Imam Abu Hanifa: “Imam e Aazam Ki Wasiyatian Is A Islamic Book”

Imam e Aazam Ki Wasiyatian Pdf Book Free Download


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Imam e Aazam Ki wasiyatian is a beautiful Islamic pdf book written by Abu Hanifa Noman bin Sabit R.A. Actually it was in Arabic, Majlis ul Madina tul Ilmia, Dawat e Islami really works hard to translate it to Urdu for Urdu knowing, persons. As name show’s Imam e Aazam Ki wasiyatian, it is a collection of Imam e Azam Abu Haneefa Advice and Instructions for the betterment of people. Imam e Azam Abu Haneefa is a renowned Islamic scholar and personality. He derived Islamic law from the Qur’an, hadith, the authentic narrations of the Muslim prophet Muhammad and also believe on ijma consensus of the Muslim community and qiyas, analogical reasoning.




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