love messages for mother

You can choose one of these love messages for mother and express the great love you have for her in beautiful but sincere words.

  • There is such a special person, that he would not reach life to return so much love and that is you my dear mother.
  • Mother there is only one and I got the kindest, the most loving, the best of all.
  • Mother I apologize if at any time I offended you, I want you to know mom that I love you.
  • Mom I learned from you that I must love with patience and unconditional love, thank you for loving me so much.
  • Mom you are the only one that I will always have deep in my heart, because you took care of me, you raised me and you love like nobody else does.
  • The best mom in the world is you who always knew how to understand and support me, thanks mom for being unique to me.
  • I don’t know about poetry, but for you mom I would become a poet if I can make you smile with happiness.
  • Many moments in my life and they were all perfect because you were always in them mom.
  • Everyone should have a mother like you, so good, so understanding and loving.
  • When my friends ask me which is my favorite heroine, I always answer that my mom is the best.
  • Mom I owe you so much that I can never pay you for everything you’ve done for me.
  • Mother, if you ever need help or feel sad, tell me because I will help you smile and support you just like you always did.
  • I want to tell you that my greatest wish in this life is for you to be eternal mom.
  • Dear mom, if she smiled today, it is because of you, because you taught me the value of a smile.
  • A mother like you deserves all the blessings that this world can give.
  • Mother I respect you and I love you because you always fought for us your children and nothing makes me happier than knowing that you smile with happiness.
  • You are my pride Mama because you always knew how to raise me, take care of me and make a person of good.
  • A mother like you who despite everything knew how to love her children is a mother with a pure heart and full of love.

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Text of love to the mother

The love you have for a mother is very difficult to describe, but in the following sentences you will find some excellent suggestions to express all the love you can feel towards the being who gave you life.

  • Beloved mother, thank you for teaching me that true love knows no impossibilities.
  • A mother deserves all the love and appreciation of her children.
  • Mother, your love is so deep that you always show me your forgiveness and consideration, although many times my faults have been very serious. Thanks for much love.
  • Your heart is the only place where I will never lose myself, even if I have my hair with many gray hairs, because your heart is my refuge.
  • A mother is like a blessing in the lives of her children and we should always be grateful for having our mothers in our lives.
  • Mother, I have so much to thank you for all your love and dedication, and everything you do for all of us.
  • You are the only mother … Only you know me so well, that you know when I need a hug, when I need only to be listened to, when I need advice. I love you.
  • Maybe you are not perfect, but I have never doubted that you are an excellent mother and that you would give your life for my happiness, because your love is infinite. Thank you mother.
  • I am so grateful to my mother for having love and patience in taking care of me and guiding me on this path that is life.

Message of love for a deceased mom

Losing a mother has never been an easy situation to experience, surely there were many words left to say to that special person, with these love messages for mother you will have the opportunity to say them in memory of your beloved mother.

  • Beloved mother, thank you for everything you did for me, now you rest next to God, but you continue in my memory, every day.
  • Today you are not in my life, but each of my achievements is in your honor, because you are the person who always motivated me to always improve myself. Thank you mother.
  • All my happiness and that of my children, is thanks to you, mother. You always fought for a better world, and now you are resting in peace.
  • Fate decided that you should leave this world, but I will never forget you, you may not be by my side, but you will always be in my memories and my heart.
  • Days like today sadness invades me and memories attack me. I miss you dear mother, I will always honor you in my memories.

Words of love to a beloved mother

Mothers are beings who have shown unconditional love for each of their children, if you want to give back in some way all their beautiful feelings, I invite you to dedicate some of the following love messages for mother.

  • Mother, you are the most special woman in my life, you have always shown me so much love without any conditions, I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart.
  • You are my mother, my unconditional friend, you never count my mistakes, but if I need your help, I always count on you without recriminations. You are my best example to follow.
  • You are able to give all your love without receiving anything in return, being the best example of sincere and deep love. Thank you for so much love, Mother.
  • Your sincere love is the best fuel for me to always fight for my dreams and longings. You have always been my best support, mother. Thank you. I love you.
  • I will never find deeper love, the most disinterested friendship, and the sincere interest that I find with you, beloved mother.

These love messages for mother are beautiful and perfect to remind her of all the love you have for her, although many times you forget to demonstrate it, that is a mistake that you can correct and spend wonderful moments with the person who loves you more than herself.