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How long have we been wanting to expose you what will be the best compilation that you have known for a long time, will not deal with a very comfortable topic, but wanting to help you, we bring you the best top sad love messages, the shortest and of disappointment you can imagine.

The purpose of this sad love messages was to show you the best messages to put on your profile with your best images , and thus describe the sad situation you are currently in or simply express how you feel about life. I hope you can share your disappointment on this social network, that you take advantage of this content also to use them on others such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Choose a good position.

sad love messages for girlfriend

  • Life is the set of broken dreams, unrealized goals, vain sacrifices, and bad news.
  • One day I will stop feeling and it will be then when life does not hurt, when nothing matters.
  • Moments when you remember the past and do not understand how quickly everything changed until your life was destroyed.
  • I never understood that life hurt so much, I could never cry so many sad moments, I never felt like this.
  • I trusted that you were special and different, but now I confirm that you are especially different from how I trusted.
  • Now my question is whether or not to miss our love, because I don’t know if that was what you felt for me.
  • It is difficult to understand that after a goodbye we do not cry for the bad memories, but for the good ones.
  • At every moment your memories come to attack me, and I without any will to defend myself.
  • We had thousands of opportunities and we did not try, it hurts to know what could be and was not.
  • It hurts when I look at you and see sadness, it hurts to see you and know that we should be together.
  • It saddens me to know that I still have feelings for you and you deny everything you once felt for me.
  • I would like to change everything to be with you but I can’t and it hurts me not to be able to do anything.
  • I would like to go back in time and tell you what you meant in my life, but I can only go on with my life.
  • Today I don’t know where you are or if you think about me, I only know what I lost and now I can’t get back.
  • I always lost my way looking for that place, that place where you were and today you are no longer.
  • Today I lost more than I thought, I lost in the worst way, I lost you and it hurts.
  • I will definitely miss those days, those days when you smiled at me, those days when I was that something else to you, I will definitely miss you.
  • The days go by but the memories stay with me and even so despite so many memories together right now we are not together.
  • It saddens me a lot as we finished but I will never forget the incredible moments we lived together, I will always keep them in my heart.
  • I want to tell you that I never wanted to hurt you, I just wanted to see you happy, but I was not able to do it.
  • It hurts me a lot to be without you and it is because everything reminds me of you, everything brings me to you.
  • It is sad to know that you are no longer for me and to remember everything we did together.

sad love messages to make him cry

The best sad love messages, status and phrases for whatsapp and short of disappointment in life.

  • You will not read in my states that I am happy, since I am trying not to drown in my tears.
  • Do not fear for your mistakes, they will be the only thing they will value. Of your sad days they will not even notice.
  • They say that if it hurts it is because you are alive, because I would not like to continue knowing such a difficult life.
  • It is impossible to forget. I just try to remember without it hurting.
  • The secret is: Let go of those who would not give for you all that you would give for them .
  • Not in millions of sentences could I express how many sad days await me trying to forget this hard life.
  • Very hard to say “Nothing happens” when my world is destroyed and with it my life.
  • At least sadness is helping me to demonstrate that at least I do have feelings in this cruel world.
  • I felt like having everything I was missing something. That something was you, and then you were gone.
  • Wake up, watch WhatsApp and understand that nothing will be the same when you miss your good morning message.
  • If you hope to read in my messages of joy or happiness. Don’t waste time again.
  • Your love has left me a bitter taste of sadness that pushes tears to my eyes.
  • I don’t want to say goodbye but I always want to remember you with a smile and that look that says “only you”.
  • The hardest thing about saying goodbye to you is that you’re not even here, I couldn’t even say goodbye, that’s what hurts me the most.
  • I want you to know that although today I will say goodbye one day I will come back to you, one day I will be with you again.
  • It is hard and it really hurts but I must say goodbye and not because I want to do it but because you already did it a long time ago.
  • Saying goodbye to you has been the hardest and most difficult thing I’ve ever done and I don’t want to do it, what I want is to be with you.
  • It’s just a word but it hurts to say it when you say goodbye to someone you love with you always.
  • Everyone told me to fall in love, that it was the most beautiful thing in the world, but everyone was wrong.
  • Happiness is beautiful, but when it ends it only leaves bad memories.
  • What a strange feeling, the only person who can get me out of this sadness is precisely who led me to it.
  • I may not see you again in a long time but always remember that I will take you deep inside my heart.
  • Even if I say goodbye and say goodbye, my whole being wants to stay with you.
  • After saying goodbye, everything will change nothing will be the same and only the memories will remain but I will keep them, I will keep them as a treasure.
  • It never cost me so much to say goodbye to someone until you arrived and you don’t know how it costs me, I don’t want to but I must.
  • Sometimes give up something, that although it hurts is the best option.
  • And there’s nothing sadder than saying goodbye to something that mattered to you because you realized you didn’t care.
  • What I loved about you is no longer there and neither are you, that person I love, now there are only those memories that I will keep at the bottom of my heart,
  • The final thrust was to see the love of my life and realize that it belonged to someone else.
  • I fought for you but despite everything I lost because maybe only I was trying.
  • Although it hurts I must accept that I have lost, that I have lost something valuable and that hurts.
  • The greatest pain is having so many words trapped in your heart and that they cannot get out of your mouth.
  • Maybe it could be different if I had just done things differently but I lost you and all I can do is feel this pain.
  • Although I have lost you, I want to recover you, since my whole being tells me once more, try one more time.
  • What we lost we will never recover since time does not go back but if we can start with something new, with something that we can live with.
  • The truth is that I did not want to lose you, I just wanted to have you, I wanted to see you smile but things did not go as I expected and now I can only say that I lost you.
  • I would like you to know that although you are no longer by my side, I want to tell you that I liked being with you, I liked smiling with you and I liked having loved and lost with you.
  • I want you to know that even if I lost you, I learned to love you on the way, I learned from you, what you liked and what you didn’t, the reasons why you lived and why you smiled and in the end I only ended up loving you more.
  • What hurts me the most is not having lost you, what really hurts me is that I knew you so much that now I can’t forget you.
  • Even though I lost for some reason I want to try one more time, I know I could lose you again but I want to try until I earn a place in your heart.
  • Death does not come when the heart stops beating, it really comes when those beats are no longer meaningful.
  • It is very painful when the love of your life is only a memory.
  • The goodbye that hurts the most is the one that you give to a person whom you know will never say hello again.
  • Why is it that my body weighs so much, now that I feel so empty?

sad message for husband

The best sad love messages, status and phrases for whatsapp and short of disappointment in life.

  • I will never expect anything from anyone, now I will only hope for the best of me and thus I will be happy.
  • I don’t want to be happy by letting you go, I want to be happy without taking a piece of you with you.
  • I have been able to erase conversations, photos and videos, but I will never be able to erase our memories.
  • You will not see more status of disappointment in my WhatsApp because now I only think about being happy every second of my life.
  • My memories are getting shorter and shorter, I think I ‘ll make you forget.
  • It is that sometimes I feel that love hurts me more than I like, it makes me cry more than it makes me smile.
  • As sad as it may seem sometimes loneliness can be more loving than the person you love.
  • With you I have shared things with no one else, for you I have done things for no one else and even so it was not enough for you.
  • I don’t cry because it hurts, I cry because I will miss those moments when I was happy with you.
  • Maybe if we were for each other but we did not know how to understand each other, we did not know how to love and forgive each other, maybe that was our mistake.
  • Perhaps the memories that I lived with you sometimes bring me pain and not because they are bad but because I will miss them, surely I will need them and I will not be able to relive them.
  • Sorry, sorry for not trying, sorry for not being what you needed, now I understand that no matter how short it was worth living.
  • In love, not everything is beautiful, two people can be different, there are good moments and bad moments.
  • I still have your memory, perhaps a little blurred, but it is still present.
  • When you started to ignore me, it hurt … But, the strongest pain was when I decided to start pretending I didn’t care.
  • I remember many of the moments we lived together and I can not help crying because I know they will never return.
  • Many times we tell others to be strong in the sadness of a breakup, as we sink into depression.
  • Never shed a tear for someone but you made them cry.
  • In love, they first make you laugh and then they make you cry.
  • Having someone in your heart and not by your side is one of the most painful experiences you can live.

crying sad msg

The best sad love messages, status and phrases and short of disappointment in life.

  • If you play to be missed a lot, you risk losing someday. Remember it is a game.
  • You never had the time you needed, but you did have millions of very cheap excuses.
  • Now I think you were just another lesson in life for me, one more of heartbreak. Do not come back!
  • Now those moments in my life are short when I am happy, just while I dream about you …
  • I had suffered hundreds of disappointments, but it is this disappointment that has hurt me the most.
  • I would have given my life to come back with you; I would have given my all … I don’t deny that I would do it right now.
  • This uncomfortable silence only reminds me that I need you, I miss you very much.
  • Most people have a desire to find true love, yet love has its dark side.
  • Although it hurts and is sad, sometimes we just have to keep, keep the good in our hearts and continue living.
  • The only thing certain in my life is that a part of you will stay with me and a part of me will go with you.
  • It is true that nobody dies for love, but how it hurts when everything ends.
  • The greatest pain is not not having someone who loves you, the greatest pain is that who you love does not love you.
  • Love has two faces, one shows you a smile and the other shows you contempt, tears and disappointments, but still we still like to love.
  • Although love may not always be beautiful moments and there are sad moments, everything teaches us to love better and better.
  • When you really loved, you will never forget that person, you will only learn to live your life without that person by your side.
  • The worst scars that love leaves us are those marks that are not seen and are called memories.
  • One of the most ironic moments in life is having to kiss the cheek of someone you have already kissed on the mouth.
  • There are days when you only want to find love and others when you wish you had never sought it.
  • Generally behind a favorite song, an untold love story is hidden.
  • How it hurts to have let someone enter my dreams, and not have dared to make them come true.
  • I’m not going to lie to you, I’m going to cry about this because it really hurts us that we ended up like this.

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