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Human Interest


Staying in the monkey.

You are in a nasty position, you are the bobbin.


Behind the clouds the sun shines.

After something unpleasant there will be something good again.


Give the pipe to Maarten.

Stop something, stop something.


Repay someone with the same currency.

Treat someone in the same (annoying) way, as he did with someone else.


Sticking out your sleeves.

Get to work.


Unknown makes unloved.

You often don’t like something that you don’t know.


Put a spoke in the wheel.

By intervening, another person’s plan is canceled.


There are warmth.

Have a lot of money.


Sit well in the soft laundry.

Have a lot of money.


Put a stop to something.

Preventing something, making sure something doesn’t go through.


That fits in with my street.

That’s convenient.


After rain comes sunshine.

After a period of nasty things, a better time comes.


Have a little earth to his speed.

Look like your father.


Lies have short legs.

You don’t get along with a lie.


Put down the ax.



He does not eat what the farmer does not know.

Only eat what you know. Do not try new dishes.


Roll up the sleeves.

To go to work.


Give someone a cookie of their own dough.

Giving or receiving something that is thought up by that person himself.


Turn an mosquito into an elephant.

Very exaggerated.


Shoot under someone’s pigeons.

Remove the customers from someone else and try to make them a customer to yourself.


Having an apple to peel with someone.

Discuss an annoying topic with someone.

Telling a woman a secret is giving in with the wind.

To women everything is heart, even the head. [Jean Paul]

I agree, I smoke, I drink, I guess and I cheat and cheat on my wife, but don’t we all have our little sides?

Even though a mother is still so poor, her clothing covers the children warmly.

It has already been noted that when you tell a woman that she is beautiful, she always believes that it is true. [J. Renard]

Anyone who has a beautiful wife, a castle on the border or a vineyard along the road is always at war. [Spain]

All people have a body, but the women are in better shape.

All women have one point in common: they are different.

All women are either much better or much worse than the men. [Napoleon]

Only a man could come to the idea that the happiness of women is to serve and please a man.

Only a mother can send a hug by letter. [Pam Brown]

Only women in soup advertisements find it pleasant every day when their husbands come home.  [Carmiggelt]

Single lady seeks a sedentary profession. [Hermans]

Everything a woman needs to know, she already knows. [Julie Christie]

Everything women do they have to do twice as well as men to be found half as good. Fortunately, that is not so difficult.

If all women were beautiful enough, nudism would be fashion. [Break]

If the man is a little deaf and the woman a little blind, chances are that the marriage will succeed.

If the women were really good, God would have one. [Georgia]

What if women didn’t make the mistake of wanting to be better men.  [G.Grass]

When a man roars, he is dynamic. When a woman roars, she is hysterical. [H. Knef]

When a man puts the flowers outside, he keeps one bunch to give to his wife when he returns home.



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