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Ironic and Sarcastic Messages for Whatsapp and Facebook

Today has been a great and fun day, because collecting this type of list is one of the best things we can do to brighten our day, and yes, humor has made us enjoy a lot in every way, both in the good and happy ways. moments as in the most delicate, and to get a laugh and a smile, here is the best list of ironic and sarcastic messages for WhatsApp and Facebook. In addition, you can also find a selection of messages for men and women very sarcastic too. You are ready? Well, let’s go with him!

Ironic messages for Whatsapp

  • When married couples who divorce and wonder what the cause is, they don’t know that the cause is the marriage itself.
  • I have thousands and thousands of friends although, and believe it or not, the only negative is that they still don’t know it.
  • In fact, psychologists end up offering you the same advice as a friend, but in a more expensive way.
  • You always worrying about treating life well, and you don’t know that in the end you don’t get out of it alive.
  • Hello, I have to tell you that I had a great day, better than a dream, but today was not that day.
  • The main cause of death in the world is life. If you don’t want to die … what do you live for?
  • Someday I will stop being so unfortunate, I will stop being so poor, that day when someone will go to my funeral.
  • Throughout my life they have always advised me to fall in love, clearly they did not want to make me very happy.

Phrase for Whatsapp Ironica

The best ironic and sarcastic messages, words, states and phrases for Whatsapp and Facebook for men and women –

  • Life is your attempt to want to achieve all your goals when the reality is that you always get stuck on the way out.
  • If you are looking for ironic phrases in my whatsapp status read this: You are the best person I have ever met in my life.

Sarcastic Facebook Messages

  • You are one of those routines that I would like to get rid of daily, you are one of the best, but feeling it, I look for the best.
  • Please, I would ask you to remember me after these two years of marriage when I fell in love, because I do not remember.
  • What I liked most about you was believing that those forever were not those that last until I feel like it .
  • I have the power to spend all my time giving advice, so much so that I don’t have time to follow my own.
  • Reader, imagine that whoever writes this to you is ugly but more handsome than you … Sincerely, Who writes to you.
  • I love hard work, the one that makes you get up early and earn little , what I don’t like is that it happens to me.

Phrase for Sarcastica for Facebook

The best ironic and sarcastic messages, words, states and phrases for Whatsapp and Facebook for men and women –

  • I’m playing miss you and keep being happy, a game where I can never win.
  • I could tell you that you are one of the smartest people, but any stupid person would realize that it is not so.
  • I am one of those people who when you ask and answer nothing happens to me, is that I really hate listening to you.
  • As fast as I have fallen in love, I would be able to otherwise faster still with just a disappointment.

Sarcastic messages for Women

  • I like the male sex, but I like the further from my best.
  • Men are the best lovers of women after women themselves, as there are no more sexes …
  • We women are in the habit of being in a good mood, but from Monday to Sunday we forget customs.
  • Men are the most sincere people in the world, but only when they manage to admit they are liars.
  • That man is the most intelligent sex is totally true, but that is not an excuse to be such idiots.
  • No woman complains for pleasure, but if she complains, don’t let her get upset.
  • If a woman says: I’m fine! When you ask how are you? It is time for you to tremble.
  • I have taken five hundred photos today and 450 I will delete them, of the remaining 50 I will complain about 47, and I will leave only 3 to upload them to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp groups.
  • After so many years of life I have come to the conclusion that there is only one thing more lazy than one man: two men.
  • The truth is that man is born good, but it is also true that the passing of the years do not go unnoticed.

Sarcastic messages for Men

  • There are legends that say that once a woman lasted less than an hour in the bathroom, a little longer and died in the fire.
  • All women are born with the ability to succeed, but many are lazy to use it.
  • There were some who always dreamed of a woman who endured her bad days, not knowing that one cannot live on illusions.
  • They say that the dog is man’s best friend, I keep looking for a friend for my wife.
  • It is sad those who look for a woman as beautiful as they deserve, I have not known a greater waste of time.
  • If Socrates had been born a woman, he would be known for: I only know that I can’t find a dress for tonight.
  • 4 out of 6 times after you get married, your wife will get up next to you in bed in a bad mood, the other 4 times you will sleep on the sofa.
  • My mother told me to wait until I always found the perfect woman … Should I listen to her and die single?
  • According to studies from large universities, 3 out of 7 women are right, the rest must be given.
  • They say that man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone, I married two women.

Ironic and Sarcastic Messages Video for Facebook and WhatsApp

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