Fed Up Quotes

Whatever the reason, there are times when we feel tired. And it is thinking about those moments that we chose and gathered here for you the fed up quotes so that you can express what goes on in your tired body or soul.

When everything Fed up us

There are times when everything tires us. These phrases express what we feel at those moments.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with me. I’m just tired of it all.

I am so fed up of everything that the simple gesture of writing this message leaves me exhausted and without strength for anything else.

The days are repeated, the actions are repeated, the people are repeated … The eternal repetition makes me very tired and discouraged.

They are so tired of everything and the whole world that even I was tired.

I love my kids, my husband, my family and my friends, but I’m so fed up that sometimes I feel like running away from it all.

I just got tired of everything. I got tired of being nice, tired of having good manners, tired of trying to please and trying hard for nothing.

When life tires us

There are times when it seems that life itself is against us.

We feel defeated and it is difficult to get up again.

These phrases will help you to rethink life and express the tiredness you feel.

Don’t think I’m sad, I’m just tired of seeing that my life doesn’t move forward.

Life gets tired when we realize that the dates on the calendar change, but the days are repeated, they are all the same.

I work to live, I live to work. What a monotony so great! fed up of life.

My body doesn’t get used to this routine, I’m tired of this life.

I’ve been so tired of life. Nothing seems to work, I just feel like sleeping and not waking up again.

When did my life become this monotony? I am fed up and so fed up of this life that it repeats itself every day.

Fed Up Quotes

When people Fed up us

Even for those who like to socialize, there are times when people tire us.

At these times, we want to isolate ourselves and be silent.

We gathered some phrases for those moments.

I’m tired of people. From now on, I only talk to animals. At least those understand me.

I get more and more tired of listening to people’s opinions without interest. If I didn’t ask for your opinion, don’t give it.

No one can be trusted anymore. This eternal distrust, even from friends, makes me fed up.

I got tired of false friends, eternal lies, disappointment and all the drama. I’m tired of people.

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I don’t know when or how, but one day I woke up and everyone was the same. I got tired of this lack of originality.

Tired of helping others and having to fend for myself when I need help. The world is full of selfish people.

I am not what you think, but I am tired of explaining, I am fed up of you all.

When we get fed up of fighting and suffering

Life is a constant struggle, but when you struggle and you can’t get results, it’s frustrating.

This frustration causes suffering and we end up feeling exhausted.

The following sentences illustrate what it feels like in these situations.

Every day I go to fight and it’s always the same: nothing. Tired of fighting for nothing.

I don’t even remember what life was like without suffering. I’m really tired of suffering so much. Why doesn’t my pain ever end?

I can no longer continue to fight alone for a love that has nowhere else to go. I’m fed up of being the only one to row this boat.

A person struggles and struggles and what is the end result? Pain and suffering. I’m tired of it.

Everywhere I see only suffering, even around me I can only see pain. I got tired of this incessant suffering and of nobody doing anything to end it.

Every day I have to fight and every day I get defeated. I just wanted a little peace now and then. I’m fed up of the fight.

When we get emotionally fed up

Emotional tiredness makes us feel cold and unable to feel emotions.

It is an emotional numbness that seems to have no way out.

The phrases we select can be the doors to get out of the hole you are in.

I’m so emotionally tired that I can’t even muster the strength to say anything else.

Sometimes I am so emotionally fed up, even exhausted, that as much as I try, I cannot sleep.

I am not weak, many would have given up sooner. But I am exhausted and emotionally tired and it makes me lose my strength.

I’ve been so emotionally drained that, even after a good night’s sleep, I wake up fed up.

You don’t notice my tiredness. I am emotionally drained and it leaves me without even the strength to smile.

When the body is tired, we sleep. But when tiredness is emotional, there seems to be no way to recharge your batteries.

60 Fed Up Quotes to identify yourself

It is difficult to find a person who does not have the daily routine. In the pressure of doing everything that needs to be done, we get fed up. Tiredness indicates that it’s time to slow down and enjoy things slowly.

Thinking about it, we have separated the best tired phrases for you to identify yourself, be inspired and slow down. Check out.

Funny Fed Up Quotes

Laughter is the best medicine even when you are tired. Humor increases our serotonin, so it is possible to relax more. We search and list the best funny tired phrases for you. Look at that.

Too tired for anything. But, if I go to see you, I will.

I come to inform you that today I am dead and will only rise from my bed at the time of my burial.

I’m tired of being just a muggle, now I’m going to be a tired muggle.

You notice that your brain is fed up when you lie down, sleep and dream that you lay down and slept too.

I’m tired of living in a world where a liter of gas is worth more than a lot of people.

Let’s wait while seated that gets tired

Half of me is lazy, and the other half I talk about later because I’m fed up.

I prefer to lie down and sleep rather than get up and work. Some call it laziness, I call it deep thinking.Garfield

I sleep so much that I wake up tired of sleeping and feel like going back to sleep to rest.

Exhausted I lie down and exhausted I get up.

I’m fed up of making a fool of myself, now I’m making cardboard.

Tired of being tired, because being tired is tiring.

Today I woke up wanting to go to sleep.

Even my cell phone battery lasts longer than my energy.

Look of the day: dark circles, sleep and tiredness.

Mental tiredness quotes

Tiredness is not only physical, it can also be mental. Your thoughts can be tired and can be a reflection of everyday life full of pressure. We have separated the best phrases of mental tiredness for you to think about. Check out.

I am fed up of so much, but nobody understands that my tiredness is a spiritual and not a physical thing.

The anxious concern about a job tires you much more than doing the job itself. Emídio Silva Falcão Brasileiro

My soul is tired of my life.Fernando Pessoa

In the tiredness of trying, I wanted to give up. If it’s courage, I don’t know. Pitty

Death seems less terrible when you are tired.

Sometimes I get so tired of life that there is no chance of mastering it. Fernando Pessoa

I never know if I want to rest because I’m really fed up, or if I want to rest to give up. Clarice Lispector

I was not looking to cry. And his sadness was a great, heavy fatigue, without anger. Clarice Lispector

This is not all sadness. It’s tiredness. I’m tired of being sad.

Sad is the tiredness of having gone so far and getting nowhere.

Psychological tiredness can be extremely worse than physical tiredness, because there is nothing that can relieve the tension of a turbulent mind.Jey Leonardo

The day to day wears me out!Beethoven

Even the strongest has its moment of fatigue.

I got fed up of being modern. I want to be eternal.Pablo Picasso

I’m tired of the routine of being me.Clarice Lispector

Emotional tiredness Quotes

In addition to mental fatigue, there is also emotional. This tiredness affects your deepest emotions and causes overwhelming feelings. Check out some phrases of emotional tiredness.

I am already full of feeling empty, my body is hot, I am feeling cold.Renato Russo

I’m tired. Tired of people being mean to each other. Fed up of all the pain I feel and hear in the world every day. Waiting for a miracle

I write because I’m desperate and I’m tired, I can’t stand the routine of being anymore and if it wasn’t for the always new thing that is writing, I would die symbolically every day.Clarice Lispector

Poor one who is fed up of everything, because everything and everyone is always tired of him.

My tiredness will not be undone with a long bath or a night’s sleep. My tiredness is emotional, and sometimes meaningless.Eve Frozino

I confess that I’m very tired, you know? But a different tiredness … a tiredness of not wanting to complain anymore, of not wanting to ask, of doing nothing, of letting things happen.Caio Fernando Abreu

I’m not that sad, it’s just that I’m fed up today. Clarice Lispector

But the worst is the sudden tiredness of everything. It seems abundant, it seems that everything has been had and that nothing is wanted. Clarice Lispector

I’m tired. My tiredness comes a lot because I am an extremely busy person: I take care of the world. Clarice Lispector

It is tiring to hide inside me.

It is not the feeling that is exhausted, it is we who are exhausted from suffering, or exhausted from waiting, or exhausted from sameness. Martha Medeiros

The burden you will carry on your journey may be heavy, but those who have faith never tire.

Never confuse “I got tired” with “I give up”, because a fed up person can keep trying.

I was sad but said: it’s tiredness. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I usually give people more chances than they deserve, but when I get tired, it’s for real.

Because half of me is shelter, but the other half is tired. Oswaldo Montenegro

Relationship tiredness phrases

Relationships cause fatigue like any other part of your day to day. See the best phrases of tiredness in the relationship and reflect.

I know no tiredness better than that caused by what one loves to do.

The kindness that comes from being fed up of suffering is a worse horror than suffering.

We get tired of acting and even thinking, but we never tire of loving.Auguste Comte

I gave you every chance to be a good boy, but I was overcome by tiredness, our love was buried and rest in peace.

Being small, love amuses; if it becomes big, it gets tired.Bernard Le Bovier De Fontenelle

We decided that we needed some time to grow individually. We were all fed up. Layne Thomas Staley

I’m tired of pretending that I believe your words, now it’s your turn to believe what I pretend to feel.

I’m tired of running after you, now I’m just going to stride.

Don’t act like I haven’t fought for you. I fought, a lot and for a long time, forgive me if I’m tired now.gossip Girl

Perhaps because I am tired of all this, or tired of being deceived, my poor heart no longer accepts anyone.

I am fed up of this bond, that which unites us – this tiny space – which as a child has nothing. Suffocate. I really think you better go.

Love doesn’t end, it gets tired.

I would even try to understand you … But I’m so tired now for this. Just close the door when you leave and leave me alone here.

Nothing weighs as much as the heart when tired.

These fed up quotes are a summary of the tiredness we suffer from day to day full of pressures and great goals to be achieved. Reflect on these phrases and rethink your routine. Share with your friends!