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Harley Quinn is a fictional character who appears in American comics from the DC Comics publisher commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. Harley Quinn is an accomplice and lover of the Joker, whom he met while working as an internal psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, where the Joker was patient.

In recent years, she has left her role as a supervillain behind to become an antihero. In addition, she has also been represented as a member of the famous Suicide Squad on the big screen. Both in the movies and in the comics this villain leaves us an endless number of quotes that demonstrate that madness and passion that characterizes her, that’s why from free-ebookpdf.com we wanted to share with you the best harley quinn quotes.

Harley Quinn love quotes

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Harley Quinn’s quintessential love interest is the Joker. Although this relationship is chaotic and really toxic, there is no denying that they are an iconic couple and perhaps the most popular duo in the DC world. To get to know this relationship better, we leave you some Harley Quinn phrases of love that will not leave you indifferent. Look … I’m just doing this to help you. Let’s try this again. Acceptance.

I will show you how dark I can be.

My love for Joker was stronger than the walls of his madhouse.

As a curious fact, Harley Quinn and the Joker met in a madhouse where he was a patient and she was a doctor. Harley was fascinated by the complex mind of the Joker to the point of falling in love with him and helping him escape.

Why can’t a girl be nice to a boy without the bastard trying to kill her?

We are done, you and me. I have someone new now. Someone better.

I love him, not because of the way he silenced my demons, but because of the way his demons dance with mine.

When we fall in love with someone, an important reason to do so is how it makes us feel. The important thing is not that you change or feel compelled to change by someone, but that that person accepts you. Hush, honey, don’t say a word … Mom will kill everyone for you.

    If I get mad at you, that means I still care. Worry when you don’t.

You see all my light and you walk with my angels; but you also see my darkness and dance with my demons.

Now you feel like you have someone by your side to share the journey with you.

Don’t get me wrong … my little pudding is a little tough, but he loves me. Really.

This is how Harley Quinn calls the Joker “puddin”. It is a very ironic affectionate nickname considering the cruelty of the Joker character.

You do not like me? Well. Don’t waste my time then.

Treat me like a toy and I’ll show you how to play.

I have done everything you said. Each exam, each test, each initiation. I have shown that I love you. Just accept it!

I am known to be quite irritating. I’m warning you …

Never more. No more obsession, no more madness, no more Joker. I finally see it for what it is: a murderer, manipulator, hopeless.

There are times that love can blind us. We do not see that person for what he really is, but we tend to idealize him. Therefore, once love ends or we are disappointed we see everything more clearly. Come on, Puddin! Don’t you want to speed up your “Harley”?

I miss you; And you don’t realize that I will love you forever, even if you don’t love me.

Harley Quinn phrases of madness

If there’s one thing that characterizes Gotham City’s most famous villains, it’s their tendency to go crazy. This mental condition leads them to be very dangerous and, in addition, they leave us a host of funny phrases that demonstrate their dementia. These are some of the best Harley Quinn quotes about insanity … take note! What you think of me is just the ghost of the past. I’m dangerous. And I will show you how dark I can be.

I’m having a bad day! I’m sick of people trying to shoot me, run me over, or blow me up!

Didn’t you like my show? Well, try this one. It’s called “Animals Attack People I Hate”. It’s a comedy.

What was that? Should I kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. I’m kidding, that’s not what they really said.

You don’t have to be crazy to be in love. But that helps.

Wait until it hurts.

No matter how crazy you are, there is always someone to complete that madness.

I’m bored … I need a victim!

Like a really tough anti-heroin.

We are bad … that’s what we do.

There is always a wild side to an innocent face.

It’s the end of the world … have a drink with us.

Just trust someone who can see these three things in you: the sadness behind your smile; the love behind your anger; and the reason behind your silence.

My heart scares you, but not a gun?

I’d burn the entire world just to see the fire in your eyes!

I’m not going crazy. I am crazy. I become normal once in a while.

Never be ashamed of a scar. It only means that you are stronger than the person who tried to hurt you.

You think I’m just a doll; a dazzling pink doll. A doll that you can fix as you like … well you’re wrong. You are very wrong.

I’ll kill you. For all that you have done to me, for all those times that you have made me feel useless and small.

Honey, go get Mommy’s bazooka.

I am the rubber, you are glue, what you say bounces off me and makes you a six-inch diameter exit wound.

I love your perfume, what is it? Smell of death?

Harley Quinn and Joker quotes

Harley Quinn and the Joker are one of the most iconic couples in Gotham City and the DC comics universe. These two villains are joined by their hatred for Batman and the madness they both suffer … that’s why we think it is worth reviewing some phrases from Harley Quinn and the Joker, as well as quotes that define their relationship perfectly. I found the Joker’s psyche haunting, his alarming insanity, and his irresistible charm! Harley Quinn

I know the voices in my head are not real, but sometimes their ideas are absolutely amazing. Joker

What the hell? That suit! What are you, the president of my fan club? Harley Quinn

All that talk will hurt you. Harley Quinn

I like you, but I want to kill you. Joker

The relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn is extremely toxic , and phrases like this demonstrate it. Despite this, Harley Quinn is unaware of the damage caused by her love for the Joker and comes to be completely reduced to her mercy. Despite being fiction, the harsh reality is that these kinds of relationships happen too often.

Smile because it confuses people. Smile because it’s easier than explaining what’s killing you inside. Joker

For what it’s worth … I really enjoyed some of our games. But there comes a time when a girl wants more. Harley Quinn

Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power. Joker

Wait until it hurts. Harley Quinn

I will incite chaos and destruction wherever I go. Harley Quinn

Introduce a little anarchy, alter the established order and everything turns into chaos. I am an agent of chaos. Joker

Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy. Harley Quinn

I may be twisted, but at least I’m interesting. Joker

Find what you love and let it kill you. Harley Quinn

Mom is going to paint the streets with blood … Harley Quinn

The sadness behind your smile; the love behind your anger; and the reason behind your silence. Joker

Every woman has a crazy side that only the right man can bring out. Harley

I am not sick, I am twisted. Sick makes it look like there is a cure. Joker

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