rainy messages

On July 13, 2020

Rain can turn a good day full of plans into a much more disappointing one; However, rain can also be relaxing, fun, beautiful and even romantic. Everything Continue Reading

messages for crush

On July 11, 2020

Talking to the person you like is not easy, especially when the ultimate goal is to conquer it. It is customary to remain silent before that special Continue Reading

short messages

On July 11, 2020

Through social networks and instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, there are many messages and funny phrases that travel the world in an instant. When any of these Continue Reading

god’s messages

On July 11, 2020

God, according to Christianity, is the divine being who created the Universe, manifested in three different persons, but sharing the same substance of God: As Father, as Continue Reading

hug messages

On July 11, 2020

There are hugs that can rebuild you, that fill your soul with serenity and make you feel more secure than in any other part of the world. Continue Reading

surfer sayings

On July 11, 2020

Surfing, a melee between man and nature that, fortunately, is usually friendly. Who doesn't remember some very young Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in "They Call Him Continue Reading

quotes about resilience

On July 11, 2020

Even though you have heard this word countless times, you may still be wondering what is the meaning of resilience. Well, the definition of resilience reads as Continue Reading

messages on fear

On July 11, 2020

Fear... that feeling that can make us give up what we really want, what makes us happy. We cannot let fear control our lives. We will always Continue Reading

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