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Life is hard quotes. Although when we are young we tend to think that life will be a journey of roses in which we will not encounter obstacles, the reality is very different. It is important to change this misconception and assume that sometimes life will give you and sometimes it will take you away. The important thing is to learn to solve the problems that are presented to us and not give up in the face of adversity.

We really mature when we realize that life, at certain times, is very cruel, but we also discover that with effort and improvement we can move on. Today we bring you a compilation of 60 life is hard quotes, but also phrases full of optimism and reflection…

Hard but true phrases of life

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In this first section we have put together a small selection of phrases that have a certain truth about the hardness and difficulty that sometimes occurs in our lives. They are appointments with which you will surely feel identified, so we invite you to reflect on them… these are the hard but true life is hard quotes that we offer you. The heart does not die when it stops beating. The heart dies when the beats stop making sense.

I learned that you cannot back down, that the essence of life is to go forward.

If you are looking for life is hard quotes to give you a lesson, this is a must. Living anchored to the past or too focused on the future is a way to miss the present and not enjoy the moment. The key is to consider the past as a source of memories and learning, but never stay grounded in it.

A calm sea never made a good sailor.

For most of us, true life is the life we ​​do not lead.

Life has been hard on me, but I have been harder on her.

You will understand me … when your soul hurts like me. Frida Kahlo

Being prepared is important, knowing how to wait is even more, but taking advantage of the right moment is the key to life.

Do it, they will criticize you the same.

One of the hard sentences of life but some more essential. It is important to note that we do not need the approval of others to do what we really want. Whatever you do, there will be people who support you and people who don’t, but in the end only you should live your life as you want.

Difficulties are meant to wake us up, not discourage us. The human spirit grows through conflict.

    Live so that you can stare into anyone’s eyes and send him to hell. Henry-Louis Mencken

Nothing lasts forever … not even your problems.

Life is hard … but I am more.

In life, the saddest thing is not to be completely unhappy, but rather that we lack very little to be happy and we cannot achieve it.

In life there are no solutions, but forces at work. They must be created, and the solutions come.

Life is beautiful or sad, it just depends on how we want to see it.

Life has not been given to us to be happy, but to deserve to be. Armando Palacio Corté

Life is a constant process, a continuous transformation in time, a birth, death and rebirth.

There is only one thing sadder than loneliness, and that is wanting to be alone.

Don’t ask for a light load but a strong back.

We are in such a hurry to do, write and make our voices heard in the silence of eternity, that we forget the only really important thing: to live.

No matter how strong we are, we all need a hug at some point in our lives.

Phrases of hard life for WhatsApp

Are you having a hard time in your life and want to express it on your social networks, but can’t find the words? At we bring you some phrases from hard life for Whatsapp that will help you express your feelings and let others know what weighs on your heart … you will find hard but true phrases of life with which more than one can be identified. Loving and suffering is, in the long run, the only way to live fully and with dignity.

Enthusiasm is contagious. It is difficult to remain neutral or indifferent in the presence of a positive-thinking person. Denis Waitley

Let us strive to live decently and let the gossip say what they please.

The greatest hindrance in life is the waiting for tomorrow and the loss of today.

Whoever believes that their own life and that of their peers is devoid of meaning is not only unhappy, but is barely capable of living.

Once the game is over, the king and the pawn return to the same box.

He who has his own light makes him uncomfortable in the dark.

Living is the strangest thing in this world, since most of us do nothing but exist.

The worst regret we can have is not for the wrong things we did, but for the right things we did for the wrong people.

Life is a rainbow that includes black.

Life is sorrow, overcome it. Teresa of Calcutta

Life is a game of terrible odds; If it were a bet you would not intervene in it.

Whoever does not live in some way for others, does not live for himself either.

If you laugh the world laughs with you, if you cry, you do it alone.

If man has discovered nothing to die for, he is not worth living.

In two words I can summarize what I have learned about life: Keep going.

Life is short … smile at those who cry, ignore those who criticize you and be happy with those who care.

The phrases of hard life for WhatsApp that we like the most remind us of lessons that we should always keep in mind. This is one of them. Remember that life has an expiration date and we must make the most of it. As the quote popularized by Horacio indicates, “Carpe Diem”, “seize the moment”. There’s only one life, so surround yourself with the ones you really care about and stay away from toxic people.

There is much to know, and living is little, and you don’t live if you don’t know.

The least frequent thing in this world is to live. Most people exist, that’s all.

Among the hard but true phrases of life, we love this, because although it is difficult to imagine, there are many people who do not just enjoy life due to their worries. As we have said before, learn to be guided by the “Carpe diem” and never take life for granted. Walking through life I understood that what is important is not knowing what you have; the important thing is to know what one is worth.

Phrases of life is hard short to reflect

In this third and last section we wanted to collect life is hard quotes short to reflect ideal to reconsider. Reflection is very important for the human being as it helps us to know and learn, in addition to clarifying aspects of our life that may be confusing. After a goodbye one does not cry for the bad memories, but for the good ones.

The great ones do not die, they are only absent to be remembered.

Pleasure must have its sorrows and pain its pleasures. Goethe

The real pain is one that suffers without witnesses. Marco Valerio Marcial.

Sadness is the cradle of inspiration for every writer. Agatha Christie

Everything in life is temporary. If things go well, enjoy, and if things go wrong, don’t worry, nothing lasts forever.

In life we ​​must learn to fully enjoy the good moments that come our way. It is obvious that we will also face many obstacles and bad times, but it is important to remember that nothing lasts forever. Let’s continue with other phrases of life is hard to reflect … Suffering and crying means living. Dostoevsky

The difficult thing is not saying goodbye, not difficult is not going back.

They say life is hard, but … Compared to what?

The real pain is one that suffers without witnesses. Marco Valerio Martial

I am half agony, half hope. Jane Austen

Sadness of the soul can kill you faster than bacteria. John Steinbeck

As if forgetting us was just stopping writing to us.

We live as we dream, alone. Joseph Conrad

Someday the distance will die of jealousy to see us together.

Only in the agony of saying goodbye are we able to understand the depth of our love.

Very often tears are the last smile of love. Stendhal

Everything has a price in this life. And the price of freedom is loneliness.

People feel lonely because we are used to building walls instead of bridges.

Only in the agony of saying goodbye are we able to understand the depth of our love. George Eliot

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