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It is impossible that people say nothing, but every day I do nothing.

Every day is a new day of visible laughs and inside screams.

The exceptional opinion about the future is that it surely arrives one day.

The traveling speed of light is faster than sound. This is the reason that many people appear bright as compared to you hear them every day.

Funny Day Quotes

At every day and night party, there are 2 unique categories of people. One type of people want to go back home earlier and the other don’t want to. The horrible thing is that such different people are married to each other.

In all day, the average dog is a great person as compared to the average person.

Every day my opinion may be changed but the fact remains the same that I am the right person.

Say what you feel all day long, because who mind doesn’t matter.

Whenever I use Facebook, my day seeing pictures of different vacations was considered as punishment for me.

When you decided to tell the truth to your loved ones on any day, then you say in a funny way or may die.

The person who laughs last and hard, never get the meaning of the joke.

I always go late to the office, but I make assure to leave the office early every day.

That day surely wasted in which there is lack of laughter.

The older you get in all days of the year, the better you become but ensure that you are not banana.

Every day I didn’t interrupt my wife otherwise she will definitely kill me.

Fun creates energy in your daily routine.

Living life without me makes your life more funny one day.

Not worry about your past, because tomorrow is the new best day.

Some people just require a high-five but with the chair in a long day.

Funny Day Quotes

I am not a lazy person. I am in the mode of energy saving.

You give hilarious look to your friend when they do not share their lunch on school days.

Never repeat the same mistakes unless he has a good sense of humor.

On a beautiful day, I decided to stir things up a little.

Life is uncertain so smile every day until you have teeth.

You sleep with your enemy in marriage war every day.

It is hard to understand why people will take many days to write the best novel when he can buy from the market.

If it is difficult for you to laugh at yourself, then I will do happily for you.

You tried and then you failed. The advice for you is to never try all day.

In everyday routine, we see women are wiser because they know less but have the ability to understand more than men.

Every day laugh a lot because it will help to burn calories.

Life becomes harder if you are stupid all days of the week.

The best way to enhance your money is to fold the money and put it in your pocket.

If a person is too open-minded day and night, then his brain will fall out.

Every day you clean up around children is just as shoveling during a blizzard.

Carefully choose the healthy books for the reading otherwise you may die of a misprint.

Never put your work till tomorrow because you can easily complete work the day after tomorrow.

Never treat dogs like humans otherwise dogs will treat you like dogs.

You have to drink boiling water every day so may you whistle.

Ask me no questions, and then I will never tell lies.

If you want to make noise in day time then do noise quietly.

If you have more weight then there are few chances of your kidnapping. So eat all day.

You are the reason behind why there are directions on shampoo for daily usage.

Sometimes in the daytime, if I close my eyes I am not enabled to see anything.

There are many stupid people that you meet every day rather than stupid questions.

It may be seen as I am doing nothing during the day but in my head, I am very busy.

Oh did he just fall? No, I wanted to check if the working of gravity still okay or not.

We got panic when our phones fall but we laugh hard when our friends fall on any day of the year.

In school days, I never let my best friend lonely because I tried to disturbing him every time.

Never become stupid, because it may be the reason that makes you famous.

If I achieve the award of laziness of not doing anything in day and night, then I surely send someone to take reward for me.

I keep my smart-phone in airplane mode every day, but I do not understand why the phone is not flying.

What should we do for a good living? Just breathe in and out all over the long day.

When no situation is going right, then you should go left.

Every day I am thankful that our thoughts do not emerge as bubbles overheads.

I am on a Seafood diet on all days of the week; I only see food and then quickly eat.

Every morning, the pillow gives the best hairstyle and that’s why I do not need any hairstylist.

Some people in your life behave like clouds and when they move away from you, your day becomes brighter.

Funny Day Quotes

My aim for the end days of the week is only to move. So, people believe that I am still alive.

Every day my bed is my magical place where everything that I forget remembers easily.

On most of the days, I want I was an octopus. The benefit of becoming an octopus is that I am enabling to slap eight people simultaneously.

The biggest struggle of life on winter days is to move towards the bathroom from a warm blanket.

I may stupid but when I see people around me every day, then I feel much better.

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