Funny Way To Answer The Phone

When answering the phone, sometimes just saying “hello” is not enough. When friends or family call us, normally you would not expect anything other than the voice of your loved one to answer the call. It’s easy to take them by surprise though, and with a little imagination, we can have some funny way to answer the phone and laugh a little while doing it.

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Funny Way To Answer The Phone

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It’s easy to put a little humor into the way a call is received from the opening words of the conversation. Taking random lines from a movie or pretending to be a business like a take-out service (for example, “Pepe Pizza House, can I take your order?”) You can catch the caller off guard, and they may even think they have dialed the wrong number.

Distorted voice

This is possibly the oldest trick in the book, but it is very effective when done correctly. By faking a different accent or speaking in a lower or higher voice, you are sure to get a reaction from the caller. Real pranksters can take this to the next level by using a voice distorter, which is a device that alters the sound of a person’s voice, allowing women to sound like men and men to sound like men. children.

Funny Way To Answer The Phone

Fake voicemail greeting

These can be recorded as an actual voicemail greeting on an answering machine or performed by the person answering the phone. People can pretend they are too busy to answer the phone, as they are working on a comical or unrealistic task, or they can impersonate another device in the house that is a replacement for a broken answering machine. “Hi! Jill’s answering machine is broken. This is her refrigerator. Please speak very slowly and I will stick the message to myself with a magnet.”

Use music clips

There is room for a lot of experimentation with this technique as pranksters, you can catch your interlocutors by surprise with music. Taking time to edit songs together using song lyrics when talking to callers is a creative and humorous way to answer the phone. Alternatively, try making music that plays in the background and pretending to be a DJ or TV host and offering a boisterous, confident welcome, like “Hi, you’re through Magic 107.7, and you’ve won our mystery speaker award from week “.

The Echo

This may make you laugh a bit, but ultimately ends in frustration on the part of the caller. When someone calls, answer the phone, but remain silent until the caller speaks. After that, he simply repeats what he says, repeating his words as if he were far away or through a tunnel. Eventually they get irritated and hang up, but it’s worth a try for fun.

Fun Way To Answer The Phone

You will die in seven days … In the meantime, would you like to buy reducing cream?

Say “Can you wait fMortuary (Your last name) kill them and bury them!

080 emergencies, how can I help you?

Hello, please state your name, address, and credit card number.

Hi Clarice.
Is this line safe? Are they recording us?

Wait for the caller to say “okay?”

The number you have dialed is not available or is outside the service area.

Mimics the busy tone.

I have the money just let her go, she has suffered enough.

Suicide hotline, please wait …

Send someone with the money and no one will get hurt!

Juan, is it you? You got rid of the body, right?



Good afternoon, is Juan there?

Yes, good afternoon, I would like a family pizza with mushrooms please.

Say “Sorry, no one is home” and then hang up.

When you hear the tone, it will be 12:47 PM in Hong Kong, followed by the most annoying how you can make.

or a moment?” and go do other things.

Thank you for calling Telmex, your call is important…

If your phone is touch tone, press several random keys, ask the other person to stop doing that.
You just called 38 22 33 22, this number has been changed to 38 22 33 22.

Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay?

The peanut demands your surrender!

I come in peace.

Hey excuse me, is your index finger purple or green?

I’m sorry he’s dead, I’ll tell him to call you later.

Keep quiet, don’t answer the questions.

Do you have the jade hawk?


If you are a seller, I’m not interested!

Tell me your sins, my son.



Say “Not today, thanks” and hang up.

Say “Thanks for calling!” and then hangs up.

Answer in some invented language “Kokishuaa alkama tatoa shi?”


Pick up the horn and put it next to the radio with the news.

Mr. Elephant would like to discuss with you about having a cup of butter.

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