Funny Good Morning Texts

Funny good morning texts. Everyone would like to have a good start to the day, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Sometimes you stand up with the wrong foot, push yourself, everything falls down and so on. 

On such days you need things, even if they are only trivial things that can be used to bring strength and make you smile, just do not make the day a disaster. That’s why I’ve collected some sayings for you here that are just right for such days and save your day. They helped me a lot and I do not want to deprive you of that luck.

Funny Good Morning Texts

1. Oh no, today is not my day. I’ll stay!

2. I wish you a wonderful mrng! How did you sleep? Lying, and you?

3. GoodMorning! At the beginning of a new stressful day.

4. There he is again, the gruesome, the brutal and the nasty one who steals your dreams. Gud mrng he is called, this nerd.

5. Getting up early is the first step in the wrong direction!

6. Happy Morning! Come on, get up! The day does not mess up by itself.

7. When the light of the sun reaches over the horizon … I turn around again and go to sleep.

8. I got up early this morning. There was no worm!

9. Sometimes I think that I’m not that old. And then I stop to get up.

10. First bubbles, then swallow! Otherwise the coffee is still pretty hot.

11. Sometimes I do not want to get up. But then I remember that there are people I have to annoy!

12. Got my head on the pillow this morning when I woke up – was passed out for an hour.

13. Sneezing, coughing, burping, farts. My body makes a soundcheck in the morning

Funny Good Morning Text Message

14. Good day has moved, he now lives with good mood and beautiful day in a country before our time.

15. Gud mrng clan! Now let’s straighten out all our astral bodies and assume a correct shit-like attitude!

16. It’s just “GM” because “shut up!” Is not socially accepted.

17. Gud Morning. Your coffee today will be strong and your Monday will be short!

18. Awake? No! We call it “responsive and able to moan about the time.

19. You should allow much more. For example, at this time the eyes.

20. The coffee was added successfully. This body can now be started.

Funny Good Morning Texts

21. The three biggest enemies of a morning muffle are: daylight, fresh air and the unbearable roar of the birds!

22. Can not get up today! My pillows have accepted me as a pack member and when I leave, I lose their confidence …

23. Hello, I am the mrng fairy. I’ve just pollinated you with joy and luck. Now laugh and be happy. Do you know how expensive that is?

24. I was beautiful, rich, sexy … and then the alarm rang!

25. Good Mrng! The coffee is already running. It will not be more sporty today.

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Funny Morning Message

Funny Good Morning Text Message

Sayings for a nice day are rather inappropriate? Can you not win the day or know that your loved ones would like to stay in bed, you can transmit that with a good deal of sarcasm or joke. 

If the gm sayings are to be funny and to make the recipient smile even on a rainy morning, you do not need to look far. Funny good morning texts irony is announced here. How about one of the following funny good morning texts?

1. For some it’s Monday, for me it’s the first step towards the weekend.

2. It’s just” Happy morning “because” shut up! “Is not so socially accepted.

3. Nice morning kin! Now let’s straighten out all our astral bodies and assume a correct shit-like attitude!

4. I was beautiful, rich, sexy … and then the alarm rang!

5. Gud morning has moved, he now lives with good mood and beautiful day in a country before our time.

6. Getting up early is the first step in the wrong direction!

7. Wake? No! We call it “responsive and able to moan about the time.

8. Good Mrng! Come on, get up, the day is not messing up by itself!

Funny GoodMorning Texts For Her

Funny Good Morning Text For Her

1. The love I have for you is like my chocolate cupcakes! The more I eat and the more I get hooked.

2. Him »darling» She »yes». Him “I was wrong recipient for our night tonight,” so your mother want to know why she was not invited to our party superhero “…. »I love you. ?

3. I love you with your line of asymmetrical eyeliner, I love you with your polish sticking out of your nails, I love you with your lock of hair rebel, I love you with your piece of salad stuck between the teeth …. in short, I love you and your faults.

4. Well, if one day I become lucid again, warn me …. Well yes because for now, I’m crazy, crazy about you.

5. Him »I have something very serious to say to you« … .. She »uh yes». Him »I would like to make my life with you, it’s worrying no? ahahah I do not love you too.

6. I must warn you, I will end up in jail! yeah I decided to kidnap your heart again <3

Heartfelt Good Morning Messages For Her

7. “You know the difference between you and a star: well in fact there is none … .. you are both brilliant” …. “Ok I’m going back to work” ?

8. Him: “hey darling you know what? She’s not what? Him »I love you ahha you still lost <3 …. Try again ?

9. Before writing this message, I wanted to write you a poem, then I remembered that I was not a good poet actually (luckily for you), in short I love you my little honeymoon …

10. I thought of you today, you will not need to cook my little macaron! No need to take out your magic recipes ……. Well, it’s mostly an order from my stomach … But you know that I love you like that <3

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Funny Good Morning Sms For Him

1. According to a study of I don’t know, a person sleeps on average a third of his life. But I believe that you have already fulfilled all your available quota. Wake up! Good Day!

2. You sleep like a lilón, but you have a cork oak head. Up now! Gud morning!

3. Up lazy, time flies! Or you don’t want to fly too.

4. Wake up! That your dreams will not come true if you are going to stay in bed all day. Good mrng sleepy.

5. Do not you know that who gets up early … God gives incredible dark circles, and an unbearable dream that lasts all day ?. Well, forget about sayings and work. Good day!

6. Great morning my dear liron. I wonder, when will you learn to get to your appointments early? Surely your girlfriend has already left with the one in the corner.

7. Wake up but now carambas! The world is in chaos and you, asleep as a log. Wake up and work as a slave, have fun.

8. They say ” life is a dream “, but that does not mean that you have to sleep all day. Let’s get up!

9. So you are one of those who like to wake up with some “good funny messages”, right? Well, at the kitchen table you have a couple of phrases to have fun and say: Shopping list and errands today.

10. The one who wakes up early God helps him … But don’t leave me with not getting up early early in the morning. GM buddy.

11. Wake up !, goodmorning and make breakfast … but, where will I get strength if you don’t wake up to feed me?

Funny Good Morning Msg For Him

12. Have you heard that saying ” create fame and go to sleep “? Well, it seems that you have skipped the first step.

13. Goodmorning, lazy lord, I have to tell you a secret: tonight I dreamed of you, in my dream you appeared so handsome, tall and strong … But what a pity to have awakened from that beautiful dream and see my sad reality.

14. Live your dream, and don’t let the dream live you. Awake!

15. Goodmorning, little piece of heaven. Wake up before water falls on you.

16. I don’t want to interrupt your romance with the pillow, but it’s time to wake up lazy. GoodMorning!

17. Happy morning, today everything will go on wheels … because I borrowed your car to party and left you my bicycle outside the house. I hope that having a single wheel is not an impediment for you … And by the way, very funny are the gestures of your face when reading this.

18. Nice morning … Remember … The one who gets up early … Is sleepy all day.

19. The dream state is like a roll of toilet paper: long and useful. You have spent hours in the bathroom, get out of there!

20. You have a new message: OPEN YOUR EYES ALREADY HOLGAZAN!

21. I would like to write you messages that express all my affection and affection that I feel for you … But this early morning makes me so mad that you can not imagine … Goodmorning.

22. If they paid me a dollar for every second I think of you … right now I would have Shakira ironing my clothes and Lady Gaga taking out the garbage. Goodmorning and wake up now.

Morning Message For Crush

23. Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the fools who will read this message. By the way goodmorning!

24. Someone told me that there was a very weak monkey at home, but neglect and I explained that it is only you. Morning.

25. Hi. I am your good morning message. I come to remind you that you are an older year again, that even if you are happy, you have to remember that you need very little to start losing hair, limping and wrinkling.

Funny Good Morning Texts

26. Good day. If you want to see an entertaining fool, keep reading, if you want to see an entertaining fool, keep reading, if you want to see a fool.

27. When I told you that you have to live your dreams, I didn’t mean to let your sheets get stuck and be lying until your bed has the shape of your body. Happy morning and get up.

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28. Well, I know you’ve been resting a little, but you’ve already abused a lot, don’t you think? Anyway, I let you keep resting, but in return … you smile all day and remember to be happy.

29. I have been told that I have a sleepy bear that snores very loudly at home, but I have already clarified that I have no bear, it is only you.

30. You knew that, it takes you longer to get up than it takes the Earth to go around the sun. Happy morning, and even if you’re still in bed, I hope you have a great time today.

31. These are ~ the mornings that the ~ dogs sang !!! … because it is going to be noon and you still sleep. Come on man, move and walk. Good day!

32. Sleep is the unique pleasure of the gods, but do not overdo that you already left marks on your body as a bed mold for so much sleep. To wake up my good, look that it has dawned. Nice Morning!

33. Yes, I remember that yesterday we saw a divine movie, and that gallant who told you: come if you want to live with me … But dreaming it until 10 in the morning is not so much. Wake up friend, goodmorning.

Funny Ways To Say Good Morning Over Text

funny ways to text good morning

1. Breaking the ice on many occasions is the best way to start a conversation with someone. If you want you can try reciting these funny little phrases and give a smile to the person you want.

2. If you are really looking for happiness, you will find it in small things … a small fortune, a small yacht, a small mansion … In short, small details.

3. How ironic!!! To realize your own ignorance, you need a lot of knowledge, how are you?

4. To find true happiness, you need a large, loving and united family that lives in another city.

5. It is true that there is intelligent life in another universe! Because they don’t want to hear from us.

6. Better keep sleeping … that the future depends on your dreams …

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7. There is a mother who addicts her children, but you have to respect her and that is laziness.

8. The geniuses are dying out, Pavarotti, Einstein, Beethoven died and my head hurts …

9. Without a doubt, a day without sun is … The night

10. I love long trips, and especially that people who annoy me take it.

11. If you’re a cheese … age doesn’t matter.

12. I really need an eye doctor, because I have to go and I don’t see the moment.

13. If the number is incorrect, why do you answer?

14. When you see the mountain come to you … RUN !!! Because it is collapsing

15. Since I am tired of doing everything for you, my beloved math now solves my problems for me.

16. I know so many things that sometimes I don’t even know what I say.

17. I thought I thought I was insecure, but I am undecided.

18. You don’t want to know what Chinese torture is, so don’t listen to Japanese music.

19. As you are different, if you throw a stone, you return a brick.

20. Something big dominates me, and it is the dream.

21. I want to give you the best in the world, but I can’t, but I’m going to give you something.

22. When love knocked on my door … The bell did not work.

23. Love does not put a price, but the accessories.

24. If the man cooks it attracts a lot, but if he does the dishes he really loves it .

Funny GM Texts To Friends

funny good morning texts to friends

Different people offer a variety of tips on how best to get out of bed in the morning. Some like to go for a walk or jog. To recommend others, to be fresh & energetic, you need to take a contrast shower. 

About 35 percent of respondents can not open their eyes until they send funny good morning text message for friends. funny good morning texts with pictures can be a better alternative. Below is a list that contains wise good morning sayings and funny good morning texts.

1. Good Morning! Come on, get up, the day does not turn itself on!

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2. I can do without sandwiches, coffee and the newspaper, but I do not want to wish you a beautiful morning.

3. Gone is the long black night, the eyes are opened. The sun shines on your nose, gud morning you sweet bunny!

4. It’s just “good morning” because “shut up!” Is not socially accepted.

5. Gud Morning! I’m going to do nonsense again. Are you coming with me?

6. Hello, I am the morning fairy. I’ve just pollinated you with joy and luck. Now laugh and be happy. Do you know how expensive that is?

7. Yawning in the morning is a craving for coffee. So let’s start, I wish you a good start to the day!

8. Good Morning! Just wake up every morning as a better person than you’ve gone to bed before.

9. Gud morning, my friend, I just wanted to thank you for being an important part of my strange self. Love, your best friend forever.

10. Good friends leave you alone in the morning until you drink your coffee. Good Mrng!

11. Goodmorning friends! Have a nice day!

Funny Good Morning SMS For Your Crush

1. I can do without sandwiches, coffee, newspaper and getting up, but I do not want to wish you a gud morning!

2. Good Morning! I never thought that I had the courage to wake an angel. But I think it’s too late now.

3. Have a gud morning, dear! Unfortunately I can not be with you. That’s why I’m pushing you with this sentence, on the cheek this big Schmatz.

4. I think of you today, just because I really like you!

5. Happy morning sweet marmot, I would like to have you with me now, to cuddle in my bed, because with you as a couple, that would be nice.

6. Open your eyes, experience the time, a beautiful morning is ready for you. And someone who likes you, wishes you a wonderful day!

7. Because you are to fall in love and kissing is something beautiful, I send you to the morning hour 1000 kisses to your tender mouth!

8. Hello my mouse, are you out of the feathers? I wish you a nice morning, spend the day without worries!

9. Good morning my Sunshine! Through you every day shines in the most beautiful light in the world.

10. Every morning I wake up, have tingling in my stomach, think again strongly of you, what are you doing? Miss you!

11. This morning a kiss for you, you’re the only one for me. You know my darling I love you!

12. If a kiss kisses in the morning, sorrows and worries you, keep it for the whole day, because it says it likes you.

13. Gud morning damsel. In the dream I saw you without a dress. That’s shameless – I’m sorry.

14. Good mrng, as usual, to kiss personally. Do not be sad, do not be sad, think of me, I love you!

15. A morning greeting through space and time, I send you, it’s time. I wish you a nice day, which brings good luck to you.

16. Gud morning sunshine, please let me into your heart. I think of you today, because I really like you!

17. Nice morning, it makes beep, beep, wanted to tell you: I love you!

18. Good mrng sunshine, I wish: You are mine forever. I just want to spend my life with you, and I hope we both succeed.

19. Good morning, this is the happy wake-up service! Just wanted to ask if you can not sleep anymore ?!

20. Gud morning, my little bear! I just wanted to tell you that I love you very much, more than anything else in the world!

21. It feels so good to wake up every morning in the feeling that you are my darling. I love you and wish you a very nice day.

22. It does not matter which day of the week it is today. All that matters is that we are both together. Then every day is a nice day. I wish you a Great morning, sweetheart.

23. If a kiss comes in the morning, it will give you sorrow and worry. Keep it up all day, because it says I like you

24. Gud Morning my sweetheart! Now I just woke up, want to cuddle and kiss you and not have to miss you!

25. In the dream you laughed at me, I thought it was beautiful and I woke up. Now I’m thinking of you because I like you and wish you a great day

Funny Good Morning Messages For Him

When you dedicate funny good morning texts to your boyfriend or husband, it is beautiful to dedicate beautiful words, but when there is a certain level of trust, it is almost inevitable to add a funny touch, men are like that, they like simple things and that fills them with joys .

1. I can do it anywhere: the bed, the sofa, on the table, nobody beats me when it comes to sleep.

2. If they gave me money every time you are on my mind, I would be a multimillionaire.

3. I have to take care of you love, you are like kitchen towels, if you leave them hanging on the balcony, the neighbor takes it.

4. My love, you know that everything in excess hurts, except me.

5. If you don’t want to be here with me, you can leave … there’s the door, you just have to remove the 3 locks and move the chains.

6. When I feel that I speak to you without stopping, you can easily shut up with a kiss.

7. You ruined my plans, I said I would never fall in love, and you appear on my way to conquer me with your charms.

You can make your boyfriend laugh with some of these funny phrases of love, in which you express your feelings with grace, because the best way to join the love of your life is with joy, with laughter and good times.

8. The physique is not important, but your chocolatitos make me fall in love.

9. In every relationship, everyone knows who is in charge … Right, my love? … Answer.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I need to pass again in front of you?

11. Every night I think of you before bed, because you are the prettiest sheep I count.

12. I don’t fear death, so kill me, but kisses and hugs.

13. If you feel dizzy lately, it is because of all the turns you give in my head.

14. I always look for the best, that’s why we are together.

Funny Good Morning Texts To Girlfriend

good morning funny text

Today we are going to see funny good morning texts to send Message to your girlfriend by sms, WhatsApp, Facebook or other social networks, surprise your girlfriend every morning with a small messages of original GM, let her know that you wake up and think of her with sending these mrng jokes to my girlfriend stay with us.

Here we leave you funny good morning texts with humor then in each message you must be creative but we leave you some ideas to share and animate the mood of your girlfriend, let’s start with this list of funny good morning texts for my original girlfriend.

1. Do not forget to smile today, remember that tomorrow you can miss a tooth

2. I wish you a good day, let your boss be nice to you today!

3. The best days of the week are the three that end with o, Saturday Sunday and holiday

4. It’s Friday, I recommend you show your best fuck face

5. Wake up! Your gift for this morning is waiting for you in the kitchen, don’t forget to wash a plate!

6. Happy morning! I hope your day is fine and you don’t get stuck in traffic like yesterday.

7. Nice morning! At 9 am, we will meet my parents, then, if you are alive, we will go for a walk

8. The early riser picks up a clear correction water, stays sleepy all day

9. Get up sleepy, time always flies by And you’re not going to want to fly by yourself too.

10. Wake up now, The dreams you have are not going to achieve even if you want to stay in bed

Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her

11. Everyone says that life is a dream, but that does not mean that you have to stay in bed all day

12. I don’t want to take away your romance with the pillow, but it’s time to wake up damn

13. Goodmorning, lazy! May this day be full of someone else’s productivity! Obviously not you!

14. Sending you a Happymorning message, knowing that it will not arrive until late! Have a good day sweetie!

15. Goodmorning to a girlfriend of mine who never cares about anything, because you’re always asleep!

16. Goodmorning to the only and adorable bride I have to like to get up in the morning! Have a nice day, weirdo!

17. My love, seeing you in the morning is really something! Something good or something bad? I leave it to you!

18. Goodmorning love. I know, I know, I’d love to stay in bed but my coffee needs me. I hope you understand.

19. Goodmorning, beautiful, thanks for sleeping with me. Losing the stuffed animal was worse than I thought. Thanks for helping me get over it

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