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Fernando Pessoa is considered one of the most important Portuguese poets and writers of all time. Especially recognized for the use of heteronyms, that is, for the creation of several fictitious personalities with whom he published works and texts, Pessoa did not see his entire work published; volumes of unpublished content that was abandoned when he died prematurely at age 47.

However, his death in no way prevented him from being recognized in the arts world as one of the most relevant Portuguese figures of the 20th century. So that you can get to know him better, from free-ebookpdf.com we present you the best 60 quotes of Fernando Pessoa… enjoy them!

Fernando Pessoa quotes about life

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So that you can get in touch with the vision of this writer, we start by presenting you with some quotes by Fernando Pessoa about life; Quotes to reflect on that will help you better understand their philosophy. Ancient sailors had a glorious phrase: “Sailing is necessary, living is not.”

Living is not necessary, what is necessary is creating…

Look at life from a distance… never question it. She can tell you nothing, the answer is beyond the gods.

Who, like me, thus, living, does not know how to have life, what remains but, like my few peers, resignation by way and contemplation by destiny?

    What I did not succeed in life, I will find in death; life is divided between who I am and luck.

Other times I hear the wind go by, and it seems to me that just to hear the wind go by it is worth being born.

The small pleasures in life are often what make life worthwhile. Forget about the luxuries and the eccentricities, sometimes, in the most subtle pleasures is the true joy… Between life and me there is a faint crystal. As clearly as I see and understand life, I cannot touch it.

Living itself is dying, because there is not one more day in our life that is not one less day in life.

    I always live in the present, I don’t know the future and I don’t have the past.

Seeing and hearing are the only noble things that life contains. The other senses are commoners and carnal. The only aristocracy is to never touch.

Most think with sensitivity, and I feel with thought.

For the common man, feeling is living and thinking is knowing how to live. For me, thinking is living and feeling is nothing but food to think.

I have never faced suicide as a solution, because I hate life for love of it.

Not knowing about yourself; That is living. To know bad of oneself, that is to think.

No one understands another. We are, as the poet said, islands in the sea of ​​life.

I have not asked life but not ask me for anything.

The consciousness of the unconsciousness of life is the oldest tax that falls on intelligence.

Freedom is the possibility of isolation. If it is impossible for you to live alone, you were born a slave.

Some have a big dream in life and lack that dream. Others have no dreams in their lives and also lack this one.

But do we really live? Living without knowing what life is … will it be living?

Practical life has always seemed to me the least comfortable of suicides.

Better not to flow in life, better to dry from so much dreaming.

The sea that defines us and separates us runs between us.

Fernando Pessoa quotes about love

Whether you want to dedicate a date to make your partner feel special or if you want to continue to know this writer’s philosophy well, here are some nice quotes by Fernando Pessoa about love … which one do you want? Turn, distracting reason, that wind-up toy called a heart.

We never love anyone. We love only the idea we have of someone. It is to our concept – in short, to ourselves – that we love.

When love is revealed, it cannot be revealed. He knows how to look at her, but he can’t speak.

I was born to love you …

I love how you love love. I know of no other reason to love than to love. What do you want me to tell you, besides that I love you, if what I want to tell you is that I love you?

Loving is getting tired of being alone: ​​therefore, it is cowardice and a betrayal of ourselves.

Loving is tiresome, but perhaps it is preferable to not loving.

This is one of our favorite Fernando Pessoa quotes, because the author did not see love as a blessing, but often as a curse. For him, as for many, love is difficult, it is sacrificed and it is also painful.

So there is no advantage in giving wrong names to things, not even in giving them a name.

Love is a dream that comes for the little being that is.

All love letters are ridiculous. They would not be love letters if they were not ridiculous.

I have thoughts that, if I could reveal them and make them live, would add new luminosity to the stars, new beauty to the world and greater love to the hearts of men.

Love is only beautiful when we find someone who makes us better than we can be.

We can die if we only love.

I glimpsed, like an avenue through the trees, what is perhaps the Great Secret … that Great Mystery of which the poets speak.

We love perfection because we cannot possess it; it would disgust us if we possessed it. The perfect is inhuman, because the human is imperfect.

I love everything that was. Everything that is no longer. Only because it was and it flew. And today is another day.

Love is a deadly display of immortality.

The freshness of the mornings when you arrive, and the pallor of the mornings when you leave. When our insides shudder …

If I lived a great love, I could never count it.

It is easy to kiss the face, it is difficult to reach the heart …

The sages already say it: “stay with whoever touches your soul, that anyone can kiss your skin.” This is one of the Fernando Pessoa phrases that we like the most.

More poems and phrases by Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa left us, under his multiple heteronyms, verses of love, life and reflection that still inspire thinkers, writers and artists. So that you too are aware of them, we leave you here some poems and quotes of Fernando Pessoa, as well as some lines of his most popular rhymes … The more different someone is from me, the more real it seems to me, because less depends on my subjectivity.

Feeling is creating. Feeling is thinking without ideas and, therefore, feeling is understanding, since the Universe has no ideas.

Not pleasure, not glory, not power; freedom, only freedom.

We are avatars of past stupidity.

Things have no meaning: they have existence. Things are the only hidden meaning of things.

We never know when we are sincere and maybe we never will be. And even if we were sincere today, tomorrow we can be honest before an opposite cause …

The outside world exists as an actor on stage: it is there but it is something else.

Put everything you are in the least you do.

Literature exists because the world is not enough.

One of the most beautiful quotes of Fernando Pessoa and, without a doubt, an ode to literature. Books allow us to broaden our horizons and live more lives…

To kill the dream is to kill ourselves. It is mutilating our soul. The dream is what we have of ours, of our impenetrable and impregnable.

We all have ways of being despised. Each of us brings with him a crime committed or the crime that the soul asks him to do.

Our personality must be incorruptible, even by ourselves: hence our duty to always dream and include ourselves in our dreams …

I feel so isolated that I can feel the distance between me and my presence.

To possess is to lose. To feel without possessing is to preserve, because it is to extract its essence from something.

I was born at a time when most young people had stopped believing in God, for the same reason that their elders had believed in Him.

I have all the dreams in the world on me.

Music, moonlight, and dreams are my magic weapons.

We can sell our time, but we cannot buy it again.

Among the wisest phrases of Fernando Pessoa, this is one of the most popular. Time is the only thing we can not recover, life passes and we with it, so do not give your hours to anyone… take advantage of the time you have been given.

Composed of living and disaggregating cells, we are made of death.

The heart, if it could think, would stop.

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