Funny Whatsapp Messages

Best Funny Whatsapp Messages

If you are tired of always seeing the same profiles on each social network, the same content in all your contacts, we have today the best top and selection of funny whatsapp messages: the best funny states for short WhatsApp.

The purpose of this compilation is to send you the most surprising and fun options to have the best profile that no one has ever been able to find in any other, in addition to making you have fun while discovering this very special and original list that we have been waiting to create for a long time. , to which we have dedicated a lot of time and dedication so as not to leave you unsatisfied. Don’t wait any longer, and enjoy while choosing your favorite phrase:

Funny Whatsapp Messages

Best Status for WhatsApp Funny Short

  • Many people get angry when they end up writing sentences with meaningless words, I understand them yellow.
  • If you ever break my heart into a thousand pieces… Can I fall in love a thousand times more? Leave your answer here.
  • My life is going to m *****, and I with it and no return ticket. Can anyone join me?
  • If the fools flew you would have the power to show me what planet Earth looks like miles above.
  • I was very excited to think that between you and me everything could, and yes, I was not mistaken, it rotted.
  • It was funny to think that you were so perfect … You just wanted healthy relationships … and you met lettuce.
  • I am one of those funny states that do not care about what you think about him, go investigate another.
  • When you feel sad, think of things that make you laugh: remember who got their ex’s name tattooed.

Funny Phrase for WhatsApp

  • They call me strange for living in the clouds, when rare are those who prefer to live in a soil full of idiots.
  • Needy state looks for funny phrases to brighten up WhatsApp to all your contacts.
  • Yesterday it happened: a thief came into my house looking for money, so we started looking for it together.
  • I know you would like me to go out to dinner with you, but from Monday to Sunday it is totally impossible for me.
  • I feel wise for wanting to get answers … If the world is a scarf. Are we snot then?
  • I hate that you think that, I don’t like that we are angry and neither that we argue. Ask me for forgiveness right now!
  • If you think my state phrases are humorous or funny don’t answer this, if you think not, neither.
  • Yawning is the reaction of the human body to tell us that our battery level is only 15%.
  • Whatsapp is the best thing that has happened to me. I love that both checkings turn out blue so you can see what happened to you.
  • I love that deep words whisper to me … Subsoil, basement, sewer … Can you tell me something deeper?

Short Phrases for Whatsapp

  • I do not deny that my neighbors have kindness, but it is not necessary that they put music for the whole town.

The best states, words, thoughts and funny whatsapp messages short – Frases.Top

  • I have understood over the years that pleasing everyone is impossible, which is why I anger them.
  • They say that the one who laughs last laughs best, it seems to me that it is because he thinks very slowly.
  • My doctor was angry and that was even complying with diets at a time.
  • If you come looking for me to make your nights short, I confirm that it will be impossible.

Messages for WhatsApp Funny

  • If you are looking for me, I am where I always am: drinking with my friends. If you’re my mother … I’m in the library.
  • In life there is nothing stronger than love, except the cobwebs that swung so many elephants.
  • If you are looking for funny whatsapp messages, with my state you have been wrong, today I am not for jokes.
  • They say that to all people, everything in life happens to them for something, but to you everything that happens to you is because of an idiot.
  • You could invest these seconds in which you read my states in something positive, because I lost them writing this.

Status for Whatsapp of Risa Cortos

  • Getting it wrong is human beings, and blaming it on third parties is smart human beings.
  • “Just the little tips” is an expression that men and hairdressers will never ever understand.
  • I can become responsible for what I write, not for what you come to understand.

The best status, words, thoughts and funny whatsapp messages short – Frases.Top

  • Today I have taken a certain appreciation of the nests … Could it be that I don’t want you to touch my eggs?
  • You wanted the perfect man, the one who didn’t smoke, who didn’t drink, and in the end you wanted the one who didn’t exist .
  • Chocolate is not fattening, it only has side effects that make the pants stay short and stuck.
  • After knowing so many things throughout my life, I can affirm that I am the best thing that has happened to me.

Messages of Laughter and Fun

  • Whatsapp giving me the option to write my status… I write solid and all my friends laugh at me.
  • The latest research states that the business that is most exposed to bankruptcy this year is glassware.
  • So much phone and so much advanced technology for so much backward owner. Now … will this be saved as a state?
  • By the same law that all opposite poles attract, I attract all imbeciles.
  • You are one of those people who we think are stupid before meeting you, and that when you meet … we confirm it.
  • The United States puts measures to avoid skipping traffic lights, apparently they place them at 6 meters high.
  • The advice for when you have to work and do not feel like it is to go to work without desire.

Funny Messages For Whatsapp

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