Sarcastic Quotes

Occasionally, irony is a very useful tool for showing your feelings. In this article I have prepared for you the best ironic and sarcastic quotes. Choose the one you like!

Throughout the day, you will hear sarcasm everywhere: in YouTube videos, at social gatherings, at work or on the Internet. And it is that the ironic tone helps to raise the voice of your message so that people hear what you have to say. Even in the family, with your friends or in love it is very frequent. Especially when a relationship is not going well, when that person turns out to be a fake and has caused you a lot of pain , you try to choose an insightful and hurtful sarcastic quotes in order to make him or her see it. And also, from time to time it doesn’t hurt to laugh at your own misfortunes with a funny point.

That being said, I share with you the best list of short sarcastic quotes for bad and lying people, and even to laugh at life itself. And if you want, you can share them on WhatsApp or Instagram the one you like the most!

Sarcastic quotes for false, bad and envious people

  • I remember everyone, but you will be the exception that confirms the rule.
  • I give you this one-way ticket so you don’t come back.
  • An insurmountable day, that of five years ago.
  • The first step is to observe, the second to deduce what comes out of your nose.
  • If you can’t be happy, let me be happy.
  • People are wonderful. So much so that he always chooses the same stone to hurt himself again.
  • Divorce occurs because people get married.
  • Hopefully Cupid pierces your head with his next arrow.
  • Our brain is an expert in remembering those things that hurt so much.
  • Why do you swear to me eternal love if when we do it you get the wrong name?
  • If you want to cry, remember.
  • I will not attend your funeral, although I hope you will celebrate soon.
  • Our government is highly trained; This is why it is so expensive.
  • Although my opinion is no longer the same, I am still right.
  • If you are one in a hundred thousand, it means that there are 60 million people just like you.
  • What nonsense is that I still love you?
  • People die and are remembered; friendships die, and are forgotten.
  • Why is knowledge acquired when you have failed?
  • If he didn’t make fun of me, I’d be forgetting that you’re an idiot.
  • The worst advice you will hear is “show yourself the way you are.”
  • Your friends adore you as much as your enemies.
  • I prefer that they speak ill of me, than feel that I do not exist.
  • If you don’t regret anything, it’s because you have Alzheimer’s.
  • When a simple message excites you, it means that you have lived little.
  • Maybe I’m drunk, but in a couple of days my hangover will pass and you won’t stop being an orc.
  • What you need is for them to change your face.
  • To be precise, pull the trigger and say that what you gave was your goal.
  • It’s not that I can’t stay, it’s that I don’t feel like it.
  • Your best gift was your flight.
  • He gets along well with everyone, and is nobody’s friend.
  • Tell me you love me, and I won’t try to hit on any ugly ones anymore.
  • Yes, I respect your tastes of m *****.
  • Before you were my reference to follow. Now you will be my God, so you will cease to exist.
  • You claim that you are yourself, but you act as the protagonist of your favorite series.
  • At school you are educated to serve the government in office.
  • The SAR seems to have accepted the terms “Government” and “Useless” as synonyms.
  • Maybe you know how to hear me, but now you need to learn to listen to me.
  • I’m not going to call my boyfriend now, lest he catch him with his lover.
  • Education teaches you not to learn anything.
  • Congratulations on your undeserved success.
  • I feel just as empty now as when we were together.
  • I’ll put it on the list of things I don’t give a shit about.
  • Every day we spend together, I appreciate loneliness more.
  • You have not disappointed me, since I have never trusted you.
  • Demonstrating is much better than talking, although not always.
  • I hope there is more intelligence in this galaxy; if not, poor galaxy.
  • Staying with you is as good a habit as smoking.
  • You earn my trust and then destroy it to pieces.
  • TV is the best way to learn. The secret is to silence her and really study.
  • The day you cheated on me I wanted to jump off a bridge, however I remembered that what you gave me was horns, and not a jetpack.
  • As a child, I was told that anyone was capable of running a country. Now I know it is true.
  • As a child I always asked God for a car. But realizing what life really is like, I stole one and went to confession.
  • You are free for life, and you spend plagiarizing others.
  • I am a vegetarian because I think that flowers deserve to die.
  • If one of my adversaries succeeds, it is by pure luck.
  • Almost 100% of societies are deficient.
  • Happiness is a gray scale that ends up plunging into complete darkness.
  • I wish I had bought your friendship, to return it by not being satisfied.
  • Never abandon me, loneliness.
  • A priest teaching you things about sex… how is that possible if he’s a virgin?
  • I wish to be your best nothing.
  • Do the words are gone with the wind. And I hope a hurricane to you.
  • Would you like to get results? Then it works.
  • I would never commit a crime, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll find you on the obituaries.
  • My sarcasm is directly proportional to my love for you. And I am very sarcastic.
Sarcastic Quotes

Shouting out your anger at someone who has betrayed you, be it your ex or people interested and full of falsehood, will help you to vent.

Ironic quotes of love

  • If you can’t stand my personality, it takes time to fade away.
  • From now on, you will sleep with your ego.
  • Your opinion matters as much to me as the mucus I’m getting out of my nose.
  • + You are very handsome, but there is something left over. – Than? + Your pride.
  • I hope I am lucky not to meet someone like you.
  • A few weeks ago I would have traveled to the moon for you. Now I wouldn’t even move off the couch.
  • I was wrong to smile at your compliments.
  • Now I know that “eternity” means three months.
  • If you are not willing to comply, better shut up.
  • The only thing I miss is the idea I had of you before I knew what you were like.
  • Why doesn’t your name appear on Wikipedia? Because you are nobody.
  • If taking advantage of me were a competition, you would win the gold medal.
  • They say that experience strengthens you, because I am deeply sunk.
  • + My love, you cough too much. Did you take something? – Yes, allergy to the horns you put on me.
  • You disappointed me when I asked you for help, and you come back when I don’t care.
  • They are not tears, they are residues of your love.
  • I am not I am not dry, I have learned to act with reason instead of with the heart.
  • After throwing myself over and over a cliff, I have learned to fly so as not to crash into the ground.
  • It is remembering who you cheated on me with, and not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
  • I gave you my life and you made it a lie.
  • I’m adept at playing checkers, so don’t try to fool me.
  • With you it is confirmed that the men’s head is elsewhere.
  • I was sailing through the ocean of men and my ship was wrecked.
  • Constantly belittling me doesn’t make you superior to me.
  • You are a beautiful effigy about to break, because inside it is full of defects.
  • From today you will not receive a drop more than what you give me.
  • + I feel bad for having wasted it so much. – So much what? + So long.
  • You boast of a nun but you don’t remember which lover stole your habit.

How to use sarcasm effectively?

There are a thousand ways to use sarcasm, what’s more, I bet you use it almost every day. You must bear in mind that sarcastic quotes can do a lot of damage, so you should select your words perfectly and not go overboard with twisted humor. The sarcasm technique is based on a premeditated action, which is said willingly and with a clear intention.

If you did not know what sarcasm is, it is a technique to express grotesquely feelings of rejection or revulsion towards a person. It is a mockery that can cause a lot of pain to the recipient. Even their purpose sometimes is to simply offend that person, embarrass and denigrate them in public.

But it also serves to show your discontent or criticism intelligently.

Sarcasm and irony are not the same

People think that irony and sarcasm mean the same thing. However, irony is simply a way of saying something contrary to what you are referring to. Occasionally it is a hurtful comment, but it is not its main objective.

On the other hand, the sarcastic messages have a clear intention to offend with a mocking and cartoonish tone that, like irony, expresses the exact opposite of what has been said . Your goal is much more convoluted. Furthermore, irony is a literary device, while sarcasm is a rhetorical device.

We hope you liked this list of sarcastic quotes.