heart touching friendship messages

Sometimes we forget to express how we feel about a friend. And that is what makes a friendship true. However, from time to time it is convenient to dedicate a few words to it. In this article you will find the best heart touching friendship messages. Friendship is both abundant and rare. In life you will meet few people who accompany you all the way, in good times and bad, without questioning your relationship. But he will always be by your side for when you need him, even in the distance. That’s what makes friends special, really.

On the other hand, those who only come to you in their bad streaks and stay away in good ones, are false friends, hypocrites, people who leave somewhere in your life. For these people there are also phrases, although the truth does not deserve a mention or disqualification. However, here we have prepared the heart touching friendship messages that we like the most to dedicate to your best friends, those individuals who really are worth it, as well as for people who are not so important but would like to say a few words or send them a message. You will also find several images and, if you have any contribution to make, do not hesitate to express it in the comments!

Beautiful messages for friends and special friends

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I have many companions, but few friends like you.

He is my dearest friend and the cruellest of my rivals, my confidant and the one who betrays me, the one who supports me and the one who depends on me; and most frightening of all: he is my equal.

I won’t feel useless as long as I have a friend.

A true friend comes when the rest leave.

    The cultivation of a true friendship is not done in three days: you need years of time and trust.

Friends multiply smiles and reduce sadness.

The heart touching friendship messages are great to devote to these very special people who make your day more beautiful and sincere. Friends are there, in good and bad, they are the family that you choose and, therefore, it is nice to remember how important they are to you. Special friendships reach the heart from anywhere on the planet.

Do not look for the friend to kill the hours, but look for hours to live with him.

Even if you no longer believe in yourself, a friend will still support and believe in you.

    An enemy will answer something you want to hear; a friend will answer you honestly.

My only assets are my friends.

Friendship consists of a soul present in two bodies, and a heart that resides in two souls.

The best ingredient in life is a pinch of friendship.

A good friend will understand even your silence.

I could compare my best friends to a long-term investment. Every day they have more value.

Sharing beautiful thoughts with friends and the people you love is something precious and manages to strengthen ties. We have to take care of all the relationships that exist in our lives and that of friends are very special. A man who has no friends is like a stair without steps, or a plant without roots.

“Friend” is a word with six letters and an infinity of unforgettable moments.

You will be richer the more you take care of your friends as if they were a treasure.

A true friend is a brother chosen by us.

Living without friends is like being in a desert with nothing.

A real friend will arrive on time, while the rest only when they have some time.

True friends criticize each other face to face, but behind their back they defend and revere themselves.

A friend will take care of your back while you protect him.

Having intense experiences with your best friends is priceless.

The friends will not try to please you with lies, they will tell you what they honestly think, no matter how much it hurts.

Even if there are parts of you that you don’t like, a friend will accept you just the way you are.

Dedications and short texts for a real friend

One friend in a lifetime is already a lot. Two are too much. Three are impossible. Henry Adams

The greatest gift you have ever given me is your friendship. Never stop being my friend.

Our friendship is very similar to the sea. We see the beginning, but never the end.

A friend is like blood, they appear whenever a wound opens without the need to call her.

Friendships like ours are difficult to find, and impossible to leave.

Because you never judge me, you are always by my side, you listen to me and then you give me your honest opinion. If I make a different decision, you continue to support me. You are a great friend.

Many people have passed through my life, but very few people have left a mark on me; you are one of those people.

If you have vertigo when looking forward, or fear when you look back, look to the right, that I will be supporting you there.

I stumbled upon a treasure upon discovering our friendship.

I feel fulfilled by contemplating our long-lasting friendship. We will be friends forever.

Never walk behind me, since I will not know how to guide you; don’t do it ahead either, because I might get lost. Friend, walk beside me.

I don’t just consider you my best friend. You are my family. Thank you for allowing me to tell you about my hardships and joys, my achievements and failures. We will never part.

The biggest advantage of having you as a friend is that I can be myself; I feel free.

Thank you for crying my sorrows and laughing my joys.

How many funny moments we have been through! How many laughs and how many tears! The most precious symbol of our friendship is our union.

Even being imperfect and with bad milk, you are a great friend.

They say that friends are achieved by being nice, but a friend like you is not found every day.

If you stay in the dark, I will enlighten you. If you get lost, I will guide you. If you feel alone, I will accompany you. You will always have me by your side, my best friend.

Funny messages of crazy friends

Friends we are, we will never leave, we are crazy and we will continue there.

You know all my secrets, the superficial and the most hidden; that’s why we will always be friends.

If you go to the greengrocer and see a tomato, you will see my face because I am like a goat, to top it off.

We are friends as true as a bra… because we hold on!

I sell t-shirts and pants, but not you, friend, you’re worth a billion!

If you travel to the other side of the pond and see a potato, you will remember me because I always gave you the can.

You know what? Sometimes I would like to be you… to have a great pimp like me.

Words for false or envious friends

You call me when you are sad; You forget me when you’re happy.

Those bad friends who accompany you in success, but ignore you in failure.

You are not part of my friendships because I do not want hypocritical people in my life.

It seems that you like to follow the trend of fake friends.

My ass watches you when you speak ill of me behind my back.

There are no false friends, there are simply false people posing as your friend.

When you wept or called me, now don’t come to me because I will be happy again.

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