Love Messages

Short love messages to declare a great, immense and passionate love. Love photos to share what I feel with my relationship or with whom I want it to be.I can’t promise you that I will love you for the rest of your life … but I will love you, for the rest of mine.

I share on this page a nice selection of love messages for lovers.
To express what we feel for another person, who is already part of our life or who we wish to be.

Love Messages of a great, immense and passionate love

♡ My love for you is immense and great, because every day what we feel grows.

♡ There is nothing as beautiful as receiving a message from you, whatever the time, wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, I am always happy about life.

♡ I only ask God, if I have another life, let me meet you much sooner …

♡ Perhaps my love is not the best in the world, but it is sincere, great and it is all yours.

♡ I want a kiss from you, one of those flavored with “I want everything with you”.

♡ Being with you, for me is the only way to be happy. Being by your side, for me it is like having everything, even if I have empty hands. So I love you. So I wish you.

♡ When you hug me you restart me, you clean my heart of the daily garbage and you detoxify me of the heartbreak that remains in me.

When you kiss me, you charge my battery with optimism and you fill my life with faith, because with you happiness is possible.

With you love ceases to be a word and becomes my reality.

I am happy with you.

♡ If I could send my heart to you in this message, I would do it without buts. I can’t do it, but if I can write to you, how much I love you.

♡ I need you by my side, so you can explain with kisses, what I don’t understand with words.

♡ I may not have the best life, but with you by my side, I have happiness.

♡ You will not be the perfect person, but you are the one I want by my side and in my life.

♡ My past is mine, my present is yours and my future is mine and yours.

♡ The distance does not matter to me if behind the kilometers you are waiting for me.

♡ You are that present, that I want in my future.

♡ I love you in good times, bad times … and in my life.

♡ How can I not love you if you kiss my soul without kissing me and caress my heart without touching me …

♡ I could even be with you without touching you, without kissing you, just being with you and even then I would be the happiest person in the world.

♡ Only when I’m with you … I feel like I’m with me.

♡ You are what it is hard to stop loving, even if one day I want to …

♡ I love you with everything you bring, including your past, your nonsense and our future.

♡ My world needs your smile, to turn …

♡ I like you to be with you all night, all day … all life.

♡ I never get tired of looking at you, because you are a beautiful landscape, each new awakening.

♡ I found you and then I knew that when the universe wants to hug us, it disguises the coincidences of beautiful coincidences.

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♡ With you I pay attention to my heart and the rest … that fate is occupied.

♡ Catch my sighs, because they carry an “I love you” for you.

♡ I wish that all the stars in the sky were mine, so that I could be the one to fulfill all your wishes.

♡ Every night I invent a future with you, long and happy …

♡ People ask me about reality and I only tell them your name.

♡ You can’t imagine how many times I’ve made you mine, even without having you in my arms.

♡ I love you as you love what you cannot have, but that we carry within our hearts.

♡ I don’t care about the color of the sky, if there is a Sun or if the Moon rises. Who makes my day beautiful is you.

♡ When they tell you that I forgot you, even if I’m the one who says so, don’t believe me …

♡ I assure you that I think more about you than you imagine, that I miss you more than you think and that I love you more, than I that I show you.

♡ You look a lot like a rose but you are very different. Roses are grown in a garden and you in my heart.

♡ I am going to call you hope, so that you are the last, that I lose in that life …

♡ I love you … in all your versions, be it sad, happy, or serious, they are all charming.

♡ If I made a wish for a genius, it wouldn’t be “you” … it would be “us”.

♡ I dream of you because that’s the only way I feel close and write to you, because it is the only way I found to keep breathing.

♡ I like you, you attract me, you fascinate me, you charm me. I do not see the time that you say yes, that you love me as I love you. But it does not matter, I insist and I wait for you.

♡ In every message I send you, my most sincere wishes go. Every word I write to you has my deepest feelings engraved on it. Every note I send you, seeks to make you much more than just a friendship to me, because you are everything I really want.

♡ In each of my dreams you are, in each of my wishes, I want you to be my partner, my company, my complement.

♡ I adore you … because you are my everything.

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