funny winter pictures

We have collected funny winter pictures for you.

1. Summers always fly … winters walk!

funny winter picture

2. Every rose is the prey of winter.

3. How cold winter must be for those who do not have warm memories.

4. In the depths of winter I finally learned that an invincible summer lived inside me

funny winter pictures

5. Winter. Like a seed, my soul needs the hidden work of this station.

6. And I love you, winter! I imagine you old, I imagine you wise, with a divine body of pulsating marble that drags the weight of Time like a regal mantle.

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7. To shorten the winter, borrow money that you must pay back in the spring.

8. Winter: cruel as death, and hungry as the grave.

9. One mile is two in winter.

10. A kind word can warm three winter months.

11. The spring of the spirit blooms in winter.

12. “Calm down cold, I’m single”

funny winter messages

13. “I’m colder than DiCaprio on Titanic”

14. a little humor with the muffler for winter

Hello, a little humor with the muffler for winter.

So here is the real story of the muffler!

If, if, if … we take the muffler literally, it’s good to hide the nose and not the mouth, ears, neck and all and everything …

Like my cousin did to me.

funny winter pictures

In a way, it’s practical… you can sneeze in it without having to blow your nose… (yes, blah, blah)

And my cousin’s idea has been taken up many times.

And this is valid for both men and women.

You can do them any way you can, the only limits will be your imagination.

Like this hen muffler, a casserole story …

15. Men! Do not miss the moment: in cold weather it is so easy to distinguish an intelligent woman from a fool … Smart – in a hat, fool – with a haircut.

16. If winter jokes until April, then I want summer to take revenge until December!

17. It seems that until I throw out the tree, winter will not go away.

18. It’s a strange time of the year … In the morning – night, in the evening – night. And in the afternoon I work!

19. Cold … Winter … Give me wings! I want to follow the ducks – where the summer is!

20. It’s a shame it turns out, spring, summer, autumn – once a year and winter twice, once at the beginning of the year, the second time at the end …

21. Over the winter I gained extra 14 kg. Can you tell me where to buy leopard leggings?

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