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Many people have suffered from loving spite at some point in their lives. Loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you creates a mixture of pain and helplessness that can hurt you a lot, especially when you don’t stop thinking about that person and miss him too much. Below I share with you the best spite quotes.

The most painful and the most annoying part gives us is when they swear eternal luv to us and it turns out that it was a lie, causing a feeling of disappointment having fought for something that would not work . From this lack of l0ve other feelings are born, such as rancor and revenge, the desire to see that man or woman suffer so that they understand what you are going through …

Without further delay, I share with you a list of images with spite quotes and disappointment. Choose the one that catches your attention the most and share it on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. But don’t forget that life goes on and you must get rid of those people who are not worth it . You still have many soulmates to meet!

Quotes of loving spite

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  • I behaved like a prince charming, and yet the princess left the castle.
  • I know many people, but I trust little … and you were among that time.
  • It is better to want and suffer the tear of an unrequited luv than to remain with the eternal doubt if it would have worked.
  • How much heartbreak there must be in the heart of a person whose illusion was stolen, after giving himself unconditionally to preserve the l0ve of his life.
  • I hope that in the not too distant future you will realize how much damage you have caused me.
  • What is the use of giving yourself body and soul to someone who does not even appreciate you?
  • How fleeting is hope, and how slow pain.
  • When in a couple one of the two falls in l0ve faster … spite assured.
  • You were the most important thing in my life, but I was only one of your options.
  • Some of us know how to forgive after being accountable.
  • He loved you too much, but you also get tired when not a single stone is moved by him.

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  • Hopefully in your next relationship you value your partner as he deserves.
  • I swear to all the gods that I will never give a drop more than what I receive.
  • From your hypocrisy I have learned that this world would be a better place without people like you.
  • A few weeks ago I listened to music to dance, now I put on music to cry.
  • I would travel with you to the farthest universe, to throw you off the ship and return without you.
  • Helplessness comes over me when I remember how much I loved you, and how little you cared…
  • Hopefully sooner rather than later I will see you having another partner and say “you lost your chance.”
  • Finally, I realized that what I really loved were your lies.
  • Do you want to know why he was so in love? Because you were my only true love.
    I don’t luv you; I  who you pretend to be.
  • Why are you looking for me again just after I get over it?
  • Hopefully one day you will understand that I was your true soul mate.
  • Your words are worth less than silence.
  • Forgetting you is impossible, so I’m content to stop suffering …
  • With you, I have realized that you cannot have everything you want.
  • Now I know that unconditional  is not the same as crawling.
  • Better is this suffering than listening to your false promises of eternal l0ve …
Spite Quotes

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  • That your ex boyfriend passes your face hurts, but it hurts more to appear that you do not care.
  • Man is so foolish that he only values ​​what he has once he has lost it.
  • I prefer to smile and cry alone, to be asked every day why I am so sad.
  • If every time I say “I  you” you will answer me with a smile, I better give my cat love.
  • How much my soul cries, for an undeserved heartbreak.
  • You will regret leaving me the day you are no longer the reason for my happiness.
  • I am not disgusted to have loved you, I am disgusted not to have forgotten you.
  • I’m still in love, but I prefer solitude, because at least it gives me serenity.
  • Each lie makes me smarter, each stumble more cautious, and each heartbreak colder.
  • Target the stars, but always keep your feet on the ground.
  • I feel immense spite at not being able to forget you.
  • Despite each disappointment, each disappointment … I still miss you.
  • I insisted on trying: despite being aware that our luv would be ephemeral.
  • I won’t make a mistake going back with you. Better to go wrong with my next love.
  • I’m edge because I’ve gotten tired of so much deception, and I don’t feel like pretending that I don’t care.
  • Why do you swear to me, eternal love, if I don’t see you three times a month?
  • Just because I miss you doesn’t mean I feel lonely, in fact, you spend your day in my thoughts.
  • Play with my confidence, but then don’t complain when you lose.
  • I’m sure I luv you, but I’m not sure if you convert me.
  • I’m going to the eye doctor, I don’t want to be blind when I choose my next love.
  • Our love story fits with a movie that would be broadcast at 3 in the morning, when all televisions are off.
  • I had you on a large pedestal, and you locked me in the bottom of a closet.
  • Excuse me, but your excuses no longer slip.
  • A good brain knows how to remember; a sad soul does not know how to forget.
  • It’s not that I don’t love you anymore, it’s that my patience has run out.
  • So much that you loved me, and so fast that you left with another …
  • Although you were the first to fall in love, you will not be the only one.
  • You invited me to fly, and then let me go without mercy.
  • A woman falls in  with words; a man with a good body.
  • Be careful with those lies, because they are a time bomb that will explode in your face.
  • It is better that they do not love you not knowing what love is.
  • You lie. I suffer. I am disappointed. I learn. I leave you. I am happy again and continue on my way.
  • My  is nonsense, I love her and she loves another boy …
  • Do you want to know why so much resentment? Because you didn’t take me seriously.
  • My heart was scorned, believing that you would not be the same as the rest …

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