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Retirement parties and dedications are usually full of joy and a good atmosphere, because despite saying goodbye to a friend or colleague, it is a time to celebrate his professional life and the efforts he has made throughout his career.

If you want funny phrases for a retirement party or beautiful phrases to say goodbye to that special person and wish him the best in his new stage, in this article from you will find the best quotes. Discover our 100 favorite retirement phrases to excite, inspire and entertain your colleagues… let’s go!

Retirement phrases for a partner

We start with some retirement phrases for a colleague who says goodbye and begins a new chapter in his life … This won’t be the same without you, but I’m glad to see you embrace that much-deserved freedom.

No one deserves this long-term vacation more than you. Congratulations mate!

Retirement is not, as many think, losing yourself or growing older. Retirement is the well-deserved rest that allows you to enjoy life like never before. Congratulations!

All this time wondering how you could put up with your colleagues and deal with your boss and you already have the answer: retirement. Congratulations, mate.

    Never retire regretting what you did not get to do; Retire with the desire to conquer new and beautiful goals.

We die of envy and sadness to see you leave, but we smiled with the certainty that nobody deserves it more. Congrats friend!

You are the one who exercises and exercised with a vocation, always giving the best of himself. Enjoy this well-deserved rest.

They say that life really begins in retirement, looking forward to your next adventures!

One of our favorite retirement phrases; It reminds us that retirement is not the end of anything, but a nice change of stage.

Retirement is not the end of anything, it is the sweet beginning of a new stage that you can reach with whatever you feel like.

Once upon a time there was a new beginning … wanting to see how you write the rest of your story, mate.

The key to retirement is to get the most out of the little things.

Retirement is the ideal time to remember what you are passionate about, what moves you and how to dedicate the rest of your life to what makes you happiest.

Retirement is only for those who have spent their lives hating what they did; So it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you soon!

You are the right age to be happy and the right energy to make your life an inspiring adventure. Happy retirement, buddy!

Retirement phrases for friends

If the person who is retiring is someone close to you, the parting words that you dedicate to them must be full of motivation and appreciation… we leave you some great retirement phrases for friends . Don’t retire to rest and get bored, retire to live and have fun.

The time has come to rest and look at the road traveled, and I hope you know that you will have me by your side to do it always.

Age is just a number, a number. A person cannot withdraw her experience. You must use it.

This is one of the most interesting and wise retirement phrases you will find, as it reminds you that age does not have to be an impediment to anything. Enjoy what life can bring you at any time!

Also, you should not miss these wise phrases of life to reflect. That this farewell does not remain in a goodbye between us, for many more years living life to the fullest!

Time is a treasure, friend, so make the most of this freedom.

Feel good, because at this moment you will receive the rewards of all the time you dedicated to give your best at work.

The harder you work, the harder it is to retire. Vince Lombardi

The perfect time to fulfill all your dreams is now. Until forever, friend!

Welcome to the end of this beautiful beginning… life is yours!

You have shown that you can make everything you want come true; I am eager to see how you continue to meet all your goals, partner.

Some people pursue happiness, but I know that you will be one of those who create it. Congratulations on this retirement!

The sentences retirement can be full of beautiful and interesting messages like this; do not chase something forever, dare to create it and you will see how time is always well spent. Don’t just live according to your age, now that you retire, dare to live with the youth and courage you have always carried within.

How lucky mine to have been able to enjoy all these years at your side, I hope that life will bring us many more adventures. Happy retirement, friend!

To start a new stage it is necessary to close another; that saying goodbye does not fill you with fear, but with illusion and joy.

Retirement does not exist for an artist of your stature; Enjoy this much-deserved freedom to the fullest, mate!

Hours are up, wake up and hangover Mondays … enjoy as you deserve this new freedom!

I know of no better way to be just than that of a life full of dedication and sacrifice. You deserve this retirement more than anyone, mate.

If there is someone who has shown me that he can make the difficult easy, it is you, so I know that you will make the impossible possible.

Retirement phrases for teachers

If you want to say goodbye to your teacher with the gratitude he deserves after so much dedication, these quotes will enchant you. Collect with your classmates the retirement phrases for teachers that you like the most and prepare a nice dedication. To exercise a beneficial influence among children, it is essential to participate in their joys. Don Bosco

The profession of the educator contributes more to the future of society than any other profession. John Wooden

Thanks for the lessons, but above all thanks for the patience and the love.

Not only is it one of our favorite retirement phrases, but this is also one of the quotes that we like the most to dedicate to teachers.

We know that we have been unbearable and that you have wanted to kill us on more than one occasion. But we also know that you will miss us as much as we will miss you.

Thank you, teacher, for one of the most enriching experiences of our lives. We will never forget you!

Teachers who love to teach teach their children the love of learning. Thank you, teacher.

For your wisdom, for your patience and for the tenderness you have put into each of your lessons. We will be eternally grateful to you.

Thank you so much, teacher, today we feel more prepared to face the world and it is thanks to you.

The most important life lesson they have taught us has been your dedication and your love. Thanks teacher.

A teacher works for eternity; you will never know how far your influence will go. H. Adams

As much as we tell you, you will never be aware of how much you have impacted our lives. Thank you so much, master.

Despite the screams, the complaints and the difficulties, you have filled our life with hope and the desire to know more. We will never forget you!

Teaching may be the greatest of the arts, since the medium is the human mind and spirit. John Steinbeck

Get out of here with the certainty that you have given us a fundamental desire to eat the world … thanks for trusting us.

We will try to make the future a better place to honor your dedication and love, professor. Thanks a lot.

Funny phrases for a retirement party

If you are looking for funny phrases for a retirement party that allow you to add humor to the atmosphere, this selection will enchant you. Say goodbye with humor and bring a smile to everyone present … The best thing about retirement is not having to wear pants. Mark Hewer

The problem with retirement is that you never have a day off. Abe Lemons

I am really enjoying my retirement. I can sleep every day. I do crossword puzzles and eat cake. Derek Landy

Enjoy this retirement … unless all these years have robbed you of the desire to enjoy life.

Do not be fooled by all this joy and congratulations … we are actually filled with envy right now.

The truth is that you started your retirement well before you retired… but don’t worry, your colleagues keep the secret to you.

Retirement will help you sit quietly and give advice to others… advice that you have never followed, of course.

Getting old, bone problems, heart problems, constant visits to the doctor… have you already thought about this about retirement?

Retire from work, but make sure you don’t withdraw from life, buddy.

Retirement is when you stop living to work and start working to live. It is still an effort, but this is more worth it!

Retirement can be a joy… as long as you learn to pass the time without spending money.

The concept of freedom is never understood until one settles into retirement mode.

A retired man is often the complete job of a wife.

Retirement: It’s okay to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn how to do well with less cheese.

When a man retires, his wife takes twice the husband but half of income.

The best time to start thinking about your retirement is before your boss does.

Life begins in retirement… so welcome to the world.

Retirement is like a long vacation. The goal is to enjoy to the fullest, but not so much as to run out of money.

Retirement is a work in progress.

Retirement is saying goodbye to stress and hello to pension.

One of the funniest retirement phrases you’ll find… and it’s that retirement is also the best time to enjoy the good!

Retirement is wonderful. It’s about doing nothing without worrying.

After so many complaints you will learn that retirement has killed more people than hard work.

Retirement goodbye phrases

We leave you with some nice retirement phrases so that you can say goodbye with humor and affection to that person who has accompanied you for so long …

These are some of our favorite retirement goodbye phrases. Do not live just to live, enjoy what you do and learn to share to teach others to live.

If you want to dedicate some retirement phrases to your grandfather or your father, these Phrases for grandparents will enchant you.

Use your retirement to collect all the fruits you have been sowing.

Retirement is the longest rest in the world …. so enjoy it like never before, mate.

I say goodbye to you happy, because I know that I will see you accomplish many more goals in a few moments.

It is not goodbye, it is forever, because someone as dedicated and hard-working as you does not forget and try to maintain for many years. Enjoy, mate.

Withdraw from work and pressure, not life and fun.

Take advantage of retirement to live the life you have always wanted and how you have always wanted.

Retirement is youth to do all the things you didn’t do when you were younger.

Retirement may be an end, a closure, but it is also a new beginning. Catherine Pulsifer

Feel good, because at this moment you will receive the rewards of all the time you dedicated to give your best at work.

People don’t stop playing because they grow, they stop growing when they stop playing. Always keep playing, buddy!

The more sand has escaped from the watch of our life, the more clearly we should be able to see through its glass. Jean paul Sartre

If you are looking for retirement phrases full of wisdom and reflection, this is one of the best; The more experience we gain, the more we understand what really matters in life … so take advantage of retirement to enjoy those moments.

Age is just a number, a number. A person cannot withdraw her experience. You must use it. Bernard Baruch

Resting is not idleness and sometimes lying on the grass under the trees on a summer day, listening to the murmur of the water, or seeing the clouds floating in the blue sky is not a waste of time. John Lubbock

I have retired, but if there is one thing that would kill me it is waking up in the morning without knowing what I am going to do. Nelson Mandela

Retirement has been a beautiful discovery of beauty. I never had time to notice the beauty of my grandchildren, my wife, from the tree outside my own door. And of the beauty of time itself. Terri Guillemets

Youth is nothing more than the painted shell within which, growing continuously, lives that marvelous thing that is the spirit of a man waiting for his moment of appearance, earlier in some than in others. Lew Wallace

Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again … that time is now.

How nice to have grown as a worker and as a person by your side; Keep lighting up the lives you touch.

Those of us who have worked with you feel exceptionally fortunate; We have met an honest and passionate person who has left an indelible mark on us.

Age is a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Mark Twain

Aging is a precious asset. Only a few can resist achieving that distinguished distinction and quality. Debasish Mridha

Nothing makes us age faster than the incessant thought that we grow old.

As you get older you feel happier than in your own youth … you can be very happy with yours.

Your energy, your wisdom and your constancy have inspired us so much during these years that we will never forget it; keep shining like no one else and enjoying this freedom like never before.

Every day the growing weight of the years warns me more and more that the shadow of retirement is as necessary for me as welcome. George Washington

There is no age to start being gallant or to stop being gallant. Lin Yutang

Old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read. Sir Francis Bacon

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