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All of us who are users of social networks want to use the best words to accompany our photos that we share with our best friends and family, be original and fun in the perfect situations, and therefore, today to help you we bring you our list with the best instagram messages, status and phrases, the shortest and most beautiful of love, friendship or even in English. Surely from now on, that beautiful photo will be accompanied by cool words and phrases that will change your profile to much better!

Beautiful Phrases for Instagram

Although the visual content on Instagram takes all the awards, adding a beautiful instagram messages to a photo, either in the description or in the image itself, can make people connect much more, generating great interaction with your followers. Finding beautiful instagram messages is not difficult, choosing the one that can get the most comments and “likes” if it is, that’s why will only give you the best of all you can imagine, no matter which one you choose, all will cause a great impact:

  • 1 If you feel that what you do is nothing more than a small breeze against a great storm, do not despair, that small breeze can clear the clouds from the road.
  • 2 All our knowledge is like a drop of fresh water in the ocean of which we are unaware.
  • 3 Do you have a problem? The answer will always be salty, a trip to the sea, tears or sweat.
  • 4 Do you want motivation to follow your path? Just take the first step, you will find reasons to follow later.
  • 5 The best comparison to understand life is a novel, without a cover, only with your name on it. If you want to know the answer to everything, you will keep reading, you will achieve nothing by rereading old chapters.
  • 6 Your dreams stop being fantasy when you turn them into a plan to move towards your future.
  • 7 The secret to a happy life is to love what we do, if you don’t love it, then learn to do it.
  • 8 The hardest thing you can face is letting go of your old self to welcome a new version of yourself.
  • 9 If you think about it, you do the impossible to not face your fears than to achieve your dreams.
  • 10 The only way to change the world is for everyone to fulfill at once their duty in the lottery of life. Without a doubt, one of the beautiful instagram messages that you can share to raise awareness among your followers.

Instagram is a social network that is constantly changing, although its basis is to share attractive images, using beautiful instagram messages can help you use its algorithm to your advantage, to reach your followers or find many more. To do this, you can go to the thoughts, quotes and messages that has for you, they are the ideal complement to attract the public and generate many comments and votes that will attract many more users to your profile.

Cool Phrases

There is nothing better for a fresh Instagram profile that attracts followers than sharing cool phrases with your photos and images. Users interact much more when the image or description has a phrase that arouses their interest or invites them to comment, so take a look at your profile and dare to share the cool instagram messages that has for you:

  • 11 Happiness is on the way, not at its end.
  • 12 Yes, my profile may seem boring, but it is unique worldwide.

  • 13 The best way to preserve a moment of happiness is to photograph it.
  • 14 If life gives you lemons, bring mint and rum: It’s Mojito`s Time.
  • 15 I invite you to follow me, not to stalk me, but if you miss a like in an old photo, I will be grateful to you.

  • 16 The only accessory that matches everything is a beaming smile.
  • 17 No, I’m not crazy, I just enjoy every moment of my life, good or bad, as if it were the last.
  • 18 Having haters is synonymous with being famous.

  • 19 To have a good life, learn to thank more and need less.
  • 20 If you really want to achieve something, desire it with all your might, work to achieve it and somehow, the universe will take it into your hands.

Many want to achieve success on Instagram, because in this social network it is easy to live in a beautiful fantasy, you can find many ways of thinking and different opinions. Flying is not bad, enjoy photography and the magical world they create, but advises you only to follow what really goes with your way of thinking and not only the most popular. With these cool instagram messages that we have presented to you, you will surely find a space in which you will stand out.

Short Phrases for Instagram

Instagram is the social network of the instant, the fast. The videos are short, the photographs can be enjoyed in seconds and their stories have a time limit, for such an accelerated place, knows the importance of sharing short instagram messages, those that you can read in a second and fully enjoy its meaning:

  • 21 Be happy, nobody will care how you did it.
  • 22 You don’t have to become someone in life, you already are.
  • 23 The only obstacle to your future is the doubts you have today.
  • 24 Only the brave love without conditions.
  • 25 No one has the right to judge you, only you have that privilege.
  • 26 Only you define how great you are, not the people around you.
  • 27 If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?
  • 28 One of the best short phrases for Instagram, to kick up the dust and watch the world burn: This place lacks common sense and a bit of maturity.
  • 29 Learning is the only constant in life, win or lose.
  • 30 The difficult moments are the catapult that will take you to the opportunities.

As you can see, these short instagram messages are perfect to accompany those precious photographs that you want to share on the platform. recommends you use them whenever you can, because they will provide a unique touch and will fill those who visit your profile with motivation and light.

States for Instagram

The states of Instagram are a space where we can share our state of mind, what goes through our mind or what inspires us the most to move on. Sometimes it is difficult to find the correct words to express ourselves, but you do not have to despair, in we have the best collection of messages to express yourself to your followers:

  • 31 We never grow and mature at the same time.
  • 32 If you feel lost stop and let life flow, take away the guilt and those beliefs with which you were educated.

  • 33 Do you want something? Search it. Do you want to do something? Just do it.
  • 34 If you want to stop seeing the darkness, become the light.
  • 35 You will start living when you leave fear behind. Great status for Instagram that reveals the strong attitude you have towards life.

  • 36 The most difficult thing of all is to give up, because it means that you will have to start from another path.
  • 37 The passage of time can wear you down or polish you, you decide which of the two will happen to you.
  • 38 If you want to be happy, learn to want what you have.

  • 39 If you don’t like your job, change, change your attitude until you like it, because you are lucky to have one.
  • 40 Do not follow the path of others, build your own, it is much more satisfying.

We hope that these states for Instagram that we,, have brought for you, have been to your liking. Remember that in social networks it is best to be true to yourself, to your beliefs and paradigms, do not allow anyone to change the way you see life, as long as it does not hurt your peers.

Love quotes for Instagram

There is nothing better than Instagram to express yourself indirectly or a better place to declare your love to the four winds. The instagram messages of love have a great reception, both by your followers and by that person you want to fall in love with or who is already your partner and want to show all your love. For this and more, brings to you only the best phrases for Instagram of love, without a doubt they will be useful when the time comes:

  • 41 I don’t like to talk about love, I prefer to show it.
  • 42 How curious is love, it can smash a heart and leave it as new in an instant.
  • 43 Your eyes are the light that illuminate each of my days.
  • 44 It was seeing you for a moment to know that I wanted you by my side for the rest of my life.
  • 45 If this love is wrong, then being well is overrated.
  • 46 By your side it is much easier to become the best version of myself.
  • 47 The best day of my life will be the one when I can finally see you wake up next to me.
  • 48 True love is one who stays, even when everything seems to fall apart.
  • 49 I never believed that I could find paradise on earth, until I discovered the space between your arms and over your heart.
  • 50 Because now you live in it, my heart is a better place.

The phrases of love for Instagram are a great tool for all your followers to know you better, they can even help you flirt and find that special person that you have been searching for so long. If these instagram messages do not express enough, you can always look for the different sections of love phrases that has to offer you.

Phrases of Friendship and Friends for Instagram

Like love, friendship deserves to be celebrated on Instagram and that is why brings to you the best instagram messages of friendship and friends, they will surely love to see reflected on this social network as you recognize the value of friendship they share. Don’t be shy and express those beautiful feelings with confidence:

  • 61 A good friend will take care of your back while you take care of his.
  • 62 If there is friendship, you will be accepted as you are, without buts, through thick and thin.
  • 63 If ​​you have to “fit in” to be part of a group of friends, they are not your true friends.
  • 64 There is no greater satisfaction in adulthood than finding a friend as we did in childhood.
  • 65 A friend protects you from the stabs in the back while he gives them to you from the front so you can grow.
  • Throughout our lives we will meet many people, but only a good friend will stay in your heart.
  • 67 This is one of my favorite friendship phrases and friends for Instagram: Friends share a unique telepathy, even without speaking they can understand each other perfectly.
  • 68 If you want friends who love you, you should only love them first.
  • 69 Do not look for friends in misfortune if you did not look for and treasured them during the joys.
  • 70 When life loses all meaning for you, you will always find a helping hand to help you continue.

Although it may not seem like it, these quotes from friends and friends for Instagram can also be shared on other social networks. Don’t be shy and express your feelings, let your friends know how much you value them and how lucky you are to enjoy their friendship. invites you to surprise your friends with these beautiful instagram messages, you can dedicate them personally or share them, as you prefer, the important thing is not to stay with the feelings.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Tips on Instagram from

What is a good bio quote from Instagram?

Nothing is more important than your Instagram bio, it is the first impression that your followers receive from you, your product or your personal brand. A profile can be visited by many people and making an impact is essential to achieve a greater number of followers and with it, a growth of your personal brand or your company. At we know that a good bio quote from Instagram is one of the keys to success on this platform and that writing one can be complicated.

The biggest challenge when writing a bio quote is not the number of people who can read it, but you must give your best in just 150 characters. To create the best bio for Instagram you need a lot of ingenuity and time.

A bio shows people who you are, what you have to offer and why they should care. Therefore, you must pay careful attention and do your best to answer these three questions.

Since the needs of a company or venture are slightly different from those of a personal brand that wants to make itself known (whether you are a freelancer, writer, artist or basically a content creator) will take you step by step to create the best bio.

These tips are also valuable for those people who simply want to make themselves known on Instagram and want to have a large following.

How do followers get to your Instagram account?

Users get to your Instagram profile in many ways, generally they do it through a hashtag, by a mention, from outside the platform or by mentions from other websites. Either way, when you get to your profile, the first thing they will find is your bio and it will depend on whether they follow you or not.

If the description of your bio is very confusing or does not explain who you are or what you do, you have a big problem. Don’t worry that is here to help you.

What your biography includes on Instagram

Before writing the famous 150 character bio, you should know that a good bio contains:

Name: And not the username. It must be your real name or that of your company, which can help you explain who you are and what you do. You can include some keywords that define what you do or define your business.

Username: It is part of the Instagram address. It should be simple and it should identify you. It must be the same on all your social networks.

Web address: Instagram does not let you share links unless you have 10,000 followers and a verified account, and even then, you can only do it in the stories and in the profile. That is why you can use your bio to link to your blog, portfolios or something new that you want to communicate.

You can modify this link whenever you can.

Contact information: There are two types of profiles on Instagram, business and personal. If you select a company you will be able to generate more interaction and that is what recommends if you have a startup or plan to dedicate yourself to the freelancer world.

You can create buttons so that users can call you, send you emails or find specific instructions to reach you.

This will also allow you to add a physical address without subtracting space in your bio.

Category: This option is only available for company profiles, it will appear under your name and allow users to find you in a sector. This can only be seen on a mobile phone.

Verified Badge: will give you great news, you can have a verified account without being famous. Verification allows you to create official accounts that provide confidence to followers. To achieve this you only need to follow a series of simple steps, but BEWARE not all requests are accepted.

How to write the best Instagram bio?

Now yes, we come to the most important part. Once you have verified that your bio has all of the above, you must put all your effort to take advantage of those scarce 150 characters to transmit your personality, what you do and who you are.

It may seem too much, but will help you answer this great question:

Explain who you are in an original way: Open Word and activate the character counter. Write how you define yourself. If it takes less than 150 characters, you’re going well, if not, cut until you get it.

Try telling that same story differently. Highlight those details that make you unique as a business, personal brand or person.

• Communicate the values ​​that differentiate you from the rest, do not be shy, all those little details that you value so much about your brand are there to shine.

• If you create content, show it, although not all of us can write phrases like, creativity can be transmitted to different fields. If you draw, let that same inspiration that leads you to color take you to the right words.

• If you are already something known and want to use Instagram to reach more followers, take a license and tell an attractive personal detail or write a more relaxed bio.

• If your personal brand has a specific tone of voice, that is, it is defined as being serious, fun, creative or unique, respect that when writing the bio.

Use emojis: Emojis are increasingly important in communication, they have become a kind of third language that everyone who surfs the internet can often handle and understand. reminds you that this is very important and you must pay close attention to it, since, if your audience is from a generation before the millennials, it is not recommended to use emojis.

Emojis are a great way to attract attention and communicate a lot without wasting characters. They are particularly useful if you don’t have a business account. Among the most used you have:

• Ghost: For the Snapchat profile.

• Envelope: For email.

• Location pin: To indicate physical address.

• Finger: To indicate important information.

• Flag: It will indicate your nationality or the country where you work.

• Profile: To indicate a secondary profile or additional account.

You can use these emojis as an introduction or between the text, as you see fit and necessary to highlight certain aspects.

Don’t forget the hashtags: This will allow your user to appear in the search results of users on a topic. It is best if the hashtags match the name of your company or brand. No one can copy it because it will only define you.

Use quotes in your biography: If a quote represents your philosophy and your personal brand, you can use it as a bio to connect with other people and approach users with ways of thinking

Use custom fonts: Yes, you can use a special typeface on Instagram to make your bio stand out above the rest. invites you to investigate this curious world and find the best typefaces to define yourself.

What are some good captions for Instagram selfies?

Good captions for Instagram selfies are those that explain or describe the photo you have posted to give it context. You can include hashtags to reach more users and tags and emojis to connect with them. reminds you that a good subtitle for selfie will allow you to endow it with a story and prevents it from falling into the same pile with the empty and lifeless selfies that abound in this social network.

To write a good caption for Instagram selfie you must:

Ask for something : It is one of the best ways to interact. Users participate if asked for something. With each selfie you can ask to tag a friend with an original phrase. You can also ask a question to ask for their opinion, both the photo and a story behind it, or you can specify that the product is for sale and that they can access it through the link in the bio. If you ask for something, you commit your followers to fulfill it and strengthen your relationship with them. If you use messages like next to your request, you will give your selfies a unique detail.

Character limit: The caption for photo captions is 2200 characters, about 330 words. Use this great limit very occasionally, because Instagram is dedicated to images and not text. One day you can share emojis, a phrase from short or whatever you want. Another day you can share a longer story that is related to photography.

Emojis : We have already mentioned that emojis are a new language. If you have a large number of loyal followers, you can get their attention with phrases and emojis to decorate them. If you have a personal brand, you can create expectations about a new product or content by placing emojis related to it. Hints always create hysteria among followers.

Brainstorming : The phrases for our subtitles can come at the least favorable moment, take with you a notebook or a note app on your mobile phone and brainstorm every time you feel inspired. You will find that you will always have smart phrases to share. If you are not easy to write, you can always count on to find the ideal phrase for your selfies, it does not have to be phrases for Instagram, just locate the section that best goes with the soul of your personal brand and start sharing .

Tips for sending good phrases on Instagram

Instagram is an application to share photos and use them to attract an audience, but equally important is the phrase that you put under it. If you need advice to send the best phrases on Instagram, you’ve come to the right advisor, is the leader in phrases for all occasions:

• Be true to your personal brand. For example, if your account is dedicated to fitness, always try to share motivational phrases to keep up with your goals, health phrases and phrases dedicated to the gym.

• Take a notebook or notepad with you. You never know when your mind can be inspired and create the best phrases. At a lot has happened to us, that’s why we always have a tool at hand that allows us to capture and save our ideas.

• Be direct. Although the character limit is large, the best way to express yourself is to put a direct, short and clear phrase. Who really is interested in what you have to say below, will click on the photo. This way you can filter followers.

• Use nice phrases. You can visit the section of beautiful phrases about life, love or the topic you prefer from, they are ideal messages to share in the states.

• Be very attentive to the moment in which you live. It can be the time of year, a date with global celebration or a sad moment that shakes the world, show your empathy in your sentences, if you can not do it, then refrain from sharing content when you go through difficult times, remember that respect is paramount .

• Invite your followers to think. Do not be a brand that seeks to sell. Give importance to the thinking, philosophy and analytical skills of your followers and share phrases to think. In you can find many.

Video with Messages and Words for Instagram

I wanted to share these original status and instagram messages that are beautiful, cool and short with the sole purpose of surprising and inspiring you, tando for love, in English or for your friends. If so, I invite you to leave your approval in our evaluations. Also remember that you can see all our original phrases for Internet and Social Networks in our specific category. And finally, to remind you that we already have social networks where you can follow us to be updated on absolutely all our new and improved content. Don’t forget to share us with your loved ones. Don’t you want them to not enjoy us as you have?