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Talking to the person you like is not easy, especially when the ultimate goal is to conquer it. It is customary to remain silent before that special person and not find a way to approach him or her with subtlety, naturalness and interest…

That is why, in we have developed 100 phrases for your crush that will help you break the ice and give you that much-needed push to show your most seductive and interesting side.

Phrases for your short crush

The good, if brief, is twice as good. So the next section is full of phrases for your short crush that will help you make clear to that special person how you feel, either face to face or through messages and networks … Every moment with you is a gift that I will never take for granted.

I consider myself a person with good tastes. Maybe that’s why you’re so important to me.

At the end of the day, I feel like nobody knows me better than you.

In short: I love you. In many words … too.

I like talking to you so much that I no longer have time for anyone else.

I am an insecure person, however, when I am with you, everything seems clearer to me.

We are here and we are both, and I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in coincidences.

Fate put us in the life of the other, but from now on the rest is in our hands.

Every time I see you I die to kiss you.

All I know is that the days are better by your side.

Every time I’m with you I despair to stop time.

The sad and nostalgic phrases for your crush usually speak precisely of this, how much we want to stop the clock when we are in the company of that special person …

For you? For you I have a life.

I like to look at you when you don’t notice … and to look at me when you think I don’t pay attention.

Tumblr and Instagram crush quotes

The phrases for your Tumblr and Instagram crush are perfect for these networks, however, they also have a special sensitivity and depth that can be very useful when talking to that special boy or girl … My “online” spends the day waiting for your “writing …”

I don’t know what you give me, but I want more.

You see I like the difficult, I am attracted to the complicated and I fall in love with the impossible.

I always think of you. It doesn’t matter when you read this.

What if we give ourselves a chance and turn the world upside down?

Believing in coincidences is cowardly.

Let them say what they want, but you are the work of destiny.

Do you believe in fate? If so, what better way than to let that special person know that you think he came into your life for a reason? Among the phrases for your crush short and perfect for flirting, this we love. Show him that you are made for each other!

What if you put yourself in my place and see that I’m dying for you?

When you feel like anything you can, honey.

I did not believe in love, but then you came and see …

If you’re just passing through, leave me at least pretty footprints.

With you, life has much more meaning.

Love is only a word, but then you come and give it all the meaning.

Love, like the rest of the words, is empty of content until that special person comes into your life and makes you understand what everyone is talking about … that’s why, if you are looking for beautiful and sincere phrases for your crush, this is a great option.

Hints for your crush

If you still can’t seem to tell that special person what you’re feeling in your face, subtle phrases of love can save you. In the following hints for your crush you will find ideal quotes to leave on social networks and make you think a little … Has it already become clear to you that I like you or we throw a thousand more hints?

Even if I try to avoid it, you will always be my weakness …

Don’t get too close, I kiss you.

Do not tempt me, that if we are tempted we can not forget. Mario Benedetti

I have my smile ready for when I see you.

Even if I stop waiting for you, I will never stop remembering you.

I want to be the love of your life … will you leave me?

When they told me to go for everything, I decided to go for you.

If I fail for trying, at least it was for you.

The nights are shorter by your side.

My favorite coffee will always be the one in your eyes.

Poems for your crush

If you are looking for short and beautiful love poems to dedicate to that special person, in the following selection we offer you some phrases and verses that you will love. Choose one of these poetry quotes for your crush and dedicate it … Hopefully, love, every time you look at your hands you feel that you are missing mine. M. Sierra Villanueva

Chaotic and unpredictable, I never know if you will love me or hate me.

We all have a smile that we will never forget … and whoever says no, lies.

I want you to become Chinese with laughter, drunk with nothing and leisurely stroll the streets. Jaime Sabines

Your curves are still the most beautiful natural disaster my eyes have ever seen. Cesar Ortiz

Life ends only when you stop loving.

I love you as you love certain loves, old-fashioned, with the soul and without looking back. Jaime Sabines

Love is so short and forgetting so long … Pablo Neruda

More than kissing her, more than sleeping together, more than anything else … she shook my hand and that was love. Mario Benedetti

Hopefully we can have the courage to be alone and the courage to risk being together. Eduardo Galeano

You will never understand what I love you because you sleep in me and you are asleep. Federico García Lorca

I must pretend there are others. Is a lie. Only you are. You, my misfortune and my fortune, inexhaustible and pure. Jorge Luis Borges

I will make a kingdom where love will be king, love will be law and you will be my queen.

Sad men if they don’t die of love … Miguel Hernández

Phrases with images for your crush

If you and your crush share that love of images, nothing better than a beautiful edition in which you can mix a beautiful photograph with a profound date. For you to choose, below we show you phrases with images for your crush , quotes that you can add in any other photograph. I like you very much, and don’t think that terrifies me.

I like you. Perhaps the two most difficult words to say, but surely the most honest.

You’re making me fall in love and I’m afraid you won’t even know it.

Whatever happens, I never lose the desire for you.

I’m not able to get you out of my head, and I’m trying …

Make me a space in your nights, I want to dream about you.

Tonight, all I ask is that even the moon envy us.

Brave is the one who tells the truth even fearing that he may lose everything.

If you are looking for short crush phrases that are honest and sincere, this is one of our favorites. Friendship or trust with that person may be at stake … but in the end, only by being loyal to yourself can you get that thorn out of your heart.

And if this is a coincidence, I hope I don’t stop agreeing with you.

If there is life after death, I hope I can pass it to you again.

I never finished falling in love with you.

You taught me how to live with you, but … how do I live now that you’re not here?

Phrases for someone who doesn’t love you

What if it is an unrequited feeling? If you are looking for phrases for your crush that does not love you , you should know that although it may seem like the end, your life is ready to start a new chapter.

If you feel lonely and need to express yourself with the right words, here are some phrases for someone who does not love you, in case you are looking for hints for your crush that show them how you feel … When someone loves you it shows, but when someone doesn’t love you it shows even more.

I never stopped loving you, but I had to stop insisting.

I do not walk away for lack of desire, I walk away because I notice how yours are missing.

It will hurt a lot when he smiles and it’s not for you.

The only thing I hope now is that what you are looking for is worth more than what you are losing.

Do not stay with someone who considers you their first option; stay with the person who considers you the only one.

Time will not make you forget, but it will help you mature and understand things.

When someone loves you, they don’t leave, they don’t walk away, they don’t forget. It’s that easy.

You may not want to hear it, but it is what you should know: it is not, but the brightness of your future depends only on you.

Talk to someone day, afternoon and night … and suddenly don’t talk.

When that person you knew more than the palm of your hand becomes a complete stranger.

Loving someone who doesn’t love you is like trying to fly with a broken wing.

Don’t look for me when you’re alone, it will be too late …

Beautiful quotes for you crush

We finish with some beautiful and original phrases for your crush that will bring a smile to your lips … whether you want to make that person laugh or if you want to find the perfect date to show your feelings, in this selection you will find great options. I look at you and I’m already wondering how you do it to like me so much.

Not all the words in the languages ​​I know could express what I feel for you.

In life we ​​will regret more than we did not do than we did … so I can only tell you that I love you.

Every day I love you more. With capital letters.

I should charge you rent for living all day in my head …

There are phrases for your crush fun and as funny as this that are irresistible. If that special person likes good humor, do not hesitate to bet on a more humorous and witty date! When I saw you I fell in love … and you smiled because you knew it. William Shakespeare

Within the phrases for your short crush , it was clear that the name of one of the greatest writers of all time could not be missing. If you want a romantic state that makes that special person think … subtlety and wit are the key. Of all the people in the world there are you … and nobody else.

My kind? Those who are just like you.

How can I forget you if you have bought a house in my mind?

I kept you in my heart and planted a garden around you … and from here, at least, you no longer leave.

I invite you to sleep with me and fill yourself with kisses … do you sign up?

How short life is and how little we dare …

Of you I like even the things that I cannot bear from others.

I also believed that no one was perfect, but then I met you.

You have filled my life with colors that I have never seen.

Stay with whoever sees you as if you were magic in their eyes …

The most spectacular thing in my life is that it is filled with just one of your smiles.

I would rather fight with you than be with anyone else.

I don’t know what we are, but my life is very empty when you leave.

The smile gives me away when I hear his name.

I would stay tonight, but I would rather stay a lifetime.

Millions of years will pass but I will always choose you.

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