mothers love for her children

If you are looking for some messages of mothers love for her children, here we leave you some that you can share or send to your children.

  • I will always love you regardless of time or distance since you were born from me.
  • I want you to know that a mother never stopped loving her children.
  • I could not tell you, my son, what a mother’s love is but it is something that only a mother can feel for her children.
  • For me, I’m your mother, I don’t care about your age, you will always be my little son.
  • Never forget, my son, that I was the first to love you.
  • The love of a mother is the purest and unconditional that you can know.
  • The love of a mother will always be for her children, so never forget to give the same love to your mother.
  • All the moments lived are summed up to nothing when I am with my beloved children.
  • A mother can go hungry if it is for her children, because the first thing for a mother will always be her children.
  • Mothers are loving and we always want the best for our children, never forget it.
  • Even if a mother has several children, she will always love them all, wanting for them well-being, happiness and, above all, union.
  • A mother always has time for all her children, because each of them has a little piece of her heart.
  • If you lack confidence and security remember my son I will always be for you.
  • I know that I have not been the best mother of all but you will always be in my heart dear son.
  • A mother can always feel when her child needs it, that’s why she always trusts your mother.
  • A mother never forgets the greatest love of their lives and for her they are her children.
  • Maybe I can’t understand everything you say and do but I want to be with you always supporting you son.
  • No matter how much you fail or make mistakes, I will always support you no matter what.
  • For a mother her children are never a hindrance, her children will always be a blessing.
  • Only a mother knows what love is because only she feels how a life grows within her.
  • I will give you all my support and love, my son. I only ask you one thing in return is that you never forget me.
  • There are many reasons why a child may love a mother, but a mother only needs one reason to love her children.
  • My son, even if I cannot always give you the best, I want you to know that I will always strive for you.

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Phrases of love from a mother to a daughter

The love between mother and daughter is unbreakable, since they both support and console each other, they become friends and it is an incomparable feeling, here I quote you a few mothers love for her children to a daughter.

  • It is wise, that he who loves suffers and he who suffers wants. I love you, I suffer and I love you.
  • At each sunrise God gives you new hope and confirms your greatness, do not forget how special you are to Him and to my beautiful daughter.
  • Imagine my hands and keep them in your mind, and when life tries to knock you down, my child, they will be there to hold you.
  • Beloved daughter, you are my special work of art and nothing and nobody will take your privileged place from you.
  • Just when I thought that I already had everything, you appeared in my belly, and there I realized everything that was missing. Thank you for changing my life, my beloved daughter.
  • I will insert my heart into this cover of this book which will guide your response along your way.
  • Regardless of our ages, you will always remain my beloved girl.
  • I love being your mother, my daughter, you are the faithful copy of my portrait, it was worth sculpting with my hands.
  • Beloved daughter, wherever you want and with whom you are, I bless you every day of my life, you are my engine that without you would not work.
  • My daughter, you are my blessing, the princess of my life and the flower that I will always take care of, despite our discussions I want you to understand that I will never abandon you.

phrases of love from a mother to a son

The love of a mother for her child is born from when she is in her womb, and in each beat of her heart the feeling grows, there is the attachment of both. Here are some mothers love for her children messages from a mother to her son.

  • My son, with these hands that I caress you with, I build a school for you. You’re welcome.
  • Beautiful son, you have a long way to go and a great future that awaits you, do not lose heart in your walk, because your mother here will know how to wait.
  • Undoubtedly. You are my beautiful child, you are my light, my best decision, and you are my pride. So without a doubt you must fight for your happiness. I love you son.
  • You are my horizon, my cardinal points, my air, my days and nights, the reason for my sleeplessness, my joy and my inspiration, because you are the most important thing.
  • You are for me, my beautiful dream, you are the most beautiful thing that I asked God, now you are my son the owner of my love.
  • Beloved son, when the years go by, your presence will be enough for me, and I will leave with every wrinkle longing for your memories.
  • There are indescribable and unmatched loves, but when you have a child that changes everything. Son how much I love you !!!
  • My love and time for you is unconditional. no matter what happens I will always be there for you little son of my life and heart.
  • I am happy to have you as my son, I learn from you every day even though I am your guide.
  • Despite how big you are, you will still be my precious baby, because for a mother children grow but feelings remain.

I only hope that this mothers love for her children messages will be useful to you when complementing your research, since in addition to mother’s love messages, you will find important tips. Remember to value your little mothers every day and take care of them, because they are not eternal. Until next time !!!