Funny Compliments

To break the ice, for the other person to notice us, to flirt on social networks or WhatsApp, to make people laugh… Funny compliments are a weapon that almost always works, especially if you manage to get a smile out of whoever receives them.

Do you want to start a conversation with someone in an original way and bring out your sense of humor? Next, from, we provide you with 60 funny and daring compliments perfect for both men and women. Don’t miss out!

Funny and daring compliments

We start strong for the most daring! If you want to start giving an unforgettable impression, our funny and daring compliments will enchant you … yes, they are not suitable for all audiences and they can bring out colors to more than one/a. Therefore, our advice is to make sure you use the correct ones at all times so as not to start off on the wrong foot. Let’s go there! Whoever was caramel to melt in your mouth.

My love, I have the safe to store that gold bar.

What if we eat some tacos and I kiss you?

Someday Tom will eat Jerry, Silvestre Tweety and I will eat you.

Don’t be afraid … I do bite, but very soft.

I want to forget you, but without the “olvi”.

Not even taking a bath took away all the dirty things I want to do to you.

funny compliments

If you want to start with some funny and daring compliments, this can not miss in the repertoire! As we have already said, this is not a phrase suitable for all audiences, so be sure to tell someone who shares the same sense of humor as you.

Why don’t you give me a good kiss night instead of a good night kiss?

I love your shirt! I think it would match perfectly with my sheets …

 If I were a plane and you my airport would land every day in your exquisite body.

I wish you were the sun and you gave me all day.

I would like to be fried potato to accompany that loin.

If you were salsa, I’d be dipping all day.

With me you will never lack love. And if you lack, we do it…

Your clothes scare me. Can you take it off?

As best is that body is without clothes to decorate it.

Funny compliments for men

Traditionally, men were the ones who complimented women to approach them, however, times have changed and they too can take a first step with compliments for men who attract attention. If you feel like taking out your funniest side, these funny compliments for men will help you do it… Watch out! You are entering the compulsory kissing zone.

You are like my mother’s slipper. I see you coming and my heart is racing.

Not even in math class do I lose myself as much as in your eyes…

You’re like Paco … Paco-merte a besos.

Send me your location, I want to know where my treasure is.

Who would be a dove to perch on that branch!

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Good Morning Message For A New Friend

I already have Netflix, I’m only missing you by my side. And hurry up, it’s only the trial month.

To give you a bite I skip the diet.

If you’re going to be in my head all day, at least put on some clothes …

With you I would spend a hundred years in quarantine.

Compliments are timeless and do not go out of style, but if you want to succeed, you will not find compliments more current and funny than this. What better declaration of intent than to confess to that special person than with him, you would even enjoy another confinement… we continue with some great funny compliments for men! I hope your bed is stolen and you come to sleep with me.

The Civil Guard would already like to have that body!

I don’t know if you’re Bill Gates, but you seem very rich.

They say there is no good man, but I want to find out if you are the exception.

If being good is a sin, you have no forgiveness from God.

Funny compliments for women

Fortunately, the world of compliment has evolved, leaving behind the profanities that could be heard a few years ago. In this list of funny compliments for women, you will also find some spicy, but they are all designed to conquer a woman through humor and respect. Choose them based on the level of confidence you have with that girl and give them a try! If you like joys, here I have one for your body.

One of our favorite funny compliments for women! And it is not only a perfect option if the recipient of the phrase is called Macarena, but since there is no person on earth who is not familiar with this song, it is a winning compliment for everyone.

I will not be a farmer, but if you leave me I will kiss you.

There is more chemistry between us than on the entire periodic table. Mr. Wonderful

If you knew how much I think about you, you would report me for mental harassment.

How would my mother like you to be her daughter-in-law…

Who was a shoemaker to work that leather.

Don’t you get claustrophobic spending all day in my head?

funny compliments

What a cute puppy! Do you have a phone number?

How many times have we heard that with a pet it is linked more ? Dare to talk to that girl you always find walking your pet and dedicate these funny words to her … you will make her smile! Adam ate the apple, but I would eat the whole greengrocer for you …

If I were mayor I would make you a place in the middle of town.

Love will be blind, but you have to see what makes your eyes happy…

How beautiful are the windy days for skirts like that.

Tell me what you eat to be so good!

I really like a girl, but I’m not going to tell you who you are.

Funny compliments for friends

Sometimes friends need to hear something nice about them to cheer them up and gain self-confidence. Or, maybe, you want that special person to notice you a little more… in any case, this selection of funny compliments for friends are ideal for what you are looking for. Yellow card for the fault you make me.

The best of you is everything that makes you so you. Mr. Wonderful

You have something stuck in the ass … My gaze!

Neither myopia prevents me from seeing how beautiful you are.

If a friend is a treasure, you are a gold mine.

With friends like you, who needs a boyfriend!

You don’t need the sun to shine on you, you shine with your own light.

For you, I slap an elephant.

Apart from the food, you are what I like the most.

I’m only comfortable when I’m with you. You are the pajama pants of my life.

Do you know what I’m thankful for today? For being friends. And for the Nutella.

It’s not easy to be me. So I need you, friend.

Do you know what is amazing? A chocolate cake … oh, and you’re not bad either!

The hardest part of being friends is pretending that I like my other friends as much as you do.

funny compliments

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