Resentment Quotes

If a trusted person offends or betrays you, it is not surprising that you start to feel resentment and anger. Below I share with you several resentment quotes loaded with pride and hatred, as well as some thoughts that will help you take things differently.

A friend would never fail you, a true love would never be unfaithful to you … But in the end you find out that your relationship is a lie . I used you without you realizing it, and now that you are no longer interested … it leaves you lying. Who has not had this kind of feeling?

The selection of resentment quotes that you will find below will be familiar to you if you have been disappointed and disappointed, especially if feelings of anger and rage have developed within you. However, as you will see, some reflections will teach you that in the end you must focus on the people who are really worthwhile and distance yourself from those who do not.

Quotes of resentment towards a person

I don’t feel rancor. I feel indifference. I will not lose a single second of my future because of you.

Resentment? Do not forget? Neither.

Taking revenge on people who hurt you in the past will not improve your future at all.

Revenge is for cowards; forgiveness for the honorable.

It is not that I wish you the worst, although I hope that when you go to bed with the other one, you will accidentally shout my name.

You want to be happy? So forget about the ego, the resentment, the contempt and the bitterness.

I spend spending energy with feelings that will consume me inside.

Today I can confirm that that wounds heal are Chinese tales.

Do not act in moments of tension, since rancor and anger will only guide you towards remorse.

Cry on the outside, because if you cry on the inside you will end up drowning.

It is ironic how easy it is to stop hating when suddenly the other person can be of use to us.

There is something much harder than this pain: pretending that I don’t care.

So much hypocrisy in the end bores.

Now I know that he was not trying to save our relationship; what he did was crawl without any dignity when I was just a puppet for you.

I do not pay in the same currency; I give you a ticket and I give you the change.

Thanks for your screaming. For your insults and contempt. Today I know that I will never fall in love with someone like you again.

I have forgiven you, but I don’t have Alzheimer’s.

Love stories start with passion, go through routine and end with disgust and rancor.

Anger and revenge are so cruel that they can lead you to the worst mistakes in your life, just as it will happen to me.

Eternal giving is over; From now on I will give as long as they really love me.

When a stage ends without a fight, not a single hint of hatred should remain in it. -Mahatma Gandhi.

Park that grudge a little; It will make you more miserable than that person you hate.

As much as he loves you, one in the end gets tired if he does not receive a sigh of love in return.

If you want to wake up with a smile, you must first go to bed without rancor.

Although you humiliated me more and not being able, although you abandoned me without scruples, I wished you were happy. This is true love.

Has it ever occurred to you to forgive? You can not imagine the relief of losing a weight as big as resentment.

Anger and rancor are only a facade that hides a fragile heart.

Not that I hate you, although I will be happier when you miss me.

Being resentful of a person means that you waste your strength thinking about him.

Hate, revulsion, drudgery, mania, anger and rancor are only a way to mask an inferiority complex.

Hating is like throwing yourself into the lava of a volcano. In the end you are the only one that burns.

I prefer to leave this calm and happy world, than suffering from rancor.

If you have an enemy, smile at him because looking happy is what will hurt him the most.

Resentment Quotes

Anger is the boss when you don’t know how to forgive.

Let go of rancor and animosity, and embrace altruism and generosity to make this world a better place.

What Patricia criticizes about Laura represents Patricia more than Laura.

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Resentment quotes hatred and pride

Many people are worth it; However, you feel sorry.

You do not know how much harm it makes me to be in love with you, and that you do not even remember what my name is …

The most sepulchral prison is not seen, because it hides behind your thoughts of rejection and rancor.

Evolving involves letting go of rancor, externalizing feelings and learning to overcome pain.

You are a good guy. What’s more, if you were inside a burning house and passed by, I would say “Hello.”

Make the decisions you want, but remember that only you are responsible for your actions.

If politicians held resentment, the world would have ended centuries ago.

Although I already knew what the outcome was going to be, I decided to continue trying blindly.

When rancor subsides, indifference appears.

Desiring failure to your enemies, will harm you more than them.

Resentment is a box inside which grief is housed.

We may end up reconciling later, but that doesn’t mean I forgot what you did.

I have expelled resentment from my heart, but I have also expelled you.

Serenity is the greatest virtue of athletes. Not being conceited when you win or hating when you lose is a true sign of dignity.

Success generates envy, which in turn generates disgust, which in turn generates false friends.

Loving your country does not make you inept, but someone who defends their culture from those who seek to destroy it.

I am not angry, but I am disappointed, because for this love I have contributed ten thousand times more than you.

You took advantage of my love for you to manipulate me at your whim.

Resentment is like a boomerang: first hit your enemy, but then it will come back to hit you.

Grudge is the result of permanent frustration and disappointment.

Resentment is the imprint of your memories.

Step to keep pretending. If I hold a grudge against you, don’t expect me to be kind or interested in your life.

Quick plans lead to quick failures.

I may forgive you, but I will not forget what you did.

I’ve grown tired of giving myself up to someone who doesn’t value me. When you appreciate me, you talk to me.

And these are all the resentment quotes and rancor.