Simple Good Morning Texts

Sending simple good morning texts is a good way to let someone know that you are thinking about him/her.

1. The plan of the year lies in the morning, and the early birds get worms. The lazy pig gets up quickly, and the god of wealth is knocking on the door. Lazy pigs get up quickly, happiness is waiting for you. Good night dreams come true, everything goes smoothly. Good morning, friend.

2. Opening a blink of an eye, it’s time to go to work, swallowing disorderly earlier, rushing to the bus line, rushing fingerprints to sign up, nervousness eases, check friends’ messages, and send warm wishes. I wish you on time to work!

3. Late autumn is here. May my warm greetings go straight to the bottom of your heart, so that you will not feel a chill this fall. I wish you a smooth job, happy family, good health, all the best, safe life and happy travel.

simple good morning texts

4. Listening is an elegant habit. Expression is an art of display. Blessing is a kind of warm communication. Goodmorning is a way of blessing. A friend is a happy person who can read text messages. people!

5. The faint cold dew in the morning misted the mist on the glass of the window sill. I drew a sun with my fingers, opened the window gently, and sent warmth and blessings to you with all my heart. Hope you happy autumn and goodmorning.

Simple Good Morning Texts For Friends

6. People who go straight on the detour are smart, at this time because they have found shortcuts; people who go straight on the detour are open-minded, because they can see more scenery. The road is not at the foot, the road is in my heart, I wish you a safe and happy journey, goodmorning.

7. No matter how beautiful the dream, there is a day of forgetfulness; no matter how painful, there are past times; And no matter how familiar the number is, there are days when the number is empty. There is only the moment of friendship, but there is no moment; there is only the moment of blessing, but there is no shallow moment; only the moment of greeting, but no pause. goodMorning! The weather is getting colder and more clothes are added. May you take care of your body and feel sunny.

8. In this world, some things must be repeated, such as common sense; some things, some feelings, some people, can not be copied anyway, so there is no need to copy.

9. Have you found out that the only thing we can’t pick up is the chopsticks, and the only thing we can’t get out of is the duvet … Cold weather makes you smile, goodmorning!

10. Hold the beam of morning light and gently place it on your face to bring you the coolness of the sky. May you wake up from your dreams and see the hope full of eyes, full of tranquility and peace in your heart, that is my beautiful wish for you ,good morning friends!

Simple Good Morning Text Messages

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11. It’s dawn, the alarm is ringing, and we are reluctant to get up, my greetings have arrived in time, please, please, smile. Goodmorning, dear friend, may you have a good mood today!

12. Goodmorning! A greeting, a wish, a string of blessings. Hope you always have happiness in your heart!

13. With the first rays of dawn, let my blessings dock in your small window; the first comfort that accompanies the morning breeze, let your happiness urge you to get up quickly; goodmorning!

14. On this peaceful night, send my warm blessings and take my deep thoughts. May my blessing wash away your tiring day and a good night will take you into a wonderful dream! A heart that makes you feel safe every day.

15. New day, new wake, new sun, new warm wind, new air, new breath, new happiness, new fascination, new encounter, new state of mind, new steps, new front OK, new day, new greetings: Goodmorning!

16. While the sun is still hiding, the rooster is still sleeping, the birds are still in their dreams, and the alarm clock has not sang the tune. I’ll take the lead, ask early, and by the way bring good luck, and wish you a new one. One day, I have the most beautiful mood, the best appetite, the smoothest travel, and the most convenient work. Haha, get up to work!