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Optimistic thoughts. We know that having a bad day (or a bad season, as many will say) is the most normal thing in the world … however, we cannot give up trying and sink into our own misery. Life is full of obstacles and living means overcoming them little by little to learn as much as possible along the way.

Therefore, from wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com, we offer you a great selection of 100 optimistic thoughts about life that will change the way you see the world. If you are down or you know someone who is going through a bad time and does not know how to move forward, do not miss the quotes and advice that we offer below. Get up and start again!

Messages of optimism and improvement

It has been proven that being optimistic and facing life with a smile on your lips has multiple psychological and physical benefits. With the following optimistic thoughts and improvement we help you see things from a different perspective and we encourage you to take charge of your own life … it’s in your hands! The best changes are always accompanied by a strong jolt.

If you always tell the same sad story, you will always live the same sad life.

The question is not who is going to allow me, but who is going to stop me. Ayn Rand

Life just gives you a spark of madness … you must never lose it. Robin Williams

    If you wait for the perfect moment to come, you will end up waiting your whole life. George Herbert

I am an optimistic madman; for strange reasons things always go well. Richard Jefferson

Be stubborn with your goals and flexible with your methods.

Motivation comes when we work on things that concern us.

Altitude is almost always determined by attitude.

If you are positive there will be nothing you cannot overcome in this life.

In the end, optimism is a magnet for happiness.

Action is the fundamental key to all success. Pablo Picasso

You will never see the rainbow if you always look down. Charles Chaplin

Every beginning has an end, but in life, each end is a new beginning.

Optimism is the faith that leads you to success. Helen Keller

Always practice optimism and kindness; only then can you perfect them.

I find hope in the darkest of days and focus on the brightest. I don’t judge the universe. The Dalai Lama

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A little positive thought in the morning can change your entire day.

The biggest mistake a person can make is being afraid of making a mistake. Elbert Hubbard

It is hard to fail, but it is even worse to have never tried to succeed.

Bad situations can teach us a lot about how to see good from another perspective.

In the end, pain and difficult moments will make victory a more beautiful experience.

Smart optimistic thoughts

It is clear: the phrases of optimism and improvement are not a miracle that makes you feel good at first sight. However, they are the way through which you can find the inspiration and the desire to start from scratch . With the following phrases of intelligent optimism we want you to recover the illusion, the spirits and that you can face life with your head held high. Choose to be optimistic, you feel much better. The Dalai Lama

Work hard and do it quietly; let success do the talking.

Let’s put an end to the only threatening crisis; the tragedy of not wanting to fight to overcome it. Albert Einstein

Always play to win, as it is the only way to be victorious.

Never give up on a dream just for the time it takes to achieve it. Time will pass anyway. Earl Nightingale

Do not continue defining yourself by the past, because it was only a stage full of learning.

The only way to do a good job is to love what you do.

I don’t care if they underestimate me; They will not be the first or the last, but they will be very wrong.

The miracle is not that we do the job, but that we are delighted to do it. Mother Teresa

Falling does not mean being defeated, it means learning and assimilating the lessons for the following opportunities.

Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure. Paulo Cohelo

Life is only understood by looking at the past, but it must be lived by always looking towards the future.

Don’t be overwhelmed by a big goal; focus on taking one small step at a time. Confucius

It is not about running so that the problems do not reach you, but about facing them with wisdom and courage.

When one carries the sun inside, it matters little that there is a storm outside.

Be patient with yourself; in nature nothing blooms throughout the year.

When nothing is certain, everything is possible.

Even the darkest nights end up surrendering to the sunlight.

The only impossible thing is what you don’t try.

You cannot choose what life holds for you, but you can choose how you deal with it. Maya Angelou

The people who do well in life are the people who go in search of the circumstances they want and, if not, find them. George Bernad Shaw

You have to train your brain to be positive; just like you do with your body. Shawn Achor

Stay with the people who enhance the magic in you, not the madness.

He who falls and rises is much stronger than he who has never fallen.

Funny and humorous optimistic thoughts

We agree that looking at the positive side of things is sometimes a complicated task that requires effort and intensity … however, not everything always has to be so dramatic. With the following funny optimism phrases you will find humorous and very funny phrases that will help you face life with a necessary spark of humor.

If you want to make someone laugh so they don’t lose hope, don’t hesitate to dedicate one of these options to them. You will love them! If life gives you lemons … learn to juggle them.

This is one of our favorite funny optimism phrases, as it comes from the wise quote “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” With this fun and unexpected twist we find a new meaning: learn to see the positive side of things , because in the worst situations humor can be a great escape route. Everything good starts with a little fear.

Everything can have beauty … even the most horrible. Frida Kahlo

Being older is only important if you are a wine or a cheese.

A phrase of optimism about life perfect for those who believe that they are too old to learn something or that it is too late to meet according to what challenges.

Age is not important when it comes to chasing your dreams! In this case what you need is a good selection of Phrases not to give up that show you that everything is possible. Let’s be realistic and do the impossible.

The only ones interested in changing the world are the pessimists, because the optimists are delighted with what there is. José Samarago

Don’t take life too seriously … you’ll never get out of it alive. Elbert Hubbard

I am optimistic. It doesn’t seem very useful to be anything else. Winston Churchill

Life is short … smile while you have teeth.

The invention of an optimist is the airplane, while that of a pessimist is the parachute.

If life gives you lemons … ask for salt and tequila.

Rudeness is the imitation that the weak does of force.

Phrases of optimism and perseverance for Instagram

You are going to hang a photo, you think of a nice message that will bring a smile to your followers but nothing seems original enough … we know how it feels. Therefore, from wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com we want to offer you a selection of optimism phrases for Instagram, Tumblr and WhatsApp that will transform your captions and your photos. Get ready! The real secret to success is enthusiasm. Walter Chrysler

Passion + Constancy = Success.

Nothing can be accomplished without confidence and optimism.

You must do what you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt

Every flower must grow through dirt.

Make a crack in everything … this is how light enters. Leonard Cohen

What does not kill you makes you stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche

I am not here to be good, I am here to be the best.

A good smile is essential to live in a house with light.

In a world full of darkness, being optimistic is a superpower.

If you can dream it you can do it. Walt disney

Among the phrases of optimism and improvement, the footprint of Walt Disney, one of the most influential and creative men of all time, cannot be missing.

If you like Disney Quotes and want to discover more inspirational quotes for young and old, don’t miss this other wordpress-769875-2896726.cloudwaysapps.com article. You are going to become what you think, you are going to attract what you feel and you are going to create what you imagine. Buddha

Allow yourself the luxury of seeing new opportunities.

Without rain there would be no rainbow. Gilbert Chesterton

If you are looking for short optimistic thoughts that allow you to express an idea in a few words, this is one of the best: sometimes, the worst moments are necessary to enjoy the best things in life.

Don’t worry so much about making decisions that others don’t approve of; You are responsible for your happiness, not theirs.

In the end, all you need to do is believe in yourself.

You are what you do, not what you say you will do. So get up and go for it!

Happiness comes in waves; will find you again.

Make optimism a lifestyle.

Dreaming, after all, is a way of planning for the future. Gloria Steinem

If plan A doesn’t work, remember that the alphabet has 26 more letters.

Don’t let a bad day make you think of a bad life.

Bad things only have the power that you allow them to have.

Don’t stop being afraid; but do things in spite of it.

Learn from the ayder, live for today and dream of tomorrow.

Every time you manage to find humor in a difficult situation, you win.

You cannot be bitter and expect your life to be sweet.

Your attitude always determines the direction you take.

More funny optimistic thoughts for Instagram

It is proven: humor triumphs on social networks when it is done at the right times. Therefore, if you liked the fun optimistic phrases that we have offered you but want more options to beautify your social networks, we suggest some more quotes. You can’t have it all in this life … where would you put it? Steven Wright

… the bright side of this is that I am not a cocaine addict.

The elevator to success is broken, so you’ll have to take the stairs and go step by step. Joe Girard

My husband’s wife is spectacular.

People say optimism doesn’t last long … but baths don’t last either, so you have to do it daily. Zig Ziglar

Bad decisions are the foundation of good stories.

Think like a proton: always positive.

Work until your bank account looks like a mobile number.

The time has come to lift your ass and make your dreams come true.

Be the type of person that makes others want to be better.

If the price to pay is your peace of mind, it is too expensive.

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