Inspirational Moral Stories:”Short Inspirational Stories Are Powerful Reads”



Inspirational Moral Stories

Many mothers are looking for some useful stories for children that work to spread the values ​​and good morals within them, because childhood is the stage in which the child is properly raised, so we must pay attention to the transmission of values ​​and good morals in our children since childhood, and for this we have gathered you some children’s stories To teach their good morals.

The story that God sees me
There was a boy called Muhammad, living in a small village.This boy was very intelligent.One day a man came to him and asked one of the men of the city about Muhammad.When the man asked him why he wanted him and why I brought these children with you, the man told him you would learn soon.
He had three intelligent children with this man, and when he found Muhammad, he said to them, “Every child takes the apple, goes away, eats it and makes no one see it.”
Already the four children went, and after a few minutes each child returned and asked the Sheikh every child of them Where did you eat the apple? One child replied at home, another replied to the desert, and the third said to eat in the cupboard, before Muhammad did not eat apples.
When the Sheikh asked him why he did not eat apples, he replied that he did not find a place where no one saw him, because God is everywhere and see us all the time.

The story of the unjust whale and smart fish
There was a big whale eating all the organisms that he saw in a way, and even if he was not hungry, it kills any fish or marine organisms he sees, so this whale was hated in the sea, and aquatic animals wished his death.

One day there was a clever fish.

The whale told her how to do it.

In fact, the whale ate the boat and the hunter called Yasser, took the fisherman do some actions that harass the whale in the stomach until the whale out, he started beating him in the stomach, but the whale did not get it out.

The fisherman ignited the wood in the belly of the whale, whispered the fish in the whale’s ear that Yasser should be taken out of his belly instead of dying, and indeed the whale opened his mouth to take out Yasser, but Yasser said to him you broke my boat I will not go out only at the beach.

Already the whale went Yasser at the beach and just saw people killed him with arrows and fire, and indeed the whale died because of human intelligence and the intelligence of that fish.

The story of Shehab liar
There was a boy called Shehab, and this boy went to the sea every day to have fun and play, and whenever he came down the sea was lying and screaming and say save me that I drowned, after the Wallace turned to him and rescued him laughing and told them I lied to you, and every time he met the sea meteors do This act, until people called it Shihab liar , and on the day the waves were very severe and indeed Shihab was drowned and began screaming and say follow me that I drowned, but people will not believe him and no one tried to save him, but after about to drown a fisherman already saved him and went to the hospital, Shehab then learned that he would not lie again to people.

The story of a coward Coco
There was a bird called Coco every day running and playing among the trees, and one day he cried out to his friends sparrows and told them there is a man with a gun and wants to kill us, said the birds to Coco is not afraid and we will see what this man wants, and already all the birds went to this man but Coco The coward refused to go with them, and when they got there they found a wood man who did not move, called the man of the field is present to scare the birds to approach the field, and tried to persuade Coco to go and watch it the same, but refused until Coco’s mother intervened and reassured his heart and knew that there was nothing Called fear, and he must have the courage.

The stupid lion
The animals lived in the jungle under the rule of an arrogant and unjust lion who chased the animals and killed many of them, and he is hunting so that he can feed but leaves the rest of his food without the need to eat, and here the animals became very angry with the lion decided to go to the lion to put an end to this Injustice.

The animals arrived at the lion and started to call on him until he came out to them.They started to address the lion and try to reach an agreement with him in order to stop chasing them without need, so they agreed with him to give him prey every day.He saw that this idea was suitable for him and accepted his offer.

The situation continued in the forest in this way every day is presented prey to Assad until the day came when the choice was made on the rabbit, who did not have the ability to refuse the choice and took him to the lion, but saw on the lake, which helped him to get an idea to help him get rid of the lion .

The rabbit arrived at the lion and began to appear poorly telling the lion that he had with him a group of large wild rabbits that fill his stomach, but on the way a lion attacked them and told them that the owner of the place, which angered the lion a lot and made him revolt and asked the rabbit to show him the place of this lion, took him to the lake He saw the reflection in the lake and told the rabbit that this is the lion that attacked him, Assad attacked his reflection in the water fell in the lake and drowned and ended the nightmare of the unjust lion.

Ugly duckling
The duck looked for a place to lay his eggs to find a suitable place and set up her nest and put five eggs, but she noticed that one of the eggs was strange shape and this was what worried her at first, but in the end did not pay much attention.

The duck remained lying on the eggs until it came on the hatching of the eggs and hatched the whole except the egg with a strange shape, the mother returned to lie on that egg until you get enough warmth to hatch as she imagines that the egg will come out of them the most beautiful small because it took longer to come out of the egg, Indeed, the fifth egg hatched, but took out an ugly duck gray and large size of the rest of the young, which saddened the mother.

But the mother duck wished for her young to dust his ugliness when he grew up, which is the hope that the mother duck lived, and throughout his youth his brothers called him an ugly monster and refuse to play with him, which saddened him a lot, so the small lead duck decided to leave his family and actually went out to the big forest but when he came out He was walking around the woods in winter and the snow fell and he felt very cold. He tried to find a new family and a place to shelter from the cold of the winter. A family of ducks met him, but his strange shape made him reject him. He went out among them and tried to live in a chicken coop. He told him that he was very sad Because of his strange shape and that he no longer has a family living with her and returned to roaming.

He met a peasant and took him to his house, but the peasant had a cat that terrified the young and he ran away from the peasant’s house and returned to roam, and the spring has come and there is a lake view and in the lake he saw a beautiful swan he liked a lot but he remembered how ugly and different from that swan To approach them and while he was retreating he saw his reflection in the water he did not see its shape for a long time and how much changed, but he was surprised by what he saw he became a male swan and beautiful shape, and here he knew that he was not ugly but was different from the ducks is not a duck but Swan, did not hesitate much and approached the swan in the lake and married and the formation of a beautiful family He has young people with beautiful shape.



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