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I really wanted to write this post! In it I have compiled almost 200 Short Quotes Lyrics of the best genres and that speak of love, heartbreak, illusion, pain, war, peace … and more!

Among the bands, authors, and songwriters who wrote them are Ed Sheeran, Melendi, Alejandro Sanz, Queen, Ariana Grande, Bob Dylan, and others who thrilled millions of people. Without further ado, let’s move on to see the Short Quotes Lyrics, and if there is any song lyrics that you particularly like, write it down below and I’ll publish it right away!

Beautiful Short Quotes Lyrics of songs

If we ever see each other again, I just hope everything is like yesterday.

Many times we fail, but many others we succeed.

Legend has it that l0ve exists.

Free, like the bird that escaped from his prison, and can finally fly.

May our leader be the sun and our army be butterflies.

She loves me when passion betrays her.

Do not live so that your absence is noticed, but so that your presence is felt.

To touch the stars, one must take off the feet of the Earth.

The universe is huge, but it doesn’t fit in your heart.

If your virgin dresses in gold, undress her!

Let wars not destroy our home.

I am sailing aimlessly through this beautiful world.

Why l0ve yourself, if when I start to smile you will begin to forget.

Life throws stones at me, and with them I build a castle.

Do not try to conquer me, because in the end you will manage to get away.

Enjoy today, because you don’t know if there will be tomorrow.

We always live waiting for a sign.

Lean out the window, the sun is rising.

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Because today is a perfect day to smile.

With luv you always survive.

Although I decided to distance myself, my thoughts follow you very closely.

I am the only captain, I decide which course to take.

Let’s l0ve each other on the horizon, where no one can see us.

Because in life you either complain or you get over it.

Your diamonds will never buy my heart.

So many years waiting, and now time flies by.

Enjoy life and feel love.

I walk through life, without pause but without haste.

Not everything is yin or yang.

Short Quotes Lyrics

Let the pain not overcome your smile.

Let’s invite luv tonight.

My true friends are the ones who forge my true personality.

If loving hurts, you better forget.

Because my destiny is mine, and nobody else’s.

I do not fail, because I do not give up.

Never tire of fighting.

If you can’t find your way, look for it in your heart.

I think I give up, although if you kiss me I insist.

You light me up so much that the sun is dark next to you.

Being immortal in the end bores you.

Although I no longer see you, in my head you are my only love.

L0ve is fragile, if you force it it can be broken.

The blood of my surname is what I carry.

Although life gives me many sticks, you make it perfect.

I do not deserve to serve a sentence for his evil.

Try again, I will support you, I will never abandon you.

Let’s travel to heaven and touch the stars.

Go your way, but do not cast me into oblivion.

Trying it is not an option.

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Song phrases

I asked about my pain and it was gone.

The brave also have fears, what happens is that they face them.

For all the heretics who survived the stake.

I am not the one to criticize anyone, but you are cruel.

Glory does not come if there is not a battle first.

Your best makeup is your smile.

Cultivate each friendship, with affection and joy, because this way you will collect, fulfillment and happiness.

Your eyes have no owner because they are not of this world.

Opportunities are seized, not wasted.

The wind is my teacher and in its direction I move.

Nothing is so hard as to make you give up.

Let’s replace weapons with the luv that comes from the soul.

If they l0ve me, it will be because of who I am, not who I pretend to be.

In our DNA is wanting to vent with other kisses.

I trusted you, I put a veil on my eyes, but you played with me at your whim.

Let’s sleep together tonight, kiss each other until dawn, waking up with you, happier I can’t be.

A silence of yours makes the earth tremble.

I have failed, but so have you.

What is a defeat today will be a victory tomorrow.

Because this is my chest and you are my treasure.

If you live with me, I live. If you live with another, I die.

If you get up, they can’t defeat you.

Ask your soul, she will tell you which way to go.

I never loved anyone as I have loved you.

It is my goal, I will not rest until I have achieved it.

Baby, I’m not asking you to be mine, just give me a minute of your company.

That if I jump into the void, it will be with mine.

I am a brave man who enjoys life.

Over the years the wounds do not heal, because mine are wide open.

Because every minute enjoyed is a minute well spent.

We will continue fighting until we win.

Hold on, you’re close.

There are many people dying, it is time to reach out to life.

My body ages, but my child’s mind seems.

Look me in the eyes, and in my smile you will see tears.

How good, how good, how good, knowing that your kisses are already for me.

You mean too much to let yourself escape.

In memory hides suffering.

Without you everything loses its meaning.

You can’t walk away, because I’m going to get closer.

You hurt me, you’re harmful, but I still luv you, and I’m dying to get back with you.

Let the tears not defeat your smile.

Chaos accompanies arrogance.

And is that an hour with you is enough to miss you.

Before you give up, look at all those friends who want to help you.

“I can’t” has “No” left over.

You are the most beautiful flower in the garden of my mind.

Because the best I have left of you is your memory.

Our story is not ours if only I write it.

A soul does not die if there is love.

Give me a second, and I will give you my eternal love.

When I look back I will be proud that I did not miss this opportunity.

I don’t feel like missing you.

From your gaze my verses are born.

Today we hate each other, tomorrow we love each other.

Without wanting to, you have fallen in luv with me.

My only hope is to create a better world.

The universe also understands love, because our hearts were born from it.

The Earth is fantastic, for the humanity that inhabits it.

There will always be luv in life.

I listen to my soul because it does not fail me.

You draw smiles on my face every time you hug me.

If you don’t scream, no one will listen to you.

And I decided to open the doors of my cell to savor a little freedom.

Buy yourself a life and never stop paying for it.

I will love you as long as you love me.

Without sacrifice, there is no reward.

I still think you’re my princess and I’m your prince charming.

Better to be wrong than not to try.

Time does not make us strong, but it accustoms us to bear what hurts the most.

My smile is the compass that guides me when I get lost.

In my room I miss you, you don’t know how much I regret it, forgive me for hurting you so much.

Let’s make this normal day the most intense we have ever experienced.

Walk with me until the end of time.

Your future is divided into two paths, one with his love and the other with mine.

Today it rains because the sky also misses you.

In my memories you are an unreachable goddess.

My laws are not written, they do not choose my life.

The wisest say that you shouldn’t run, but when I saw you I couldn’t help but start loving you.

Reason tries to stop me, but I love you and I listen to my heart.

Stop for a second, sigh and go your way.

After kissing her so many times, I’m no longer afraid of death.

You gave me wings, and now I invite you to fly.

Today I smile remembering that you dreamed of flying.

She can’t love you if you don’t fall in love with her.

In a beautiful sunrise, I could meet you, it is as if I had been born again.

Call me a dreamer, but there are many more like me.

Don’t let a doubt destroy our love.

Every day is a new opportunity to do it well.

Girl, let’s feel this heat, let’s burn through the flames.

They force us to choose, without asking ourselves what our dream is.

Man’s biggest flaw: not accepting that he was wrong.

Look me in the eye and you will know everything.

No wealth buys my dignity.

Politicians create wars, so that we fight them.

How many songs there are of love, although for you nobody will feel what I feel.

Shame leads us into the abyss.

Tears also fell on this happy face.

A love without space is doomed to failure.

“I am faithful to God,” he said from hell.

Let’s start again, a true love.

With their laughter and crying, our story is perfect, I’ll tell you in advance.

What pigs are some, who moved by their inhumanity, destroy the lives of many.

Sometimes it is as easy as letting it happen.

Don’t blame yourself so much that you don’t do it so badly.

Better rare and original, than idiot like the others.

Because my true happiness is in your love.

I dream of not loving you so much.

Some write to remember, others drink to forget.

Do not repress your personality, you know who you really are.

Now everything is black, but tomorrow will come dawn.

Let’s fight for our planet, let’s fight now.

To be happy, love madly.

Why not shake hands, be like brothers, why don’t we try to live in peace?

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