you will have to learn to achieve a healthy balance.

Justice is the revenge of the social man as revenge is the justice of the wild man.

The greater the difficulty, the greater glory in overcoming it.

He who has peace of mind does not bother himself or the other.

Do you want to be rich? Well, do not strive to increase your assets, but to decrease your greed.

The most difficult dialogue is the one we must have with ourselves.

The habit of always talking and on all kinds of issues is a test of ignorance and rudeness, and one of the great scourges of human treatment.

Retire within yourself, especially when you need company.

Excessive anger breeds madness.

We must find someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, because eating alone is leading the life of a lion or a wolf.

If you are looking for Epicurus phrases and his philosophy to dedicate, this is one of our favorites. And it reminds us that the human being is a social animal by definition, which means that we can enjoy things much more when we are able to share them.

It is not what we have, but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance.

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your daily personal relationships. You develop it by surviving difficult times and defying adversity.

I’d rather be the first in a small Iberian town than the second in Rome.

Nothing is enough who for enough is little.

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