Shrek quotes

The first Shrek movie, one of the most popular animated films of the last decades, was born in 2001 to tell the story of a lonely and grumpy ogre who, in the company of a chattering ass, has to embark on the adventure of saving a princess trapped in a castle.

However, the sympathy of the characters and the teachings of the film itself, as well as the ingenious sense of humor of the film made Shrek one of the most beloved sagas of all time. Today, from, we want to pay tribute to this peculiar hero with a selection of the best Shrek quotes. Let’s go there!

Funny Shrek quotes

Shrek is, above all, a humorous story that has made both the little ones and the adults laugh out loud. So, next, we present you the best funny and humorous Shrek quotes. I live in a swamp, I’ve put up posters and I’m a scary ogre. What will I have to do to be intimate? Shrek

Better outside than inside. Is what I say, huh, Fiona? Shrek

I only wanted the best for Fiona, but now I see that she already has it. Shrek, Fiona, would you accept this old frog’s apology and accept her blessing? King harold

What a performance! That scares the most painted! And don’t be offended, but if that doesn’t quite work, your breath will do the rest. Donkey

How about a peppermint candy? Because your breath sings! You almost killed my muzzle hair. Donkey

You ooze feminine beauty from all your scales. Donkey

Blue flower, red thorn, blue flower, red thorn. This would be easier if it wasn’t colorblind! Donkey

Some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to take. Lord Farquaad

Come on princess, you’re not that ugly. Okay, yes. You are ugly, but you are only like that twelve hours a day. Shrek is ugly all year. Donkey

Among the best funny Shrek phrases can not miss the contributions of the ass, one of the most endearing characters of all time.

You, me, the boat of my wedge ‘, a very fresh pitcher of sangria and do’ weekly ‘without doing anything else thatee … Fish. Puss in Boots

It was he who undertook the dangerous journey, crossing the icy glacier and the fiery desert, traveling day and night without rest, risking his life and his physique to reach the dragon fortress … He has climbed the highest of the highest and damn tower, and what is found? With a confused gender wolf who tells him that his princess is already married. Hada Madrina

You will have seen a flying deer or a raven echao ‘palante, but surely you have not seen a flying donkey. Donkey

– Do you know Mambrú? -Yes, Mambrú sounds a lot to me… Mambrú went to war? – Yes, look at you, look at what a shame! – I don’t know when it will come! – DO, RE, MI, DO, RE, FA! Jengi y Lord Farquaad

I’ll stay with you. You are green, strong, it is nice to see you … Together, there will be no one who dares to cough us. Donkey

The “Solterita number 1” is an inmate victim of psychological torture who lives in a very distant kingdom. He likes sushi and the jacuzzi. Among other hobbies, she likes to clean and dust for her two stepsisters. Please welcome… Cinderella! Magic mirror

The only thing you could become king is the stupid and stupid! Gang

– Donkey? You’re a … – Stallion, baby! I neigh, flutter … Look at me, Shrek. I am jogging. A prime potion. Donkey

Lobi, my angry wig. Rumpelstiltski

I don’t want to go back to Pepito’s farm. Ia ia oh! He told me. Ia ia, NO! I snapped at him. Donkey

-Imagine it, next week we will return home. To our cabin full of bugs and invaded by fungi. And in the air, that rotting aroma. -How do you know how to touch me? Fiona y Shrek

Nobody move! I have a dragon and I will not hesitate to use it. Donkey

Show the bagpipes or I’ll smash you. Shrek

And now it comes when it’s your turn … To lose your ass! Shrek

Devour me everything but the ears and send them to my mom. Donkey

Eres una gatástrofe. Donkey

Another one of the funny quotes of Shrek that Donkey Puss in Boots dedicates to him, one of the many popular characters that make his stellar appearance in the film.

Inspirational Shrek quotes

Shrek’s message is clear: love and friendship can sweeten even the life of the most grumpy. And it is that no matter how much you enjoy your loneliness, life, when shared with people who really love you, is much more beautiful. If you want to discover more teachings from this movie, don’t miss these inspiring Shrek quotes . The only thing that matters is what you believe in yourself. If there is something you want or someone you really want to be, the only one who can stop you is you. Arturo

Maybe you shouldn’t judge someone before you meet them. Fiona

It doesn’t matter what people say about you, what matters is what you think you are. Shrek

My beloved Fiona, if I know anything about this life it is that love is full of surprises. Charming prince

Shrek not only talks to us about accepting ourselves as we are and fighting for our dreams, but also gives us the occasional lesson in love and teaches us that in life it is worth surprising and learning from each lesson.

After a while, you will learn to ignore what people call you and you will learn to trust who you really are. Shrek

Do you want to know what I like about you? That you look like ‘I don’t give a damn what people think of me’. I like that, it gives me respect, you are legal. Donkey

It will not be easy, but we will be here to help you. Donkey

And who saved me from that tower? The true love? Was not me. I saved myself. Fiona

Among the best quotes of Shrek, Fiona gives us great quotes full of courage and courage. And it is that with Shrek, the tales of weak princesses who need a knight to save themselves are left behind … in this movie, Fiona saves herself. There is nothing that women cannot do alone with their own strength and courage.

I didn’t know what I had until I lost it. Shrek

They may cage us, but they will not cage our honor. Brogan

I already told you that ogres don’t live happily or eat partridges. Hada Madrina

I know what it feels like when you think you are not ready for something. Yes, we ogres also scare us, even if from time to time. Shrek

Everyone believed that I was a monster and, for a long time, took them seriously. But over the years, you learn to ignore the nicknames that others give you … Shrek

Empty the locker, you have to go rule a kingdom. Shrek

You know, Donkey. Sometimes things are more than they appear. Shrek

You cover yourself with all your layers, Uncle Chive. You fear your feelings. Donkey

I don’t give a damn what people like, ogres are not like cakes. Shrek

The most beautiful Shrek phrases

Who doesn’t remember the love story between Shrek and Fiona? And between Donkey and Dragona? Or the strange friendships between the characters in the classic tales? In Shrek there is a lot of room for romance and friendship, so here are some great Shrek 2 and 1 phrases that will inspire you. The stars do not predict the future, Donkey, they tell stories. Shrek

Do you know what was the best of this day? That I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with you again. Shrek

-If I really treat you so badly, why the hell have you come back? -Because that’s what friends do. They always forgive each other. Shrek and Donkey

One of the Shrek 2 phrases that we like the most and that best describe the sense of friendship. Sometimes friends argue and don’t understand each other … but true friendship is one that remains despite the obstacles, not one that abandons you when things go wrong.

Shrek, have you ever thought about having a family? -Honey, you are my family. Fiona y Shrek

My dear boy, I am proud to call you son. King harold

Nothing has more value than our daughter. King harold

Shrek, you have three children who are wonderful, a wife who loves you, loyal friends … you have everything. Fiona

– What wish have you asked for? -May every day be like this. Shrek y Fiona

They don’t know me and dare to judge me. So I am better alone. Shrek

Excuse me, Princess, for surprising you, but you surprise me. I must tell you that I have never seen such stunning beauty. Lord Farquaad

People change for their loved ones. You can’t imagine how much I changed for your mother. King harold

– But Shrek, you want to be an ogre. – I know, but I love Fiona more. Donkey and Shrek

I would be willing to change if I could. I just … my only wish is to make her happy. Donkey and Shrek

I’ve never seen an ogre cry before. Donkey

There has been a spark in his heart … a spark that he thought was already extinguished. As if for a moment, Fiona had found her true love. Puss in Boots

You’ve already done everything for me, Fiona. You have given me a home and a family. Shrek

Fiona, I have never felt better. Shrek

Hello Darling. Forgive the delay. You’re good? -Much better now that you’re here. Fiona y Shrek

You know? I had always believed that I had rescued you from the dragon’s fortress (…) It was you who rescued me. Shrek

Great is your feat and pure is your heart. My debt is eternal with you. Princess Fiona

Donkey, you are still a noble steed to me. Shrek

We finish with one of the most beautiful Shrek quotes in the entire saga … and that is that despite the discussions and the obstacles, at the end of the adventure, the Ass is still the best travel companion for our protagonist.

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