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In bad times, faith can be a good refuge; When we do not understand what is happening to us or why we encounter certain obstacles, we can find comfort in God. Many people constantly question the existence of God, however, believers end up always putting hope in their hands.

If you also feel lost and think you need a ray of light to keep going, don’t miss this selection of short Christian messages that we have collected on

Christian messages of love

Loving is a beautiful feeling that we are all capable of feeling; Whether it is love for our families, for our friends, for our partner or for life … we start with a selection of Christian messages of love that will inspire and excite you. When you want to be loved with everything, you need to love with the same force that you breathe and with the same joy that you laugh.

God does not put the person you ask for in your life. God puts the person you need in your life.

Love is a gift from God. Jack Hyles

The power to feel something as beautiful and transparent as love is, without a doubt, the best gift that humanity could have had.

It wasn’t me who chose you … it was God who made you for me!

God’s love sustains me and does not let me fall.

He excuses everything, believes everything, expects everything, supports everything. Love is never extinguished. Corinthians 13: 4-8

A marriage is for life when your first love is God.

Love God with all your strength, because He thought you were worth a lot, so much that he gave his life for you.

The best way to find love is to find God.

The best outfit, a smile; the greatest capital, faith; the most powerful force, love.

Love is patient and kind, it is not jealous or boastful and it does not insist on imposing its taste.

Love, as this quote well says, is accepting the person you love as he is. If you love someone, give them the freedom to be who they are and do not impose your tastes and your rules, because if love is forced it is not love.

Let us not love in word and with the mouth, but with works of truth. Juan 3:18

You love your neighbor as yourself. Marcos 12:31

He who does not love has not known God, because God is love. Juan 4:8

I thank God every day for allowing me to enjoy your love, you are the person I always dreamed of.

If God is Love, then Loving is a Privilege!

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Rom 8:38

The harder a person is to love, the more love he needs. Love her anyway.

Love is sharing my umbrella with you, and if there is no umbrella, then we will share the rain.

A very nice messages to explain that in love, you have to always be present; in good times and bad. Loving is appreciating that person’s company and valuing them above all else even when things get ugly.

You are the most beautiful story … that God wrote in my life!

Many people expect God to show them his love, but they are not willing to put their love in God’s hands.

God’s love is love over all loves.

There is no love that He ignores, nor tears that He does not value … because He loves you.

Go back to your first love, go back to Jesus.

Beautiful Christian messages

There is an immense selection of beautiful Christian messages, because there are many quotes that inspire and excite us when talking about God and our faith. However, from we have compiled some of our favorite short Christian messages… we show you! Do not make wishes to the stars, ask those who created them …

It is never too late to return to God.

Peace is not the absence of crisis in your life, but of the presence of God in your heart.

Be light, it is what Jesus asks us.

Faith is the one who illuminates the path of those who believe in God.

I want God to keep us together, in the same mind, in harmony and peace.

God has said: I will never leave you, I will never abandon you. Hebrews 13: 5

How nice it is when what you asked God so much happens.

A doctor can save your life, but the word of God will save your soul.

Every day is a gift from God.

One of our favorite short Christian messages is this, hands down! Remember that every day is a new opportunity to eat the world and do not forget to thank the creator.

May the God of hope fill all who believe in him with joy and peace. Romans 15:13

With faith we see the invisible, we believe in the incredible and we receive the impossible.

The presence of God enters your heart to destroy all sadness, anguish, despair and anxiety.

Be fair and brave, God is with you.

God appreciates love, kindness, and humility in hearts and fills them with blessings.

No matter the time or distance, if it is God’s will, it will happen.

Don’t worry so much about the future, learn to enjoy the present and understand that if something has to be, it will be. Although you see it complicated, although it seems impossible … have hope. I thank God for the simple fact of getting up and being able to see a new dawn.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant the desires of your heart. Psalm 37: 4

I waited patiently for the lord, and he bowed to me and heard my cry. Psalm 40: 1

Those who are truly happy are those who have understood and found a way to serve others.

We can always expect good things from some people, but from God we can always expect double and much more …

People can fail you but God never will.

Being a good Christian implies forgiving the sins of others, because God forgave yours.

When life puts you on the ground, faith will encourage you to look at the sky.

Christian messages to reflect

We leave you with this selection of Christian messages to reflect on that you will love if you feel like thinking and sharing your reflections with others. These are some of the short Christian messages that we like the most from… Sometimes it would seem that God is killing us when He is actually saving us. Tim Keller

He who does not have God, even if he has everything, has nothing.

Those who sow with tears will reap with cries of joy. Psalm 126: 5

Faith is the certainty of what is expected, the conviction of what is not seen.

Idleness walks slowly, that is why all vices reach it.

When God wants to take away something that does not please Him, it is because He knows that it does not suit you.

No one reaches the promised land without first going through the desert.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most powerful short Christian messages you will find, as it reminds us that to get to a good place, we all have to cross some obstacles and know suffering. You may be tired of falling … but remember that the most important thing is to learn to get up.

In the midst of any battle, the best weapon is prayer.

Happiness comes from God, but it is up to us humans to know how to live and share it.

Repentance is not when you cry, repentance is when you change.

It is not good to act without thinking; haste is the mother of error. Proverbs 19: 2

The top is not reached by surpassing others, it is reached by the hand of God.

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. John Piper

Don’t use “only God can judge me” as an excuse to sin in freedom.

Being a Christian means forgiving the inexcusable of others because God forgave the inexcusable in you.

God designed every detail of my life; It is not because of fate, but because of the will of God.

God is never wrong, his plans are perfect.

Sometimes we don’t understand why certain things happen that seem unfair to us. We even deny God, because our suffering is greater than our faith. But always keep in mind that everything happens for some reason, even if we still don’t know which one … When you walk steadfastly to where God has called you, even the seas roll aside.

I am still in the process of being what God wants me to be, but thank you, Lord, because I am no longer what I was before.

Pride can make you feel strong, but never happy. The lie will make you believe superior but never sure of anything.

Be careful to long for what you once were, when God wants you to be something you have never been. Oswald Chambers

You can make many plans but God has the last word.

Don’t just pray because you need something, pray because you have so much to thank God for.

Sometimes people cling to the past because they are unaware that God has something better in store for them.

Sometimes people refuse to move forward, we do not live in the present or think about the future, we only remember what we were in the past. Life advances and we with it, and something better will always be in store for us; we just have to have faith.

Christian messages of encouragement and encouragement

These Christian messages of encouragement and encouragement will remind you why it is impossible to move forward when you see it all black and do not know how to move forward. If you need help to trust yourself again, these short Christian messages will inspire and motivate you … let’s go there! There will always be reasons to keep going. Don’t give up, God is with you.

God’s decisions are mysterious, but always in our favor.

Put God first and the rest will come in addition.

God’s hand held you yesterday, holds you today, and will hold you tomorrow.

God is our refuge and our strength; our help in moments of anguish.

Never leave God out of your projects, he is the key to success.

It doesn’t matter if the whole world leaves you alone. God will never abandon you.

Things are never too far, if we walk with God.

When God deletes something from your life … it is because he is going to write better things.

May the light of God that overcomes all darkness illuminate your life today and always.

I have already done the easy, the difficult I am doing, and the impossible I know that with God I will achieve it.

What God has promised you, your eyes will see. Psalm 33: 4

Accepting God’s will brings peace within you.

In the end, in life, we have no choice but to accept what comes to us. If we want to be happy we cannot always be wondering why things happen, because sometimes it is better to assume them and move on to enjoy more of the best moments.

The Lord shows you the path you must follow; He has his eyes on you, he is your counselor.

The love of God does not eliminate the tests. It sustains us in the midst of them.

God stays when everything else is gone, with him you will never be alone.

Sometimes God does not remove the problem, but helps you to go through it to be victorious.

You are not an accident. You are designed by God. He loves you and has a purpose for you.

In your happy moments, praise God. In difficult times, seek God.

God is my lawyer, my best friend, my savior. God is faithful, he does not betray and his love is eternal.

God is wise, and if you fight for what you want, everything will come.

God gives you courage not to faint, to go on and not give up, go ahead, you are not alone.

The power of God is perfected in weakness, because when I am weak, then I am strong.

Don’t be afraid, just have faith.

Christian birthday messages

If the birthday of a good friend or friend or family member is approaching, nothing better than some Christian birthday messages to wish you the best possible day and share with him or her your best wishes. Tell us which one is your favorite! May the blessings of God descend on you on this day and may he always protect you. Happy Birthday!

I wish you a thousand blessings, may God give you the strength to go as far as you intend. Happy Birthday!

May God bless you on this special day, my friend.

I thank Jesus Christ for having known us and for having built this beautiful friendship, congratulations friend!

I ask God to guide you towards greater happiness, because you are an extraordinary human being, kind and kind. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May the grace of God our Lord bathe your body and may you spend a day full of love.

God always looks at you from heaven and sends you all his love, but today he wanted to give you double of everything good, because it is your birthday.

Your friendship is a blessing that God has granted me, so I ask that you allow us to keep it. Happy Birthday!

Friendship is a great treasure that we must keep in our lives, so a friend’s birthday is a good time to show her how much she means to you.

May God give you good health to share our days together, happy birthday!

It is my wish that God keep you in a super special way in this new year that you are undertaking. Happy Birthday.

Although you go through difficult times, never doubt the presence of God … happy birthday, my friend.

It is a wonderful day, God has given you one more year of life and allows you to celebrate it in the company of your loved ones.

On your birthday, I pray to God to take your hand and lead you on the path of prosperity.

No matter the mistakes you have made throughout life, God is wise and will know how to forgive you if you are sorry. Happy Birthday!

I want to dedicate these birthday words to a good Christian who has helped, supported and loved us all. Happy Birthday!

God blessed the Earth with your birth, since you are like a little angel fallen from heaven. Congratulations!

Today is a very special day, because a good man, whom God loves and protects from the highest, celebrates his years. Happy Birthday!

I want to wish you a happy birthday and remind you that although you doubt it, God is with you and loves you just like the rest of your children.

Always keep in mind that God loves you, that’s why he gives you another year of life. Congratulations!

May God’s favor be with you always and allow us to enjoy many more years like this … congratulations, partner!

God loves you and always thinks of you, that is why He has made the sun shine with more intensity on this special day. Congratulations!

I ask God that each of your wishes come true, and that you find peace in Him. Happy Birthday!

I hope that today you enjoy a wonderful day, surrounded by your loved ones and the presence of God our Lord. Congratulations!

How wonderful to celebrate this special day by your side! That you fulfill many more, friend.

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